It’s “I’ve got almost nuthin’ Tuesday” so…watch this short video (plus a quick giveaway)

Hi Gang: When I post after 10:00 am, ya know I’ve pretty much got nuthin’ for today, however I do have 100 free passes to watch Ed Greenberg and Jack Reznicki’s classes on copyright, protecting your images and model releases, so that’s at least something, right?

The first 100 people to visit the address below get a free 24-hour pass to watch those classes (Well, technically you would watch any classes on Kelby Training Online for that mattter), but make sure you watch Jack and Ed’s classes first — they are really fantastic, eye-opening, and as a photographer they just may save your butt by protecting you and the images you take.

Hey, I just got word that tomorrow we are releasing an absolutely kick-butt online class on shooting headshots from none other than Peter Hurley himself. I heard from Adam (one of our very talented directors/video editors) this morning and he told me he thinks it is literally one of our best classes ever!  If you’re already a subscriber, make sure you check it out tomorrow when it’s released. If not, what are you waiting for? Here’s that link.

Cheers everybody and here’s wishing you an awesome National Pancake Day!! (Hey, that’s what our buddy William Beem claims today is, though that sounds like a totally made-up holiday. Not a bad idea for a holiday, mind you, but I would have preferred National Pancake Month! LOL!). :)

      1. Thanks Scott, it works wonders! Can’t wait to see the new interface (since I missed the free trial when you introduced it)

  1. I got the expired error too, but at 7am PST. ( I sent an e-mail).

    With almost got nuthin’, I thought maybe we’d see pictures of Maggie…so fluffy. :)

    Scott, I got an idea for the Grid.

    I’ve been watching the blind critiques and really love them. What if we have a contest for you guys (you, Matt, RC, special guest, photoshop guys, etc) for bragging rights. We can take a simple ordinary item and see who can come up with the most interesting shot. We let everybody comment/decide/vote who the winner is. you guys can give us insight on what made you take the shot that you did, and how you went about it. Taking the shot can be live or it can be done beforehand. So what do you think?

    Thanks again for everything.

  2. Scott, just a quick thanks for the free pass. I watched a couple of classes (ok, I confess that Jack and Ed’s class wasn’t one of them, but I love their column in the magazine) and learned a ton! I still have a little more time before my 24 hours is up, so I’m off to learn some more. Thanks again!

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