Creating Your Own PhotoBook in Lightroom 4
Want to create a photo book of your holiday memories, vacation pictures, or your kids? Check out Scott Kelby’s latest class, Creating Your Own PhotoBook in Lightroom 4! In this class, Scott shows you just how easy it is to put together your own photo book using Lightroom 4’s Book Module. He covers everything from which shots to include, to layout design, adding captions, and submitting the book to Blurb for printing.

Not a subscriber? You’re in luck, because this class is available as a FREE rental for a limited time! Head over to today to start making your own photo book. And, leave a comment for your chance to win a 1-Month Subscription :-)

Photoshop CS6 Book for Photographers ebook, only $9.99!
This week only, till midnight on December 22, you can grab the digital version of Scott Kelby’s Photoshop CS6 Book for Photographers for just $9.99! Just head over to to take advantage of this limited-time deal.

And, I think we can swing a free ebook for one lucky person. Leave a comment for your chance to win! Classes Available For Rental
Did you know that most (if not all) of the classes on are now available to rent? For a limited time, you can rent any class you want for only $6.99! That’s less than a ticket to the movies. After a while, the price will go up to $9.99 per class (which is still cheaper than a ticket to the movies in a lot of places), so head over to and check out that class you’ve been wanting to see now!

Corey Barker Decorates for Christmas
Want to see how Corey Barker decorates his house for Christmas? A bit unorthodox, but he gets the job done ;-)

Photoshop Elements Book
– Richard Nilsson

1-Month Kelby Training Subscription
– TNitsirk

APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur
– H. Heigl

That’s it for today. Have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Scott’s class on making a Blurb book is awesome.

  2. I’ll take a Kelby training subscription in my stocking, thank you very much Brad ^^
    Have an excellent Christmas yourselves!!!

  3. Would love a one month Kelby subscription

  4. Thanks for the chance to win a 1-month subscription!

  5. Some day i will win some thing!

  6. Merry Christmas

  7. I think the e-book would be great because then I would have all the info that I need at my fingertips at anyplace and anytime.. Hopefully you guys make my Christmas a happy one with the ebook..

  8. I’m hoping for a swing!

  9. Great book about photoshop cs6 !

  10. “All I want for Christmas is thiiiis ” … :-)

  11. Love your classes! Count me in for all the great prizes :)

  12. Kelby Membership would be a great holiday surprise!

  13. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Brad!

  14. Merry Christmas to one and all. If you feel like being Santa and want to throw a freebie my way, then happy days :)

  15. for a month would bee great! Merry Christmas

  16. Merry Christmas to the whole NAPP gang. You guys do an amazing job keeping us entertained and enlightened.
    All the best in the New Year.

  17. Watched Scott’s class on making a book, made my first Lightroom book (always used Apple/iPhoto in the past for books), ordered it (plus an ebook) through Blurb, and it should arrive this week. Thank you so much for such great instruction Scott! You’re the best!

  18. Hi Scott and brad, I just ordered my first books forms Lightroom.

  19. Oh, how I wish Santa might come just a little early!

  20. Can’t wait to learn how to create my own photo book. I have so many pics that this is a great way to have them all in a book format and to give as a Christmas gift.
    Thanks Scott!!

  21. ohh the 1month KT subs, would be a great present for meeee!

  22. Today is my Birthday, I would be great to win something. And even if I do not win this weeks prize, I am already a winner because I am both a NAPP and KelbyTraining member so I get great value from my membership!

  23. Hey, great a new class. Just wish the Kelby training app would work. Has not worked for the past two days, both on my pad and touch. Sent email but no response from anyone at Kelby training.

  24. Awesome! I’d love to win!

  25. I would love to do a photo book but I lack a certain design aesthetic when it comes to print… I doubt I’ll have the skills to arrange my pics well. :(

  26. Happy Holidays to everyone! Who wouldn’t want a Christmas gift early?

  27. Love Corey’s Timelapse video of him decorating his house.

  28. Already downloaded the CS6 book and am reading it on my iPad, but would love a one-month pass! Can’t watch the You Tube on mobile! Gotta go home to watch it!

  29. Photoshop CS6 Book for Photographers ebook would be great!

    Martin Boling

  30. I’m going to watch the free training to make a book in Lightroom, then I will need all the other classes to take batter photographs.

  31. I can’t wait to start making my photo books with Lightroom.

  32. Happy birthday to people whose birthday it is today.

  33. I watched Matt’s Photobook spot on NAPP and liked it so much.. I made one !

    It should be here soon.. Everyone would love both a membership at NAPP & KelbyTraining. The problem is.. There is only so much butter to spread around these days. So one has to decide on whether NAPP or KelbyTraining wins out.. With me, it’s NAPP every time. Although with guys like Frank Dorhoff, Calvin Hollywood, Joe McNally in the line up on KelbyTraining. The decision is getting harder and harder every year.

    Here’s hoping everyone in the Kelby Family has a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Year. Thanks for all you do for all of us Scott !

  34. Photobook class couldnt come at a better time… Thanks guys…

  35. Thanks! I’ll make sure to check out your LR4 book class. Winning the CS6 book would be great too. Happy Holidays!

  36. Merry Christmas to all at Kelby’s! I’ve bought the ebook and rented the LR training, then tried to access rented content from the iPhone/iPad app and realised my account couldn’t log on as I’m not subscribed! Time to update the app? ;D

  37. I’d love to win anything! Love Free Stuff Thirsday!

  38. Absolutely loved Corey’s video on decorating his house for Christmas! Perhaps a class on just how he did all of that would be incredible! Great way to enhance existing PS skills. Merry Christmas!

  39. I’d like to leave 2012 knowing I won something, somewhere. I’m still in mourning over the powerball loss.

  40. My wife and I just designed our first photobook, thanks to your Paris and Cuba inspiration. Can’t wait to get it in the mail from Blurb. Thanks Scott!

  41. I sure could use that book.

  42. Thanks for all the help. May the significance of Christmas strike you in fresh ways this season.

  43. Comment. :)
    Merry Christmas!

  44. As Always Scott great stuff, Merry Christmas

  45. Very Good Scott. I have always been looking for this kind of info on photobooks.
    I would like to know if the video will be available as a download, even for a fee.

  46. Great! CS6 on Ipad. Hoping for a chance to win.

  47. Put me down for a chance to win a free 1 month Kelby Training membership

  48. Great idea on making the Kelby Training classes available as rentals! I love that!! :) Would also love to win the month subscription or the e-book! Of course, I do have the regular copy of the book, so I’ll put that back out there for someone else to win. Merry Christmas, guys!!

  49. Thank you Scott/Brad – I consider the video class my birthday present from you guys. ;-)

  50. Scott Kelby’s Photoshop CS6 Book for Photographers Great giveaway today.

  51. I love FREE Thursdays! Would love to win something. But more important: Merry Christmas to all the NAPP gang.

  52. My wire would love for me to figure out how to make a photobook

  53. The free stuff thursdays are awesome! Would love the & month subscription on kelby training§ Obviously the e book about photoshop too! :)

  54. You must have a good relationship with Santa because you’ve been giving away a lot of really good stuff this year!

  55. thanks guys for all you do!

  56. Enjoy your web site. Looking forward to checking out the photo book course.

  57. Winning Kelby training = more brainpower.

    Would love to win!

  58. Really liked the course, just put together my first book.

  59. Thank you for sharing this! I’m convinced now, I’m going to make my first book!

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