Some Quick Friday Stuff (and a free Webinar Monday Night)

Hi Gang: Just a few quick newsy things for Friday:

Join me Monday Night for a FREE online Webinar called “A Walk in Paris”
I did one of these after my trip to Cuba (called “Connecting with Cuba”) and it was really well received, so I thought we’d do one about my images and photo book from Paris last week. If you’re into travel photography, I’ve got lots of practical photography and Photoshop tips for you, and I’ll be taking your questions and comments live on the air.

Plus we’ll talking about my Worldwide Photo Walk (I held a local walk in Paris, and participated in a friend’s walk there as well). I’ve got lots of fun stuff to share and some really helpful photo tips,so I hope you can join me (it’s Free) at 7:00 pm ET Monday at this link. Also, can you help me spread the word? :) [NOTE: If you can’t make the live broadcast, we’ll start free rebroadcasts the following day].

> Great Article about Google+ and its thriving photography community
The article, by Tim Berribeau, is over DPReview in their “Connect” section of the site and the whole thing is about how G+ is a healthy community for photographers. They even mention the Google+ Photographers Conference we produced earlier this year. Here’s the link. 

> Lots of New Group Shots from the Photo Walk
I’ve been posted lots more group shots from the Photo Walks around the world, and I hope you’ll take just a moment and check them out. There is something so hopeful about seeing photographers from all over the world, with all difference cultures, all sharing the same passion and you can literally see it on their faces. It reminds us all of how much we really have in common. I love seeing that there were walks in Libya and China, in Iran and all over Africa and so many fascinating locations. Every time I see their group photo, I wish I had been there with me. Here’s the link. 

> This video (above) for Joe McNally’s Upcoming Class is….well…you just gotta see it!
When Joe tapes a video, it’s always a wild ride, and this one (about sometimes having to make location portraits in less than ideal weather and horrible light), is definitely worth watching. It’ll make your morning.

> OK, this video (above) by my buddies Dave Clayton & Glyn Dewis is…well…don’t watch it. ;-)
It was taping during their local photo walk as part of my Worldwide Photo Walk in Oxford, England and….well…I really can’t recommend it, so watch it right now. :)

> Do you live in Washington DC? How about Boston? Great! Come and see me! 
I’ve only got a couple of my “Photoshop for Photographers” seminars left this year; in Washington DC on October 29th, and in Boston on November 7th. Hope you can come out and join me for the day (you’ll totally dig it). Here’s the link. 

> If you were on the Worldwide Photo Walk, check out RC’s video on uploading your contest entry (above)
I told my walkers in Paris — everybody here should upload a photo for the contest without question. You just never know which photo your leader (or eventually me) might choose as a winning image. For most walks, only a handful of people actually enter the contest part, but seriously — what do you have to lose? If yours doesn’t get picked, you don’t get a harsh critique or publicly called out, you just don’t get picked — no biggie, but at least you tried and that’s a win right there. Check out he video for exactly what to do (thanks RC!).

> That’s it for today, folks.
I hope I’ll be hearing from you Monday night at my free Webinar, “A Walk in Paris.”  Au revoir and have a great weekend!

  1. Scott:

    Thanks for the warning about that video from those English chaps, but I clicked on it anyway. The last images will be burned into my retinas forever! LOL

    I’m looking forward to your webinar on Monday, mainly to see your photo book. I’m assuming you’ll cover what you showed on your Kelby Training class on travel photography, but I always pick up a new tip or two when I see your videos.

    I have my ticket in hand for your Boston seminar. Really looking forward to it.

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Scott, so we have to watch u then the debates on Monday evening, that’s going to be fun! :)
    The Gave/Glynn clip is hilarious, I new they wore skirts but the tights are new! :)

  3. Re: A Walk in Paris / How about some tips on getting the equipment through the airports and avoiding excess luggage carry on? A few words would be appreciated on protecting the stuff on the plane when the folks getting on just before takeoff try to jam their heavy stuff next to yours in the overhead.

  4. Scott –

    While I don’t comment all the time, your fun, informative and engaging blog is a part of my daily reading. Today… Got a great laugh from Mr. Clayton & Mr. Dewis! Have been a follower of Glyn’s for awhile, like him even more now! Yes, raised with Benny Hill, Monty Python, Fawlty Towers – love British humor! They did the troop proud! Glyn, if you’re reading this – please consider bringing a workshop to the US! I know just the spot for it! ;-)

    Scott, thanks for all you do!


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