Guitar Raffle for Springs of Hope
Tomorrow is the last day to buy a raffle ticket for your chance to win a Schecter guitar signed by all the Photoshop Guys! All proceeds go to help the Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage, so buy as many tickets as you like :-) You can also donate directly to Springs of Hope if you’d like.

Photoshop CS6 for Photographers – Los Angeles
Scott Kelby is heading to Los Angeles on October 3 for the Photoshop CS6 for Photographers Tour! Join Scott for the day to get tips and tricks for finishing your photographs in the digital darkroom of Photoshop.

We’re giving away two free tickets to this seminar, so leave a comment for your chance to win!

One Light, Two Light – Atlanta
After today’s Hartford seminar, the next stop on Joe McNally’s One Light, Two Light seminar is Atlanta on September 28! Joe is a master of light, no matter what kind, how many, or what size. If you want to know how to create great images with just one or two lights, you don’t want to miss this seminar.

Leave a comment for your chance to win one of two tickets!
Photographing The Making Of An Athlete with Bill Frakes is the latest addition to Join veteran Sports Illustrated photographer Bill Frakes at the legendary Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville, Florida, as he photographs Cason Kirk, one of the best young skaters in the country!

Leave a comment for your chance to win a 1-month subscription to Kelby Training!

His Light Workshop in Slot Canyons & Monument Valley
Two names… Bill Fortney. RC Concepcion
Where? Monument Valley and Slot Canyons
When? November 3-11

Find out more and sign up here, and leave a comment to win a copy of RC’s The HDR Book!

Mpix Hip My House Winner
Mpix has announced the winner of the Hip My House contest! Head over to their Facebook page to find out who the lucky person is.

The DOORhof Is Always Open
Frank Doorhof has launched his new show, The DOORhof Is Always Open, and each episode is filled with great tips on photography and post processing from Frank and his friends! His latest episode, filmed at Photoshop World Vegas, includes tips from Pete Collins, Dave Black, Rich Harrington, Cliff Mautner, myself and more.

Mastering the Lensbaby with Doug Sahlin
If you’re a fan of the Lensbaby line of creative lenses, you’ll definitely want to check out this book from Doug Sahlin, Mastering the Lensbaby. In this book, Doug walks you through everything you need to know to use the Lensbaby lenses to get great images.

Leave a comment for your chance to win a digital copy of this book!

One Light, Two Light Seminar
– Bill

Video Nation
– Maarten Mennes

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  1. Great Blog.. and It’s Thursday best day of the week :)

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      and I, all I can ask for would be; a months Kelby training :-)
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  4. I’d love a 1-month subscription to Thanks! :)

  5. Would love the book or the one month of


  6. Rcs book would be awesome.

  7. Amonth of Kelby training would be great.

  8. The HDR book or the training would be great!

  9. I’d like to win the HDR book or the Kelby training

  10. Would love to win one free month at Thanks.

  11. I’ve canceled all of my scheduled appointments for the next month as I’m hoping to be knee deep in!

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  13. I like reading this Blog, thanks Scott, Brad and all Guests and other I didn’t name here.

  14. It’s great there’s now a book to help learn the Lensbaby lenses and how to use them Now using the Olympus OM D E5 I’ve heard they are great for Macro and Portraits. Having the book could put some of those Lensbabies in my bag…

  15. Hi. I’d very much like to win a ticket for Scott’s Photoshop CS6 for Photographers in Los Angeles. Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. I would love to win one free month at
    PS: That guitar raffle is a great idea, it’s a win win!

  17. I watched the Making of an Athlete lesson and I thought it was great. McNally will be making a stop up in Michigan for his seminar in October. I’ve watched all his videos on Kelby Training and it will be cool to see him in action live.

  18. Would love a trip to see Scott in LA!

  19. I would love the 1 month Kelby Training Subscription! Thanks Brad!

  20. I would also love RC’s HDR book, thanks again Brad ;) lol

  21. I would fall over and die before I could make it to Joe McNally’s seminar. He’s my big frakkin’ hero.

  22.  Downtown LA resident here and a big fan of Kelby’s teaching methods and techniques. Love to see you at the convention center, and free would make it the best ever!

  23. Bonjour ! I would love to win one free month at Kelby Training…

  24. That would be awesome to see Scott in LA! :D

  25. That would be awesome to see Scott in LA! :D

  26. I’d love 
    a 1-month subscription to Kelby Training. There’s sow much to learn:

  27. I’d love 
    a 1-month subscription to Kelby Training. There’s sow much to learn:

  28. Put me in the draw for any prize that doesn’t involve me leaving Ireland :)

  29. Living in the ATL I would love the opportunity to visit Mr. McNally :)

  30. Anything to help my photography skills always sounds good.

  31. Will be with Bill and RC! Would love to have RCs HDR book.


  32. Also attending One Light, Two Light in Atlanta. Free would be nice!

  33. After doing a little dance given that I just won a copy of Video Nation, would I be pushing my luck by entering to win RCs HDR book? :)

  34. RC’s book would rock

  35. One light, two light in Atlanta…happy 40th birthday to me…please?

  36. One Light, Two Light Atlanta would be awesome!

  37. Hello. A copy of ‘Mastering the Lensbaby’ with Doug Sahlin would be great.

  38. Super excited One Light, Two Light in Hartford today 

  39. Maybe not Free Stuff Thursday, but “Stuff we think is cool, please buy, and some chances to win other stuff Thursday”

  40. I would like to say I wish I could make the LA Seminar, or the Slot Canyon thing.  I am already a member of Kelby Training till next October, and will surely renew before it expires.  If I win, give it to someone else.

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  46. RC’s book or the 1 month of Kelby Training would be awesome!!

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  48. One Light Two Light!

  49. I’d love a chance to attend the One Light Two Light seminar.  

  50. I’ve always admired Joe McNally’s work and would love to see him in Atlanta.

  51. I’d love the 1-month subscription to Kelby Training.  Please and thank you.

  52. 1-month of kelby workout sounds good to me.

  53. 1-month of kelby workout sounds good to me.

  54. I’ll be in Atlanta on the 28th! The timing’s perfect!

  55. Free Stuff Thursday is fast becoming my favourite day of the week… the anticipation, the excitement, the inevitable “what the hell do I do is I actually win” moment… Books, Seminars, joy….

  56. I really want to go to Scott’s Los Angeles seminar, thanks in advance.

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  58. I live in Atlanta and would love to go to the One Light, Two Light seminar!

  59. A month of Kelby training or RCs book would be awesome

  60. Great news that Scott is coming to Los Angeles.  I would love to join Scott at the Workshop.  Kelby training is such a great product.  In fact, winning any of these great products or workshops is such joy…

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  84. A one month subscription to Kelby training or RC’s HDR book would be awesome!

  85. I love the show guys! I’ve been watching every episode of The Grid since I heard about it. I live in Southern California, so I’d love to meet Scott and the gang in LA next Thursday. That’d be so cool.

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