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Indoor Lifestyle Photography with Erik Valind
In his latest class, Indoor Lifestyle Photography, lifestyle photographer Erik Valind photographs scenes in various locations and shows you how to use various light modifiers, pose your subjects, compose your shots, and deal with challenges on location. Learn how to mix artificial light with available ambient light to look natural, then utilize that to perfectly light different locations like living rooms, retail locations, and restaurants.

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Kelby Training Live
Want to spend a day with Scott KelbyMatt KloskowskiRC Concepcion, or Ben Willmore? Check out these seminar tours!

The Shoot Like A Pro Tour with Scott Kelby
May 23 - Seattle, WA
May 24 - Los Angeles, CA

Photographic Artistry with Adobe Photoshop with Ben Willmore
May 15 - Columbus, OH
May 21 - Boston, MA

Photoshop CS6 for Photographers with RC Concepcion
May 10 - Salt Lake City, UT
May 17 - Milwaukee, WI
June 12 – Nashville, TN

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Jeremy Cowart Workshop – The Field Sessions
Our buddy and Kelby Training instructor Jeremy Cowart is putting on a unique workshop called The Field Sessions this month at his studio in Nashville. In this workshop, Jeremy will be using “non-traditional (bizarre)” techniques to create fine art portraits of musicians and bringing you along for the ride. He’s showing you everything from lighting and gear, to directing, wardrobe, and “experimental post-production techniques  that may or may not include laser pens, fire, projectors, chemicals, pastels and baby unicorns.”

These workshops take place on May 10 (tomorrow), May 15, and May 25. You can get all the info and register right here. Leave a comment for your chance to win a free rental of one of Jeremy’s classes and a copy of his Lifefinder DVD!

Kelby Training Live Ticket
-Marcel Bauer Rental
-Garrett Dollar

Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers eBook
-Martin Boling

That’s it for today. If you’re one of the winners, we’ll be in touch soon. Have a great Thursday!

  1. Just finished watching Erik Valind’s new class and it’s awesome. I love Erik’s simple, quick way of teaching. I personally like the hands on “show me how” classes on KT.

  2. I would love to win the Lifefinder DVD (I already am a very happy KelbyTraining subscriber.) And for those reading these comments and wondering if they should attend Scott’s “Shoot Like a Pro Tour”, the answer is Yes (I was at his Philadelphia seminar.) One last comment, bring Ben Wilmore back to Philadelphia!

  3. That class sounds great, would love to give it a try! Also, any idea on when you will add more dates to your “Shoot Like a Pro” tour? I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Texas date.

  4. Adobe’s subscription plan is a complete turn off. Thom Hogan has it right that you, Scott, should be a little concerned about how this change will impact NAPP. Had I known this was about to happen, I would not have attended Photoshop World in Orlando, and I won’t be buying any more of your books on Photoshop, although I will consider your books on other subjects. I think you are a great author, but the subject matter has now changed as far as I am concerned. I for one am looking for not only alternative software but alternative formats other than PSD.

  5. I just finished watching the latest edition of “The Grid,” and I enjoyed the comments and suggestions made there. Since many people in the NAPP and Photoshop community seem to be sharing their opinions about Adobe’s decision to go to a subscription model, and seem to be mostly negatively affected, I’d like to give you my take on how I think this decision will affect me personally.

    I’m not a professional photographer; I’m a motivated and avid amateur. I’m retired and not rich, and I subscribe to the full Creative Cloud. For the past year I’ve procrastinated about getting a website up and running, I’ve found excuses NOT to do things with programs available inside “the Cloud” and shrugged it all off by saying, “Heck, it’s only $30/month, I’ll do it later.” Well, now that the CC is going to cost me $50/mth., my attitude is quickly changing. I’m going to get really busy and make that website I’ve been promising myself, I’m going to learn “Illustrator” and I’m going to get out and shoot more seriously. I think I can tolerate the monthly fee since I don’t play golf (how much would a round of golf a week cost?), and I’m a creative person who enjoys challenges (and Adobe can sure put challenges in front of a person).

    I fully understand and appreciate the negative comments surrounding this decision by Adobe to end “box” sales of PS. I also understand that many photographers are operating on a shoestring budget and simply cannot, while developing their business, afford even small changes to their cash flow. I also understand that PS is the single most pirated program on Earth, and that Adobe needs to protect its investment, intellectual property and brand.

    Apologies for being so long winded, but I wanted to offer my viewpoint as a long time PS user and 1 year subscriber to the CC.


  6. Brad – how would the average person give input to Adobe regarding their pricing strategy for current PS users?

    FWIW – my idea – there a lot of us PS users that have kept current with every upgrade of PS (I’ve been using it since PS7). If Adobe kept the monthly price at $10 for current users beyond the first year (yeah…for life), that’d be a great deal. As it stands, for current users, somewhere around 18 months is when the cost starts to exceed what one would normally pay for upgrades every time.

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