Joe’s brand new tour (produced by Kelby Training) kicks off in Canada next month and today on Joe’s blog he wrote about how the tour came to be, and what he’ll be teaching during this incredible workshop.

Seriously, Imagine spending the day learning all the amazing things you can do with the simplest of lighting set-ups, using just one flash (or maybe two), from the magical unicorn of hot shoe flash himself (OK, that last part is what I call him, but I don’t think I’m alone). ;-)

Here’s how Joe described the tour in his blog post today:

“The point of the day is keeping it super basic, super simple and super fast. “

Here’s the link to Joe’s blog to hear it in his words.

> If you’re like me and you’re thinking, “Hey, it’s Joe. I’m “in!” then here’s the page with all the info and sign-up form.

We’re working on the dates for Joe’s US Tour right now and they’ll be announced very shortly, but if you’re in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary or Vancouver, you’re in for an incredible day of learning. It’s just $99 ($79 for NAPP members).

Congrats to Joe on launching the new tour and I can’t wait till he comes near me — I”ll be there for sure!


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  1. I’ve been wanting to see Joe in action for years now and finally he announces a tour stop in Ottawa — the day I’m flying out of town. Grrrr.

  2. Hope to see Joe again on this tour!

  3. Please Come East! Halifax is beautiful.

  4. Please, please, please book him for Indianapolis…we’re the “convention capital” of the midwest! What’s better than that?? lol

  5. Never used a flash in my life! Should be a fun day of learning for me. BTW: Scott you can get to Ottawa in ~3hours flying time and the weather up here is beautifull! (Just saying).

  6. Ummm…. when has Joe McNally traveled anywhere with just “a couple of lights?!?” LOL Didn’t he shoot an airplane with like 47 lights once? 

  7. Great news! Looks like Joe finally dumped that Hobby guy from this tour. He was taking up to much space on the tour bus anyway. ;-)

    Hope Boston gets some love in the scheduling department.


  8. In the name of god

    Hi Dear Professor , I am a young Iranian , My English is not
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    I’m interested to Photoshop & photography

    That’s when I met with your training ,

    Hopefully in the future

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    I hope you can help me with the guidance in this area .


    Merciful God bless you …

  9. I sure wish that Y’all would come to Memphis TN.

  10. Hi Scott .
    I hope to be successfu .

  11. Please bring this to Charleston, SC. I can promise a sold out class, amazing food, and some of the most beautiful models in North America! Not to mention a fantastic city to use as a backdrop…

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