Joe McNally Hits Another Home Run!

These are just some of the comments we’ve received about this past week’s episode of “The Grid” with Joe McNally as our in-studio guest. I know I mentioned this yesterday here on the blog (among six other topics), but the rave reviews just keep pouring in over social media. If you haven’t had a chance to catch this episode, I promise it will be more than worth your time. (I’m posting the episode again here on the blog, just below the quotes). If you photograph people, you will learn a ton. Here’s a few sample comments:

“â¦Grid interview with Joe McNally was the best 80 min of instruction I’ve seen.”

“Rewatching cuz what Scott Kelby has Joe McNally explain is more important than anything I’ve learned, period.”

 “Just finished TheGridLive show with Joe McNally – best ever Grid. Amazing insight. Thanks @Scott Kelby & Joe!”

“JUST finished watching it. Best 80mins I’ve spent in a while.”

“Just watched it last night and I loved it! The guy is just amazing! What a show!”

“Finally watched this weeks The Grid with Joe McNally and Scott Kelby last night.  Joe is just awesome!”

“Prepare to have a very thought provoking experience :)”

“Joe..loved the message…get into the experience and capture the essence!  Thank you!”

“Wow. Great interview. I learned so much. Thanks for posting it.”

“Every time I watch a program with Joe it reminds me that it’s not about a piece of paper with chemicals on it or about a paycheck, it’s about telling the story of your subject and bring that story to life in a picture. Thank you Scott and Joe for reigniting my passion for photography even after 19 years of shooting and getting burnt out several times.”

“Yes. He did! Joe nailed it!!”

“Awesome episode! Thanks, Scott, for having Joe answer my question. And, boy, did he answer it, with pictures for examples to boot! The man is a treasure.”

“Just watched it and it was better than great. Thank-you Joe and Scott.”

“This was the first Grid show I’ve been able to watch live in months and it couldn’t have been better. Thanks Joe!”

“Definitely cut through a lot of hand-wringing and doubt about what it takes to really capture a subject.”

“Thanks for the show. It really was eye opening.His personality is just amazing. That’s what makes him one of the greatest photographer.”

“That is the best description and teaching I’ve seen to get into someones world, to bring out the best in them. I can’t wait to put Joe’s process into action.”

“Say that you’ll do it again next week! The man is a master!”

If you missed it, here it is (the free rebroadcast):

  1. I teach photography to older adults at the University of Cincinnati. After I saw this episode on Friday, I emailed them the URL They’re telling me how they liked it, and that they’re emailing the URL to their friends. Joe may becoming a better writer and speaker than photographer.

  2. Scott, I don’t think you can talk or promote this episode enough. To be honest, Joe could read the phonebook and I would watch the whole thing. In addition to all that Joe spoke and taught us, it was great to see the obvious camaraderie that both of you share. It made the show that much more enjoyable when we can see you playing off each other, and enjoying each others company.
    Now how about a show with Moose or Bill Fortney?

  3. As soon as I watched this episode, I shared it on my Facebook and told everyone to pay special attention to about the 35-minute mark. I honestly feel that the 10 minutes of teaching at that point in the episode will yield a lifetime of learning. I’m looking at everything differently now — with or without a camera in my hand!

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