It’s “I Got Nuthin” Tuesday

Yup, I don’t have a darn thing for today, and I’m behind on pretty much everything….so I’m bailing on this one (hope you guys understand).

Just a reminder: “The Grid” is on the air tomorrow (4:00 pm live, ET), and we have the awesome Scott Bourne from as our in-studio guest, along with another special guest — the lovely Kalebra, (if she gets over her wicked cold in time) who will attempt to balance out the two Scott’s (not an easy task). We have an awesome topic: Female pilots and the authors that love them (kidding. That’s next week’s topic).

Here’s the link to watch it live tomorrow (mark your calendars, set an alarm, remind a rooster, etc.). Although “I’ve got Nothin'” today, here’s wishing you a Tuesday full of somethin’ really great! Cheers!

  1. You mean I stayed up for nothing? Oh well. I did miss a comment last week for only second time in 6 years, I guess I can’t complain. :) (I don’t have anything either)

  2. Hey, I have an idea: Would Scott Bourne mind if you had Jason Bourne as a guest instead? That would be the Bourne ultimatum! Just kidding, just kidding. I know that nobody knows how to find Jason Bourne.

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