It’s Pimpy Thursday!

Hey gang, Brad here with the latest news…

It’s official! Larry’s Cheap Shots blog goes LIVE! – Posting “a few times a week,” Larry’s new blog will cover what you already know from watching DTown TV, PLUS Larry will post photography money savers, behind-the-scenes info, videos from back episodes, links to cost effective solutions all around the web, and more! Check it all out at

Join us Friday, Oct. 15th at NOON (Eastern) for this month’s NAPP Member LIVE Training event, which will be open to the public! Corey Barker will present his cool Tips & Tricks! There will be NO 3D in this so Ps Extended isn’t required. Only the live event is open to the public. The replay will still only be for NAPP members and only NAPP members can submit questions early. Scott will share the link here as soon as he can!

Ron Martinsen has posted his chapter-by-chapter review of Scott’s Lightroom 3 Book over at

There’s still time to sign up for Scott’s Lightroom for Digital Photographers Tour stop in London on October 15 (that’s just a week from tomorrow!), and Matt Kloskowski’s stop in Seattle on November 18. Get all the info over on

Have you checked out Kelby Training Online lately? We’ve had some killer classes going up lately, like…

Frank Doorhof, one Kelby Training’s newest instructors, will be teaching a lighting seminar and workshop in Italy on November 13th and 14th. You can find all the details over at (Sidenote: I assisted Frank for one of his Kelby Training classes, and this guy rocks! These are events you definitely don’t want to miss.)

And lastly, Epson has announced new printers in their Stylus Pro lineup! The newest models are the Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7890, and 9890. You can find more info on them by visiting their product pages (just click each model number), or by reading the press releases here.

  1. Frank Doorhof’s work is amazing! I’ve been following him since he was a guest blogger here. I’ve bought his DVD’s, but I’ve been waiting for his Kelby on-line training course to be posted! Any idea when this may happen?


  2. Can’t wait to check out Larry’s new blog! One of my favorite parts of D-TownTV.

    I attended Corey’s Down and Dirty Tricks seminar earlier in the year when he was in Boston. Will the webinar have the same content?


  3. Hi Scott,

    It will be fabulous to have you over in London next week! Unfortunately I won’t make it to your seminar as I will be training at the same time but I was wondering if we could meet after the event? I will be training in Central London so there should be no problem.

    What do you think? Maybe I could do a short interview with you for my PhotoshopLightroomTV?

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