It’s “No Blog” Friday

Hi gang;
Unfortunately, I just got nuthin. :(

Not a thing. Zip.

Sorry ’bout that.



P.S. Don’t forget the new Call of Duty “Escalation” Map Pack comes out Tuesday, May 3rd. I’m just sayin’.

  1. Ok, tonight I went and took some shots of cool cars at the local movie theater. The new Fast Five movie was set to open at midnight. There were about 200 youngsters out there with the hot rods.

    Having the D3s is a big help when the lights low. I shot with my 14-24 2.8 and was getting some good shots handheld at about 1/15. I finished them up in Topaz Adjust using the HDR preset then lowering the strength.

    You can check these out at

    Thanks, Ken 8-)

    1. Very nice website (Blog) Ken. A tip of the hat to you for some excellent photographs posted there…

      See even if Scott took the day off we can still keep his blog nicely chugging along…Have a great weekend !!!!

  2. You got nuthin’? I got nuthin’, too.

    But do give Portal 2 a spin on the Xbox, though, while you’re waiting for the new COD Map Pack. You did play the first one, didn’t you? Very cool game.


    1. I got hooked om COD playing mw2, but I have to admit—I can’t go back. You need to givevBlack Ops a chance. You won’t get Noob Tubed all night long. The rules in Black Ops make it more competitive. :)


  3. Wow this is new, what will we do without our daily dose of kelby? I for one took a few minutes to sit down and write drafts of all of my blog postings as I often find myself in that situation where when the time comes to write or post…nothing comes, no inspiration or enthusiasm. If you have a moment please take a quick read through, monday’s blog will be a quick review of Scott’s digital photography books vol 1-3. I’d love your feedback! Have a great weekend all!


    1. Sadly, it’s not just me. Every few nights Matt, RC, Jeff Revell, Terry White, Brad Moore, our friends Ryan, Pete, Alan, my son and I get on for two hours (or so) as a team and we take on the public. We work really well as a team, with each covering specific areas, and having specialized load outs for the tasks we’re assigned (for example—Matt is an expert at keeping the skies clear. If they get a spy plane, Huey, Chopper Gunner, etc., Matt downs it [scraps it] literally in just seconds). It’s a ball and since we play a lot, it’s singlehandedly the reason while I don’t have another book or two out. ;-)


      1. Wow! That is quite a group, you guys sound pretty good, I’d love a chance to go up against you guys. My group a friends vs. you guys. Thinking this needs to happen. Good point on the noob tube thing, they really limited the damage in black ops, thats one of the major upsides. Was a huge fan of COD 5!

  4. Hummmm, we still have to wait for the new maps :(
    Wish the PS3 users and Xbox users could play together….. on the other hand I would probably be killed by Scott :D

    Oh well, PS3 network have been offline for a while now and I’m dying to play a few rounds, finally a day off and the network is down.

    Enjoy the no blog day Scott.

  5. Scott, your true plans for the day will be revealed as you try to get off a couple of shots of the happy couple in Westminster Abbey with a D3 and your 400 f/2.8. You will be surprised how fast the Duke of Edinburgh can move when riled.


  6. Yeah thanks to low life hackers ….no online for us ps3 folk, I need my daughter to increase my player stats!

    That new sniper game looks quite good, enjoy the weekend guys.

    My invite to the wedding must still be in the post?

  7. Scott,

    A break every now and then is healthy! I am reading this, getting nasty glances from my missus, as she is packing things getting us ready to leave for the Wisconsin Dells. She wants to leave, oh, about 10 minutes ago. ;)

    Have a great day!

    – Kev

  8. Ok so I’ll write a post for you Scott. Here it is…

    Friendly Friday

    I’ve had the honor and privilege of spending quality time with Scott Kelby. I’ve been on a few of his shows, both live in Tampa and over Skype. He’s been kind enough to be a guest on my show via Skype. I’ve had the honor of teaching as part of the Photoshop World faculty and had the opportunity to break bread with Scott and his lovely wife. What today’s unapproved guest post is about is simple. Scott Kelby is a friendly guy. He’s also kind, humble and generous. I get to spend time with lots of heavy hitters. While luckily, most of them are friendly, it’s hard to find someone more friendly than Scott Kelby. He’s one of the few people I know who works harder than me and unlike me, manages to do it while also being a father. He’s about the most unassuming guy I get to work with and yet he’s one of the most accomplished. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, it may not matter to you that Scott Kelby is a genuinely friendly guy. But for me it matters. I appreciate what he brings day-after-day to the photographic and Photoshop community and just thought those of you who don’t get to hang out with him would like to know. What you see is what you get. He’s really a good guy and our community is lucky to have him – even if on the occasional Friday he punts the ball :)

    Have a good day everyone.

  9. Mr Kelby and the Earl of Grey have indeed enjoyed a day’s shooting of HDR in Westminster Abbey during a small wedding ceremony.
    Normal service resumed Monday, we are off for tea and crumpets with Lizzie, Phil and the kids ;)

  10. Take a day off….you have done plenty. The Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers Book is Superb!!! So many amazing and easy techniques!!! I am doing a high Fashion Shoot in two weeks and the Chapter on Porcelain Skin is awesome; the best technique I have have seen. Thank you Scott for taking the time to share these great techniques.

  11. I could have guest blogged for you Scott!! :) haha… just kidding!

    Looking at your number of comments even on a “no-blog-Friday”, I think I won’t go with the competition!

  12. What….NO BLOG???

    How dare you. The next thing you’ll tell me is you shoot Nikon instead of Canon and use Apple instead of Windows and have an iPhone as well as an iPad!

    Unbelievable. You should just close your doors and stop blogging.

    Does that pretty much cover the usual flaming?

    Anyway take the day off, you deserve it.

    BTW I finally caught up viewing all of the The Grid Live episodes.

    Long live the face page!

  13. I can’t believe that you’d write a post about nothing. How dare you! Congratulations Mr. Kelby, you’ve just lost a reader. This is just ridiculous.

    jk! :-p

  14. Scott,
    It’s probably going to be a great day to go flying with your wife whether it’s in a plane or on another level.
    Is that Frank Sinatra singing “Come Fly with Me”?
    Yesterday, I was at Ben Willmore’s Photography & PhotoshopCS5: From Focus to Finished in Livonia, MI.
    Great seminar! ! !
    Thanks for the crazy humor and the terrific photographic and photoshop training.
    Jim Helwig

  15. Hey Scott,

    Wanna go shooting? lol COD Black Ops shooting that is!!! May I ask for your gamer tag? Im not that good but im a level 50, purley from time spent (waisted), playing. Its very addictive! lol. Well I’m: A Co 3rd Recon. Or whoever on here wants to send me a friend requst on there, your more than welcom. Funny, your post about “No Blog Friday” got a lot of responces for not doing a blog and dropping a simple comment about COD. LMAO about that. I would know photoshop as well as you, Scott, if it werent for

  16. Help Please!!!! I love photography and am looking for a way to help my photos out. I am not good at the editing part at all. I have cs5 but know nothing about it. I want to take a class but don’t want to take the wrong one.. I was wondering if you could suggest a class for me to take. I am just looking for away to make my pictures pop…..I just bought my first DSLR last year and took a few classes on that now I am looking for the right class for me. I have read some of your books and I love your style. You are amazing!!!

    1. Tiffany:

      Join NAPP and/or Kelby Training (links on Scott’s homepage). The best money you’ll spend to learn all the things you asked about.


  17. Hey Scott, I follow your blog and I especially like this post. I’m a former Call of Duty designer/developer. After finishing Modern Warfare 2 I quit though and went to a new company called Respawn Entertainment. We are working on a new game, I’ll have to hook you up when it’s out because I know you’ll love it.

  18. Scott,
    Nothing? You’ve got nothing? On the day that a sitting President of the United States releases a copy of a birth certificate that many are alleging is faked in Photoshop, you have NOTHING?

    Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t political, it’s technical. There can be tens of reasons why the doubters are off base. Or, tens of reasons why they might be right. Wouldn’t the voice of a respected Photoshop expert like you add gravitas to the discussion?

    I can understand your wanting to avoid politicizing your web site. I have no clue what your politics are – that’s one of the things I like so much about your blog. But with something THIS significant happening, how can you say that you’ve got NOTHING to say today?

      1. Actually, it was exactly what I was wanting to hear, for a lot of different reasons. (And I kinda resent the snarky little assumption on your part that it wasn’t. I did my best to not sound like a common troll.) I emphasize, the issue was technical, not political. There are others who have by now written extensively and eloquently as to WHY it was not faked. And we can all believe them, because of the facts and logic they provided, not because of one snarky line about what they “think.”

        It’s your blog, and you are of course free to use it as you see fit. I just think it’s too bad that the person I think of as my “go to” Photoshop guy sat on the sidelines while what was possibly the biggest Photoshop controversy of the year was in progress. All the while bemoaning that, “I got nuthin.” It was a HUGE opportunity missed to do something positive, as others have now stepped up to do, to take leadership in the community commensurate with your fame.

  19. Hi Scott (after reading so much of your blog and books I’ll allow me the first name basis :-) ).

    Nothing related with the topic here (or the lack of topic) and also my first comment (though I’m not the much of a commenting kind).

    I just wanted to give you the link for my small comment on your “Digital Photography” books on Amazon Germany (see below) and to congratulate you on the whole pack (books, videos, shows, blog, all) an inspiring set of information that is being very helpful to catch up with good photography.

    Heard on The Grid that you’re coming to Germany. Any presentation in the region of Munich??

  20. What an honor that would be to put one right between the virtual eyes of the great Scott Kelby with my Galil (or FAMAS depending on my custom class). If you ever need a scub for your team send me a invite “Lone Gman”

  21. all of these COD callouts make me want to switch over from Halo Reach.

    so is Black Ops the way to go? or is there another COD title I should try?

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