The Photographer’s Legal Guide
If you’re in business, you will make a mistake. Nobodyknows that better than Jack Reznicki and Edward Greenburg. Join them as they take you through the finer points of terms and conditions in invoices to help you avoid costly mistakes in your photography business.

We’re giving away a DVD set that teaches you everything you want to know about the legal side of photography.  The set includes two DVD titles:  The Photographer’s Legal Guide: Model Releases & Copyright Registration and The Photographer’s Guide to Avoiding Common Business Mistakes.  Just drop us a comment saying you’re interesting in this prize and we’ll draw next Wednesday for a winner.

Photo Pro Expo
Photo Pro Expo in Cincinnati kicks off today and goes through Sunday! It features speakers Scott Kelby, Jerry Ghionis, Lindsay Adler, Joel Grimes, and many more, plus a trade show and print competition! If you haven’t already registered, you can still sign up using promo code PPESK12 for just $149. All the details are over at

Lindsay Adler on The Grid
Yesterday’s guest on The Grid was fashion photographer Lindsay Adler! Easily one of the best episodes yet, Lindsay answered tons of questions on how she’s built her career, including great advice on business and social media. It’ll be up later today, so keep an eye out over at (or subscribe in iTunes).

LensProToGo February Promo
This month only, LensProToGo is offering an extra 7 days to any 7-Day Rental! All you have to do is place an order for a 2-week rental and use the promo code 7DAYSFREE to get the second week free. You can find all the details over at

Last Week’s Winners
Grant Meeks was the winner of the ticket to Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live seminar in Austin on Monday, Joe Voegtle is the winner of the ticket to Photo Pro Expo this weekend, and Koye Hendrix is the winner of the Photoshop Elements 10 Book for Digital Photographers. Congratulations to all of you!

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  19. I have Jack and Ed’s Survival Manual book, and haven’t even cracked it (along with some other books I desperate need to read). The legal nonsense really gives me a headache. I don’t like it, and I don’t want to do it. No offense to Jack and Ed, but that stuff just really sucks…

  20. Is it available on video? I guess I could buy a DVD player if I won?

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  30. As a student in Professional Photography course and about to start my own business I would love to have your free copy of your Legal DVD set to help me avoid costly mistakes.
    Keep up the great work and I am really enjoying Scotts Photoshop CS5 book!

  31. I really could use it. Especially the Legal Guide.

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    Marie Glynn

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  51. What a great prize. Just what I need. I keep my fingers crossed. : )

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  53. Just starting my business, so this would be a great help for me!

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  55. Count me in please. Kingsley

  56. Hi Brad, Scott,

    I would love A copy of Jack and Ed’s Legal DVDs. They would really come in handy in my business.

    Luis Morales

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    Thanks for everything you have taught me so far

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    I actually have enough business to need the legal advice, but not enough money to obtain it.

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    Yes, really interested in this prize!! I really need something like this since I’m just starting to get some freelance work in and am about to graduate from college. I hope I get picked!

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  119. That is a coincidence, I just listened to an interview with Jack on TWIP photo yesterday. The stories Jack tells are enough to scare anyone into the copyright office. Although, if you are protected Jack says, “Please steal my work.” The settlements can be large. This stuff should be required for anyone taking photos, not just “PROS” Sign me up. 

    Floof and run

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    I was bummed when I got this month’s Photoshop User and did not see Jack and Ed’s column.

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    And Scott… I love the new layout for the blog.

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    Koye Hendrix

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    The Photographer’s Legal Guide hopefully through this free giveaway, but if that fails, then I may just have to order a copy!

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    Thanks for having a giveaway and all the articles on the blog.

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  230. HI, I’d love to receive the Photographer’s Legal Guide DVD. I’m just starting my photography business and this would help immensely. Many thanks.

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  241. I teach photography and I’d love to have something like this to show to students. :)

  242. As a relatively new business owner I’m very interested in the legal guides.  Thanks for the opportunity!

  243. Legal is about as fun as accounting, but I guess we need both so sign me up for a shot at Jack and Ed’s stuff.

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  258. I have always had difficulty in either knowing or having the right process/form/approach to the legal requirements.  This appears to be just the ticket to understand all the legal mumbo jumbo.  Please put me down to enter the Free Stuff Thursday contest.

  259. I would love to win this to add to my library … I’ve been researching both these topics recently.

  260. Photographers legal guide is something I’d like to buy, but better if my name gets chosen.  Thanks. 

  261. I’m a photographers’ rights activist. This would probably help.

  262. Scott,
    Thanks for this great give-away. 

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    Also loving the prize! Here’s to winning!

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  271. Hi Scott and Brad,
    I’m interested in the legal guides. Please count me in.

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  274. Winning the Photographers Legal Guide would be great because winnning is, well, great.

  275. I’m interested.  You can never know enough about the legalities related to the photo business.  Not to mention no getting your rights challenged by overzealous security.

  276. I want! Just subscribed to kelbytraining and I love it, this would be a great DVD to learn the less creative but just as important legal stuff.

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  283. I’m interested in the Legal DVD…. Thanks

  284. Remember hearing Jack Reznicki and Edward Greenburg speak @ PSW in Boston. Great presentation. Now, if only I could remember all they said. Guess I’ll have to win this prize! Oh, yes, and always get signed releases, even for local NPOs, ;-). Thx for the chance.

  285. Very interested.  Reznicki and Greenburg are fantastic. 

  286. Definitely interested in the legal guide! Thanks for the constant great content on the blog.

  287. Do I still qualify if I mention that there is a typo in the second paragraph? Lol!

  288. Definitely interested in the Photographer’s Legal Guide by Jack and Ed.  Love their Copyright Zone article in PS User- keep ’em coming please!


  289. I’m interested.  Jack & Ed are the best!

  290. I would love to have a copy of this :)

  291. I’m interest!!!

  292. I’d love to win the legal DVD set.  Jack gave a great presentation on it last year at NECCC. 

  293. I am very interested in this DVD set!

  294. Yes, I’d like to win The Photographer’s Legal Guide.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  295. I would like the DVD set

  296. I’d love to get my hands on that DVD. The last thing I want is to appear on The People’s Court. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  297. Would love to have this legal guide! Hope to win!

  298. Hi Kelby people! I am so totally interested in the give away items. Jack Resnicki & Ed Greenberg Rock!

  299. Great prize, very interested! Thanks for raffling!

  300. I’m from Malaysia, and I’m interested in this DVD

  301. Please put my name in the hat for this great offer!

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  304. Just getting started.   Would be of great help to me!  And, to a lot of other people….but, of course, ……hoping you pick my name!!!!
    Thank you for this opportunity!  I would be so very grateful!

  305. Definitely keen on the Legal Guide DVD Scott! Thanks!

  306. Since I’ll be “opening for business” soon, I’d love a copy of the DVD!

  307. Sounds good, count me in – I’m interested in winning!

  308. I’m in. I want it too.

  309. What a wealth of info. Definitely interested!

  310. im also interested for sure

  311. I’d like to enter myself after reading all the comments. Hey, wait, I already have a bunch of these DVDs. Never mind. Thanks all.
    Jack Reznicki

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  313. You bet I’m interested in this!

  314. Count me in on the legal guide.

  315. Definatly intrested in this. I have wanted a tool for the legal aspects for sometime.

  316. This would be a great resource for our photo group. We currently have 177 members in our group and another 233 members in a sister group we share with. If nothing else, I should see about planning a lecture meeting for us.


  317. I am very interested in watching the “Photographer’s legal guide”. It is also a great reference resource, when I need to prepare an invoice or somebody uses my photos without proper credit. Great price this week!

  318. I am very interested in winning The Photographer’s Legal Guide. I am the secretary for our Jacksonville Camera Club here in Florida and we have been debating this some of these issues the other night at our board meeting. If I won I could then show then! Thank You- Jan Gemeinhardt

  319. Very interested in the DVD set for Photographers leagal Guide. Starting new business and would like to be ready..

  320. Im interested in the Photographers Legal Guides! 

  321. supa cool! I’m definitely the one to make these mistakes. 

  322. Since I’m a somewhat fledgling photographer, knowing the legal ramifications would be most helpful.

  323. I’m very interested in the prize but as from australia the laws on things could differ slightly but good luck to whoever wins 

  324. I am definitely interested.  My wife and I are just getting started and want to make sure that before we dive into booking (or trying to book) clients, we have a good solid business foundation first.  This would be very useful for us.

  325. I’m interested in winning.

  326. A couple of the few Kelby Training DVDs that I DON’T already have.  These would be nice as a bonus for all the other orders.  Plus, if I don’t get them, I may shoot Pete.  Wait, that would make everyone happy!

  327. Would love to get the legal and business guides. Thanks for the info also.

  328. The DVD set would be quite helpful at this point in my business development.
    Thanks for offering it!

  329. I’m Interested in the DVDs… seeings how I’m not too great with the legal side of Photography.

  330. Please to enter me into drawing for DVDs. Thank you very much!

  331. Yes, I’m interested in the DVD. Thanks!


  332. We’re giving away a DVD set that teaches you everything you want to know about the legal side of photography.

  333. Dear Mr. Kelby:  I have been reading your books….searching for guidance. I am a Master Gardener, retired Army spouse, and an “over 50” starting a new worklife.  I LOVE photography, primarily of flowers and bugs.  I find macro-photography to be most interesting.  I am in the process of acquiring my copyright, per your suggestion, and would like to market some of my work.  I lack confidence in this process.  I am interested in the two CD’s offered for your readers.  Also, any suggestions you have would be appreciated.  I shoot with a Canon EOS Rebel T1i.  I have a

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