It’s Pimpy Thursday!

Hey gang, Brad here with a few things for you.

Landscape Photography Workshops in Iceland
Sean Duggan (who took the photo at the beginning of this post) is teaching two upcoming landscape photography workshops in Iceland. The first one is True North: Photographing the Interpretive Landscape in Iceland from June 26 – July 2.  And if you sign up before April 30, you get a 10% discount!

The second workshop is Icelandic Visions, along with Mike Shipman, from August 17-26. Head on over to Blue Planet Photo for all the info!

Scott + Scott = Photofocus
Scott Kelby recently joined Scott Bourne for the latest episode of Photofocus, where they talked about everything from press passes to lenses, memory cards, and much more! Head on over to to download Episode 73.

Kelby Training Online
Head on over to Kelby Training Online to check out the latest class from
RC Concepcion, Website Walkthrough Using WordPress: From Start to Finish. RC literally wrote the book on this topic, and this class is a great companion to that book!

Kelby Training Live
Ben Willmore is bringing the Photography & Photoshop CS5: From Focus to Finished tour to
Livonia, MI on April 28! This one has been rescheduled from April 27. Then he’ll be in Columbus, OH the very next day, April 29! Head on over to Kelby Training Live to register and get all the details.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Have a great Thursday!

  1. The highlight of the Scott/Scott podcast to me was hearing Ken’s name mentioned (and Ken didn’t know Scott K. would be a guest ahead of time when he submitted his question). I’m surprised you didn’t mention this, Brad!

    RC’s class sounds really cool. Too bad that didn’t come on DVD with his excellent book.


      1. Well, that’s between you and Scott, Ken. Listening to the broadcast, it sounded like Mr. Bourne was surprised, so assumptions were made.

        I certainly didn’t know Scott would mention my name twice on Monday’s The Grid, though! 8)


  2. Good Morning Everyone!

    I use filters before with a Sinar camera, mostly for Urban Landscape Photography. Once again I have started to photograph people and just tested a B+W .9 neutral filter for outdoor 35mm digital flash photography. This is the first time that I have used a neutral density filter digitally and noticed a reduced amount of Color Saturation. It is easy to correct the Saturation in Ps but was wondering if it is a ND.9 digital “side effect”. Thank you!

  3. I have listened to every Photofocus podcast since episode 25 and I have to say that those episodes where Mr. Kelby joins Mr. Bourne are always my favorite. The chemistry between these two is fantastic and I laugh my butt off every time. I also always learn something. Thanks for mentioning the podcast and thanks for this blog too.

  4. For some reason the opening picture on today’s blog is not appearing
    Tried reseting / reloading, still no joy
    On PC with Windows XP on Safari browser

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