I’ve Been One-Upped. Again.


OK, so last week Brad made this shot (above) of my gear, and you may have seen it here in a tutorial I did on removing moiré patterns in Photoshop that sometimes appear in our shots. Well, someone suggested to my wife Kalebra that she share a shot of her gear, too, so she asked Brad to take a shot of “her gear” as well (seen below).


I’ve been one-upped. Again. By my own wife (though I have to admit, she’s got some really tasty gear in there). My only defense is that she has to replace some of her gear a lot more often than I do. That’s all I’ve got. #roasted.

I’m headed out to Richmond, Virginia today (Brrrrrr!) for my seminar there tomorrow. I’ll be teaching the seminar in Atlanta on Friday if you want to come out. :)

Have a great Tuesday, try to stay warm, and don’t eat too much of your gear…you’ll get a tummy ache. ;-)



  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAA! You know, Scott, I thought you were a pretty cool dude, but now I see where the true genius in the family is held. Also, BIG PROPS to Brad for cool shots. All those wrapper reflections must have been a pain to manage.

  2. As much as I would love to accompany you on a vacation trip, I would love to travel with Kalebra and her gear (munchie) bag. Definitely a preferred traveling companion when flying economy.

  3. Here’s your comeback Scott. You tell Kalebra I’m losing body weight by carrying around all this gear and you’re gaining body weight by carrying around all that chocolate.

    Did I just type that out loud? I’m married, and I know we’d never say that to our spouse. At least not until we’ve celebrated our 25th Anniversary. :-)

  4. I love both of these shots!!! But of course Kalebra’s gear is my favorite since I have similar gear. I think mine might have a bit more extras… She just needs a separate compartment for a piece of cake! Thanks for sharing sort of…

  5. Scott, Kalebra has something in that bag to keep those York peppermint patties frozen? Thats impressive! Doesn’t everyone eat those cold or frozen? I bet she can use anything in your bag but you can’t have anything in hers.

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