Dancers in Flight with Beautiful Light
That’s the latest class from Joe McNally on! Join Joe in the studio as he works with small lights and big lights to capture the grace and beauty of dancers in action.

Leave a comment for your chance to win a 1-month Kelby Training subscription!

Kelby Training Live
Want to see Scott Kelby, RC Concepcion, Joe McNally, and Matt Kloskowski live and in person? Check out these seminar tour dates coming up this month!

Photoshop CS6 for Photographers
– August 14: Charlotte with RC Concepcion
– August 22: Sacramento with Scott Kelby
– August 29: Denver with Scott Kelby

One Light, Two Light with Joe McNally
– August 20: Miami
– August 27: Portland

Lightroom 4 Live with Matt Kloskowski
– August 24: Seattle

We’re giving away three tickets to these seminars, so leave a comment for your chance to win one!

Photoshop World
We’re quickly approaching Photoshop World Vegas, at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino September 5-7! You didn’t hear it from me, but word on the street is that, even though we’re technically past the cutoff date to get special room rates at Mandalay Bay, you can still get the rate if rooms are still available.

And, if you register in the next week, we’ll give one lucky person a free Pro Pass upgrade! This will get you an After Hour Party Ticket, NAPP Backpack, NAPP Badge Holder, T-Shirt, and more. When you register, leave a comment here, and I’ll choose the winner next week.

QuickStart for Photoshop CS6 from Dave Cross
Check out QuickStart for Photoshop CS6, a free iPad app from Dave Cross that covers the new and improved features in Photoshop CS6, complete with screen captures and some free videos. You can also purchase an additional 25 in-depth videos through an in-app purchase if you’d like to go deeper.

Or be one of the first people to use one of these two codes to get them for free!

Last Week’s Winners
Photoshop CS6 for Photographers Seminar
– Chuck Adams

Kelby Training 1-Month Subscription
– Patrick Farrington

Vincent Versace’s From Oz to Kansas
– Will Milne

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  1. I would love another month of Kelby Training! You guys are the core of my photography knowledge!

  2. Already signed up for Matt’s class in Seattle but a free month of Kelbytraining would be awesome . Especially excited about Scott’s new Paris travel photography course.

  3. Sacramento with Scott sure would be a nice class to attend.

  4. Man I sure would love to go!

  5. My yearly subscribtion of Kelby Training just expired. Love what you do guys!

  6. Would love the free pro pass upgrade. I already registered for photoshop world! This will be my first one.

  7. I would love to attend the Seattle Lightroom class!!!!

  8. Love Kelby Training. So easy to find tutorials when you want to attain certain techniques. Several of your books live on my desk and are well worn. 

  9. Ohhhh, I wouldn’t mind a free ticket to Joe McNelly’s Workshop in Portland :) 

  10. WOW, that new video looks great! 

  11. Ohhhh, I wouldn’t mind a free ticket to Joe McNally’s Workshop in Portland :) 

  12. Bummer – your trip to Denver comes when I am on the road for my own training!  LOL  Enjoy the Mall again Scott, sorry I won’t be here to shoot with ya!  Hit up Michelle Headstrom while in town though – she’s a ton-o-fun!

  13. I would not mind to see Joe McNally again he is amazing. I would love to see Scott or Matt.

  14. volume on the CS6 app isnt working…and was there a prompt to enter code for the 25 videos? didnt see it…did i just purchase by clicking? and what about the sound?

  15. Awesome…I am now inspired. I would love to learn how to take such powerful pics. If only I could find models who would pose like that….that would probably be a good start ;-)

  16. You should sleep once in a while Brad :-)
       P.S. I’d love a 1 month subscription to Kelby training :D

  17. Can’t wait to sit down and watch Joe and the dancers.

  18. Oh a 1-month free subscription would be great if only to see all of Joe’s videos. As much as I love his photographs, I think I love the way he writes even more.

  19. Thank you for all inspiration! From Oslo Norway it would be very nice to win a month access to Kelby Training!!

  20. Both Joe McNally new coarses are Awesome, so much that I watched them and now I’m commenting in about 18th spot! :)

  21. a 1-month subscribtion would be awesome!

  22. Ooh, I’d love a one month subscription!

  23. The 1-month subscription would be awesome!

  24. I’d love to win! I’m right between Portland and Seattle if that makes a difference. :-)

  25. Do you have any live tours in the UK?

  26. Would love to watch the new classes from joe especially this one. That free sub would really help as I’m broke at the moment.

  27. White men can’t jump. Thanks for proving it, Joe. You’re a tad better at this photography lark.  :)  

  28. I love Joe’s work! A free month subscription certain would be awesome! Id love to make Photoshop world too but always its on the other side of the globe for me

  29. I’m all for the free month subcription.

  30. I can always use a month of training.  I love all the new skills I learn from Photoshop User Mag.  I’ll take that free month.

  31. Hi Scott, I love to go to the joe McNally seminar in miami

  32. I listen to the Grid everytime I have a long day of editing and helps me get through it. I would love to be able to listen and learn more from a month subscription. I’ve found the tutorials boosting my energy when in need for inspiration.

  33. I would really like to be able to see this class. At the moment, I sadly no longer own an international credit card, but man I will find a way just to see Mcnally dancing!

  34. Subscription would be great.

  35. I would love to attend the CS6 seminar in Charolette,NC
    With RC Concepcion!

  36. When are the seminars coming up Michigan way?  Would love to attend any of these.

  37. Thank you for your generosity, as always!

  38. So excited you are covering dance photography. That is my passion! I’d love a subscription.

  39. Here is my comment

  40. A month of Kelby training would be awesome.

  41. I’d probably lift my game with a month of Kelby training so would really appreciate being chucked into the hat for that one.

  42. Joe McNally is THE guru!  Can’t wait to see his new training (if I win, of course).

  43. Joe is great and so are you Scott!  Thanks for everything y’all do!

  44. I’m going to see Joe in Miami on the 20th. He is such an amazing photographer and I love learning from one of the best out there.

  45. Attended “One Light Two Light” in Toronto. So inspiring. Would love to participate in another, especially to see Joe’s cool dance moves.

  46. RC in Charlotte would be fantastic to see…………….

  47. Would love to see Matt in Seattle and learn about Lightroom 4!

  48. I’d like to go see rc in NC. It would be a great birthday gift!

  49. I will be at Photoshop World in Las Vegas, would LOVE the Pro Pass upgrade!

  50. Hi guys,
    If someone wins the ProPass, you will be glad you signed up for Photoshop World.  I feel this is the best educational experiences I have ever been a part of.  This is why this year’s will be my 5th.  I have bought a ProPass each time.
    PS I’m glad the party is back at House of Blues.  Much better venue.
    PS2 If I win, throw my name back into the pot and give it to another

  51. Would LOVE to take Joe McNally’s class in Miami on Aug 20!

  52. I would love a chance to watch more of Joe and his dancers.

  53. I would absolutely love (and very much appreciate) a months subscription to educate myself. Fingers crossed.

  54. As usual a great class by Joe. I watched it the first day out fantastic! Thanks for producing these class’s this is the best training value out there.

  55. Hi, I would love the Kelby Training subscription, keep thinking about signing up, would be nice to give it a try first!

  56.  I’d love to have a month of kelby training to give it a go!

  57. I’d love the free month to Kelby Training!  Thanks guys!

  58. How about the month subscription for someone way up north of the 60th parallel in Whitehorse, Yukon Canada? Thanks you guys rock

  59. I’d love to win the 1 month Kelby Training subscription or a ticket to go to the Miami, 8/20, Joe McNally seminar. Thank you!

  60. I am ready to represent in PHOENIX baby!  Come on DOWN, the weather prediction for you is HOT HOT HOT!  And we like it that way!

    Jim Patterson

  61. See you inLV

  62. I’m just learning about all of the Kelby Training.  Am totally into it and learning a lot!

  63. 1-month of Kelby Training for FREE – that’s for ME!
    Thanks for the free stuff.
    Martin Boling

  64. 1-month of Kelby Training for FREE – that’s for ME!Thanks for the free stuff.
    Martin Boling

  65. 1-month of Kelby Training for FREE – that’s for ME!Thanks for the free stuff.
    Martin Boling

  66. I was using Kelby Training for a year, but couldn’t afford it after a while. I learned more from those web training series than I’ve learned from formal education in photography. I would really like to get back on there and sharpen my skills. I also really want to meet Scott Kelby in person. I’ve been looking up to him, and reading his books for years. I don’t even like reading books.

  67. Cannot wait to check out Joe McNally’s new instructional video.

  68. Denver on the 29th would be fantastic!

  69. Kelby Training…put me for a chance for one month free of great training

  70. Would ove the month of Kelby training to try it out….

  71. I’d love to win a ticket to the Portland show.

  72. Great job on the site. Would love to see what Kelby Training is all about.

  73. Would love the seminar in Sacramento!  Only 90 minutes from home…

  74. Looking forward to seeing RC in Charlotte!

  75. I’m a newbie so a month of training would be awesome.

  76. A free month would be awesome, as would be any of the classes!

  77. Kelby training is the BEST!!! I bought a one month subscription and love it!

  78. A month of training would help kickstart a wonderful career!!

  79. Sure, enter me for the month of kelbytraining.   Of course I might need to lock myself in a cave (with WIFI) so that I can take it all in. ;)

  80. Long time reader, 1st time commenter. Current month to month subscriber would love a free month to

  81. So happy I won last week! Thanks, Scott and Brad!

  82. ‘Kelby Training Live’ Rocks!!!
    August 22: Sacramento with Scott Kelby

  83. Thanks Scott.  I could benefit from the training classes.  Have a great weekend!

  84. Pro Pass! I registered last week does that count?! One light Two light is coming to Phx!!! I have been waiting for Joe to come back!

  85. Hey Scott – I would love to attend your Sacramento class!

  86. I wish there was a free trial period

  87. Would LOVE to see you in Denver, Scott!

  88. Awesome. My subscription just ran out.

  89. Seattle to see Matt would be awesome, fingers crossed pick me pick me, sorry had to quote Donkey from Shrek  :)

  90. Aww we registered the end of last week. I guess no chance at the pro pass then :(

  91.  Would love to win a free month subscription of Kelbytraining.

  92. Would love to have a free months membership.  The Joe McNally video on dance looks great.

  93. This would be fabulous!!

  94. I’ve been hearing such great things about Joe’s course. I’d love to see it for myself! The free month would be awesome. 

  95. Brad, nice job on Grid taping yesterday. The grab bag worked out well.

    Could use the month subscription as all the cities are too far away.

  96. Would LOVE to do Lightroom with Matt in Seattle this month!!!

  97. You’ll love coming to Seattle. We have so many beautiful things to photograph from sun up to sun down!!

    Lars Halstrom

  98. Love to see RC in Charlotte with the Photoshop CS6 for Photographers !

  99. Looking forward to the 2012 Kelby Photo Walk

  100. Would love to get a one month subscription to Kelby Training. The classes seem really great

  101. Would love to see a weekend only deal for the Nik Silver Effect Pro 2 sometime soon.

  102. A one month subscription would be nice as would a per course subscription.  All I would have to do is find the time to use it.

  103. I’d love a subscription for Kelby Training!

    JF Machado

  104. I’d love the opportunity to break the record (calling Guinness in advance) by taking the most courses in thirty days.  I’ve got the time and the energy, but it would have to wait until after Photoshop World!

  105. Seattle is only 2 1/2 hours from here. Portland is only 5. Love the books you do. 

  106. Would love to win a months subscription!

  107. I’d love to win a ticket for Scott’s Denver class.

  108. Joe, your going to love Portland. Hope to see you there

  109. one month subscription, no whammies!!

  110. one month subscription, no whammies!!

  111. Would love to see Joe in Portland

  112. I would love to visit the place..

  113. Honestly I really would like 2 after party tickets.

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