It’s Pimpy Thursday!

Brad here with this week’s pimpy! Check out this goodness…

Trey Ratcliff over at Stuck In Customs recently released his 100 Cameras-In-1 iPhone app, which is getting great reviews!  This app has tons of awesome effects that you can mix together to create your own unique look, plus the ability to adjust the amount of the effect. And there are even “achievements” for experimenting with different combinations to make sure you get the most you can out of the app.  Check out screen shots and get the full run-down right here, or just go ahead and download the app for only $1.99!

Ready for some killer one day seminars? Here’s what’s coming up! Matt Kloskowski is bringing the The Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers: Essential Techniques Tour to Covington, KY tomorrow, January 28 and Austin, TX next Friday, February 4. Then Dave Cross is coming to San Antonio, TX on January 31 with The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Power User Tour. The Kelby Training Live tours are the “Official Adobe Photoshop Seminar Tours,” so register now to join us for a day!

If you haven’t registered for Photoshop World Orlando yet, sign up now and save $100 on registration!  Don’t forget to add on the Pro-Pass upgrade to get your After Hours Party ticket, NAPP Backpack, NAPP Badge Holder, T-shirt, and other goodies!  Also make sure you check out the great pre-conference workshops while you’re there… The NAPP Photo Safari is already sold out, and the On Location Wedding Shoot with David Ziser only has a few spots left!

The latest Kelby Training Online course is another offering from Frank Doorhof. In Photoshop Techniques for Fashion Photography, Frank walks you through his techniques for skin smoothing, cleaning up backgrounds, creating images with high tonal contrast, and more.

Have you gotten your free digital copy of Photoshop User Magazine from Dell yet? Hurry, because this offer ends Friday!

Moose Peterson just announced his upcoming his Air2Air Workshop at Fantasy Of Flight, a few minutes outside of Orlando, on April 29! Check out Moose’s blog for all the info.

Jeremy Cowart recently returned to Haiti and created a gallery of iPhone images that show the current conditions in the area.  Swing by and check them out, as well as his newly re-designed website.

This coming Tuesday is the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING for the South Africa Photo Safari Sweepstakes! You can enter here for your chance to win an all expenses paid trip to South Africa for a 10-day photo safari with John Paul Caponigro, plus a ton of other great prizes. You can also get more info and register for the trip right here.

That’s it for today. We’ll see you right back here tomorrow!

  1. Wow : ) That app sounds awesome. I would totally buy it if I didn’t just find out that my son spent over $70 on his FREE ZOO app. Apparently inside the free zoo game it asks the kids if they want to spend .99 for things like extra penguins and zebras and stuff like that. Basically, my kid has the COOLEST zoo ever on the iphone. And I have a $74 bill to ATT : (

    Hope Photoshop Workshop in Orlando is out of this world fabulous! Have fun!

  2. oooh, Safari sweepstakes, sounds great….oh, wait…”Only one entry per person is permitted and participants must be residents of the USA or Canada” …… right, I’m calling the Queen, we own Canada still, right ? ;)

  3. Have you seen the article today “See officer, I can too take that picture” on the NYT photography blog? It lets us know that it’s legal to take pictures of public buildings from public spaces. It also lets us know that officers shouldn’t seize cameras or contents, or make us erase pictures since that counts as seizure or detention. Very interesting post:

    Off topic, but I thought you’d find it interesting…..

  4. The One-Day Seminar “The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Power Tour” with Dave Cross was in OKC yesterday. It was electric. Some of the stuff Dave showed was a review for me. However, a very large part was SPANKIN’ NEW! Dave showed techniques that could help any Photoshop user. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent and Cool and Kick Butt!!
    Like Ken above, I’ve signed up already for the Safari with Moose & Joe in Vegas. The seminar yesterday really has me pumped about it. I only have to way about 7 1/2 months or so.

  5. Thanks for all the pimpy goodness, Brad! Hope one of the Kelby tours come to Boston this year (can’t wait to sign up for the McNally/Hobby FlashBus seminar!).


  6. Hi Scott,
    a little off topic here…
    any indications on when or if DTownTV shows will be back? the promised 4week hiatus has run into the 8 week time frame now and lots of fans over at the DTownTV site is wondering where our 2 heroes are :P


  7. Awesome stuff. I tried to get that copy of photoshop user, signed up for dell and signed up for zinio then came a page…sorry can’t download. I was a bit surprised to say the least. Good idea anyway.
    Always love your stuff though. Keep rockin’ it!

  8. Hey Scott,
    It seems that most of the Live seminars are out of Florida. I live in Sarasota and think it would be a great idea to have a live seminar at the Kelby studios in Tampa. I’ve always wanted to see where my favorite shows are shot and attend one of the seminars. Two angry birds one stone! Think about it! Thanks for all your hard work, I’ve learned more from the shows and your books than I did in 3 semesters in school! Looking forward to the new one.

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