It’s Pimpy Thursday!

Hey everyone, Brad here with the latest pimpy!

OnOne Software has announced DSLR Camera Remote HD for the iPad!  This is a separate version from the iPhone/iPod version which takes full advantage of the large iPad screen, supports cameras with video functionality, and other upgrades and improvements.  It should be available later this month, and you can get the full skinny over on Jeff Revell’s blog or the OnOne Software site.

We have some great new classes up over on Kelby Training Online, including:

Shooting Fashion Models On-Location with Frank Doorhof
Using Flickr for Your Images with RC Concepcion
Photo Painting Basics with Photoshop CS5 with Dave Cross
On Location Photography with Jeremy Cowart

Also new on Kelby Training Online… If you’ve ever wondered what classes are coming up next, we’ve added a section that shows what the next four classes going up will be!  Just go to and look on the right side of the page below the Latest Releases to see “Courses Coming Next.”  Looks like we have some great stuff from Alan Hess, Scott Diussa, Moose Peterson, Scott Kelby, and Joe McNally over the next month or so!

Photoshop World Orlando 2011 registration is now open! Sign up now to save $100 off the regular price of registration.  Three days of all the Photoshop and photography training you can handle, parties, networking, and, hey… Might as well tack on some extra days to check out Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World while you’re in town!

Have you checked out the latest episode of DTown TV? Here’s what’s covered in Episode 57:
Scott talks about a new lens that he loves for travel photography
Larry Becker has a Cheap Shots tip on building a makeshift tripod
Matt has some camera advice on setting custom settings for certain situations
RC Concepcion is in the studio to go through some camera bags and talk about some of his favorites
– Check out the work of portrait and commercial photographer Dan Winters

That’s all the pimpy for this post, but make sure you check out today’s other two posts for more goodness :)

  1. Thanks, Brad, for all the pimpy goodness that comes our way on Thursday. But isn’t the D-Town episode that you mention LAST week’s episode? Or are we in re-runs already??? :-)


  2. Hey Scott,
    I’ve been taking your Kelby Training classes for 2 years (which I really enjoy!) and thought I would finally stop. THEN, you post Jeremy Cowart and Frank Doorhof classes and I know I am hooked for another year! Where else can you get one on one training with experts like that?

    My only rub with it, is there is no place to ask questions, or a forum to discuss techniques. The feedback is cursory and never answers specific photography questions.

    One question I have after taking the Doorhof class is why does he hold the color checker passport at the light and not the camera? He is the only one that does it like that? He says “it’s really important”, yet no one else does?

    Love the Kelby Training!

    1. Hi
      In reality it was aimed at the camera, the main thing with the colorchecker is that you light it as even as possible to get good results so I will change my position with the camera to photograph it with the best light possible.

      However I think you maybe mean the lightmeter ?
      In the old days it was often said to aim towards the camera.
      Mainly because light was often not under an extreme angle so the roundness of the dome took care of that. Also by using two lightsources from either side it can be wise to point towards the camera.
      However I’m a strong advocate of using the meter towards the lightsource and this is easy to test and show.

      Setup a scenecwith the light straight on the model if you measure towards the cam the exposure will be correct. Now start moving the lightsource to the sides. You will see that the light according to the meter drops while the diffused value should stay the same. By measuring towards the lightsource you don’t have that problem.

      Feel free to ask more or just mail me.

      1. Wow, thanks so much for answering Frank!
        I’m referring to the lesson “Golden Gown In alleyway” at 5:43 minutes into video. “You state to the model to hold the Colorchecker at the light, “it’s very important to point it at the light..the light is on the side and not toward the camera.

        I hope for an answer to this one Frank!
        LOVED the class and hope for more Frank!

    2. Debbie, when using a strobe outdoors you must make sure the Passport is angled to pick up the light from the strobe that is falling on the model. He is still shooting toward the Passport. If he didn’t do this he would be reading ambient light outdoors and would have a false color cast. Remember he is reading the light from the strobe. You can also always get answers from the help desk at NAPP, if your a member.

  3. I believe John is correct. It is last week’s episode. I only bring it up to remind you how adicted and obsessive some of us are about the D Town shoes. Thursday is my favorite day of the week !!

    1. Al:

      I agree about the addiction. Maybe there should be a support group for people like us! The weekly withdrawals are terrible, with me being curled up in a corner on the floor by my computer, shaking and perspiring, and clutching my Nikon camera and the Lightroom 3 box tightly against my chest.

      Wait a minute…AA has their 12 step program, and Scott has his 7 point system! Coincidence? I think not! :D


  4. I will not be purchasing the OnOne app because it never worked on my iphone and I never got reimbursed the $20 I spent on it. I sure wish it worked and I also wish OnOne would step up and do something about it.

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