15% Off Kelby Training Books and DVDs
Starting today, you can get 15% off all books and DVDs at the Kelby Training Store! All you have to do is use the promo code 15KTB for books or 15KTD for DVDs when you check out. And if you’re buying a book/DVD bundle, either code will work.

This sale goes till January 1, so start your holiday shopping early to make sure your favorite people get that book or DVD they’ve had their eye on :-)

We’re giving away a free book and DVD of your choice, so leave a comment for your chance to win!

50% Off Kelby Training Apps
Not only are our books and DVDs on sale, but so are our apps! For a limited time, you can grab Kelby Training Apps for 50% off. That’s a full class from one of your favorite instructors for just $4.99!

We have two free download codes each for the Lightroom 4 Crash Course and Photoshop CS6 Crash Course apps. Leave a comment for your chance to win!

Kelby Training Live
Photoshop CS6 for Photographers
10/19 - Chicago, IL (with RC Concepcion)
10/29 - Washington, DC (with Scott Kelby)

One Light, Two Light with Joe McNally
11/2 - Philadelphia, PA
11/5 - Tampa, FL

Leave a comment for your chance to win a ticket to one of these seminars!

Worldwide Photo Walk
Just a reminder for everyone who participated in the Worldwide Photo Walk this past Saturday… The last day to submit your best photo to the competition is Monday, October 22. If you haven’t already submitted your photo, make sure you do it soon! All you have to do is go to WorldwidePhotoWalk.com, log in, go to your Photo Walk page, and upload your photo. RC Concepcion even put together a quick video showing how to do it.

And why wouldn’t you submit a photo? You have nothing to lose, but a chance to win some really cool prizes!

Mpix Tap To Print App
Our friends over at Mpix have just released their FREE Tap To Print iOS app! With this app, you can order 4×6 and 5×7 prints from Mpix straight from your iPhone or iPad! You know all those pictures on your phone are just screaming to get out and be put on display for all to see. So take a few minutes to download the app and get prints of those works of art :-)

Food Photography & Secrets of Great Portrait Photography
Our friends over at New Riders Publishing have just released two great new books: Food Photography & Lighting from Teri Campbell, and Secrets of Great Portrait Photography from Brian Smith!

Lucky for you, we have one copy of each to give away, so leave a comment for your chance to win.

One Light, Two Light Seminar
- Dee Francis

Photoshop CS6 for Photographers Seminar
– Mike Barber

That’s it for today. Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Thanks to all my walkers, we had an awesome time!!

  2. I was at RC’s class in Arlington, just bought CS^, waiting for it to arrive, and am blessed that my photography has improved to the point where I can need PS. I give credit for some of that to Kelby Training. the classes there have been helpful. I know its Free Thursday, but I wanted to say thanks for all that the Kelby group and NAPP does. Hopefully I will get deep enough into PS that I will need to take in a Photoshop World event! Rock it, boys!

  3. I missed the photowalk, sounds like there was lots of fun to be had. Hope to see some photos soon.

  4. I love my Scott Kelby books. Couldn’t have learned how to ROCK Lightroom without my poor dog-eared much-loved Lightroom book. :)

  5. Food Lighting or Portrait Lighting book(s) for me Brad.

  6. Brad, it’s so nice to see how much you guys are always giving back to the photography community. I love Scott and all of the people he has surrounded himself by that make up the incredible pool of talent that is Kelby Media. Again Great job!

  7. Hey, I’m looking forward to seeing RC at the Chicago Kelby Training Live!

  8. Love Free Stuff Thursdays!!!!

  9. I would enjoy any of the book or DVD gifts

  10. Books or DVD’s would be great!!! Gotta love free stuff!

  11. Free stuff Thursday! Fun! Attended the Photo walk for the first time this year and it was great! Looking forward to the next one!

  12. The crash courses sound very interesting

  13. i would really like the Food Photography & Lighting from Teri Campbell.

  14. Is Joe gonna bring his class to the west coast?
    And if you insist I win a prize, I guess that would be ok too!

  15. I’ll go for the Food Photography Book.

  16. Wow,would love a chance to win either New Riders Publishing’s “Secrets of Great Portrait Photography” from Brian Smith or Kelby’s “The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers (Voices That Matter)” by Scott Kelby. Fingers crossed! :)

  17. Interested in the free Lightroom 4 crash course

  18. Would love to win a book/DVD

  19. My choice of book orDVD would be great!

  20. The “Digital Photography Bundle” would be really nice!! :)

  21. it would be so awesome to win Brian Smith’s book

  22. I’d love to win a book. Thanks for a chance :)

  23. Free Kelby Training Book and DVD of choice would surely be awesome!

  24. Would make my day to win something. In Ireland, so rule me out of the seminars :)

  25. Yes sure i’d love to add another title to my Kelby bookshelf, and US secrets to Food photography sounds cool four the UK too.

  26. Secrets of Great Portrait Photography is very interesting!

  27. Cool giveaways. I should stop by here more often.

  28. Would love a copy of the Secrets of Great Portrait Photography book!

  29. You are an inspiration!

  30. Thank you so much for the ticket to the DC Photoshop seminar! See you on the 29th.

  31. Would love to win a book

  32. Thanks for a wonderful #wwpw 2012! When are you guys back over here in the UK?

  33. Im in for a book. :)

  34. Put me down for the Portrait Photography book from New Riders, Brad! Can’t wait to see Scott’s tour in Boston in November. Already signed up for it!


  35. #wwpw 2012 was great! Going through my pics to decide which to enter. Thanks for the great giveaways

  36. Would love to win a book….please and thank you!

  37. I really would like a copy Secrets of Great Portrait Photography book. :-)

  38. would love a chance at the food photography & Lighting book. Thanks for the chance!

  39. would love to win a book :)

  40. Great book offer; just in time for the holidays!

  41. Man, winning Brian Smith’s book would be awesome!!

  42. I would love a book!! Or even the crash course on cs6 thanks!!

  43. Would love to win a copy of Scott’s Lightroom 4 book…or his PS CS6 one. :)

  44. Fun stuff this week. Deal me in.

  45. Interested in Secrets of Great Portrait Photography

  46. Great stuff this week, especially the books!

  47. I’d love to see Joe McNally again! I had the chance to see him in Buffalo with David Hobby for the Flash Bus tour, and it was a great demonstration. Now that I’m in Philadelphia, I’d love the chance to see him again for his “One Light, Two Light” tour on November 2nd.

  48. I would love to win either of those books, put me in to enter these drawings!

  49. I never win anything…. PLEASE!

  50. I never win anything…. PLEASE!

  51. I would love to win either of those food photography books…..please enter my name!

  52. Would love to win some learning materials

  53. The Food Photography Book would be a great asset to my ice cream shop! Enter me for the new book.

  54. would love a book or DVD …

  55. Would be great to have a Kelby book or dvd.

  56. Would love Fay’s Background Collection!

  57. Some great offers today. And I have submitted my photo from the Photowalk.

  58. I’m off to check out the store for a new book or two. Would also love to win one.

  59. School yearbook portraits coming up next month, would love the Brian Smith book!

  60. As a die-hard Sony shooter, I would be extremely grateful to receive Brian Smith’s book. Thank you so much!

  61. Always interested in improving my portraits – would love Brian Smith’s new book!

  62. I also would love to win Brian Smith’s book because there is always room for improvement in shooting portraits.

  63. I’d love to win a download of photoshop crash course. I just bought it and my kids know more than I do:) or Joe McNally in Tampa

  64. Hey Brad & Scott,
    This is off topic, but I can’t help myself. In the last few days I’ve watched the 3 Jay Maisel videos on Kelby Training. The way Jay explains his vision really opened my eyes to a new way of shooting. I appreciated the way Scott would ask questions for the viewer since we aren’t there to ask. However, I couldn’t help but notice the wheels turning inside Scott with the answers Jay gave. Scott you looked like a little kid learning from a master. In fact, it reminds me of me when I go out on Safari with Moose & Joe. I really atttempt to hear everything they say.
    I have a question though. One point Jay talked about ISO and what he keeps his at when shooting. Have you changed your settings to match what he does or have you stayed where you were? It seemed quite high for me, even though he is very correct that you could get the shot in bright light or deep shadows.
    Thanks for putting such excellent stuff on Kelby Training!

  65. I’ve got to stop buying these lottery tickets, they are SO expensive.

  66. I am in for any free stuff.

  67. Om nom nom nom FOOD PORN :-)

  68. Is the Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it seminar download, at a discount price also? I have the book. The seminar would be cool to have, along with it.

  69. I would sooooooo LOVE to get a copy of “Lighting for Digital Photography” That’s the Great thing about photography, you never stop learning!

  70. I live for and love kelby products. The best out there.

  71. I always enjoy the Not So Free Stuff, but sometimes discounted, Thursday posts.

  72. The food book would be great!

  73. Love some free stuff Thursday! Thanks for the chance to win a book or DVD!

  74. I’d love to win either book, both sound cool!

  75. Ok I sure could use some help with the lightroom 4 app. anything to help me out is a good thing..and even better if it is free..thanks

  76. I would love a free app – either one!

  77. I would love a download code for the Lightroom 4 Crash Course, thanks!

  78. I have done the Lightroom crashcourse and would sure love to do the CS6 crashcourse.

  79. Would love a ticket to Joe McNally in Tampa!

  80. Would love to see Joe in Philly! Thanks!

  81. Would love Brian’s book or one of the Kelby Training books/DVDs. Thank you.

  82. Thanks for the chance to win the food picture book. I am hungry for great techniques to capture candy pics for my daughter.

  83. The CS6 crash course app would be wonderful!

  84. Would love to try the crash courses.

  85. Had a great time at my local photo walk! Also looking forward to grabbing a few of those 50% off apps! Not to be greedy, but I’d love either of those books too! :)

  86. Lightroom course, please!

  87. I’m a CS6 newbie and would love the associated Crash Course app download!!!

  88. I’ve been thinking about doing more food photography and I can always use new portrait tips so winning either book would be great.

  89. Goodies! And I didn’t even have to wear a costume!

  90. Count me in! Lightroom stuff, please.

  91. Happy Thursday! :) Didn’t make it to the photowalk (had a cold) :( but love seeing all the photos that have been loaded on to the Google+ page

  92. I would the Lightroom or Photoshop CS6 crash course! Just updated!

  93. Food Photography or Lightroom Crash course please!!

  94. Would love a ticket for the Photoshop CS6 for Photographers in DC

  95. Secrets of Great Portrait Photography, please! Aunt Ella still hasn’t forgiven me for the way my light accentuated the bags under her eyes! HELP!

  96. Would love any of the available books or the Lightroom 4 crash course!

  97. The Joe McNally seminar in Tampa sounds great!

  98. Any possibility of a good discount on the Light it Shoot it Retouch it Live discs recorded in Florida for people who attended the event around the world?

  99. Count me in for Food Photography please.

  100. Love the dvd’s of A Day With Jay Maisel. He’s so incredible!

  101. Oh I’d love a DVD/Book!
    How ’bout mastering Channels and masks by Corey ^^

  102. I would love to see Joe McNally in Tampa! Please sign me up for that ticket! Thanks!

  103. Would love to attend the seminar in Philly!!

  104. Thank your for giving us a chance to win the awesome prize. I would love to win ” Food Photography & Lighting from Teri Campbell”.

  105. Would love the portrait book.

  106. would love either one of the books

  107. Put me down for Secrets of Great Portrait Photography.

  108. Count me in for either book, please.

  109. The new Ipad learning apps rock…I will for sure be taking advantage

  110. The Kelby group rocks!! Thanks for doing what you guys do so well :)

  111. OK, I need to get here early, I miss all the good stuff!!!!

  112. Hello. The app Crash course for CS6 or a book about CS6 would be great

  113. I’d love to get the Crash Course for Lightroom or one of the books!! thanks!!!

  114. Thanks for the shot, Scott.

  115. Would love a copy of either of those books.

  116. Drove 13hrs straight just to make it to my photo walk on time after an impromptu trip out of town. Was worth every second!

  117. Super stoked to read Brain Smith’s new book. I need to know the secrets. Trust me!

  118. free book, dvd, app….count me in

  119. I’d love to win Brian’s or Teri’s book.

  120. Whoo Hoo….another chance at some free goodies. Love them all!

  121. Well for the third year in a row I missed the World Wide Photowalk due to family obligations. But I always enjoy seeing the images that everyone submits and I especially enjoy Scott’s picks as I have absolutely no stake in them at all! I’d love to have Brian Smith’s new book as I’m all about trying to improve my portrait skills (seeing as I currently have none that shouldn’t be too hard)

  122. ooh, crash course please, pretty please? thanks guys.

  123. I’d love Brian Smith’s book, hooray for FST

  124. Thanks Scott to give us the opportunity to win the book Secret of Great Portraits from Brian Smith

  125. free book, dvd, app….Yep!!!! Love learning new things!!!

  126. free food book…almost like free food!!

  127. I haven’t bought Brian Smith’s Portrait book as of yet!! And I’m dying for a copy!

  128. Ohh my god, can´t believe Joe McNally will be at the same time in Tampa as I! OMG It´s like a dream comming true this holidays….smile Departing on monday 29th oct in germany!!!

  129. Book or DVD, book or DVD, book or DVD :)

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