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Hey folks. As you know, Scott is taking a break this week. But that doesn’t mean we’re not doing everything in our power to welcome him back next week with a full plate :) (sorry Scott). One of the things on his plate is a special (free) Photoshop CS5 Extended Live webinar that you’re invited to join.

Along with Scott (and some great Photoshop tips), there will be experts from Adobe, Dell, and NVIDIA there to answer any hardware and other related questions. It could get geeky and it could get techie, but if you’ve had questions about video cards, 64-bit power, and how to best configure your computer for Photoshop then this will be the place to get them answered.

Since Photoshop CS5 has been released our live webinars have been a huge hit so don’t miss this one next Wednesday, May 12 at 1pm (EDT). You can find out more info and register for the free webinar right here.

  1. I have a less than a year old Sony VAIO with an NVIDIA graphics card but am already wondering if it will need to be upgraded for CS5. I am hoping to get my questions answered on this webinar.

  2. Ditto on Rusty’s comment. Hope the live webinar will be available archived somewhere. No doubt this will be a valuable source of hardware and related information for both Windows and Mac users.

  3. Anyone recordingthese webinars so those of us who can not be at the pc at 1pm during the middle of the work day can watch them later? If so where and thanks, if not it would be helpful.

  4. Dell?!?!? Really?!?! I am disappointed.

    After working in IT for a little more than four years, watching the demise of Dell over an even longer period of time, and had a client recently (just yesterday) tell me that his Dell workstation has crashed for the fifth time since buying it four months ago (costing him considerable downtime and potential income) — I just cannot understand why anyone would want to be associated with Dell.

    I can probably sum up most of the conversation:
    – Be careful when running Windows in 64-bit (it’s still buggy and a lot of 32-bit applications aren’t compatible),
    – buy as much RAM as you can jam in your machine,
    – buy the fastest video card you can afford and is compatible with your computer, and
    – have lots of hard drive space for scratch disk use.

    With that said, will Dell be answering any questions regarding Mac OS X use?

    1. What would.. or Why would Dell need to answer any questions about Mac OSX use by chance? Not being Snippy.. actually just curious..

      And.. you’re also talking to a Photoshop Guy that managed two IT Companies, has been in IT fields for FourTEEN years, used Dell servers throughout- and still has an Optiplex that just wont die.. as well as Latitude and (now) Precisions..

      I’m not saying those things didn’t happen.. nor am I talking away from them.. I’m just saying I have equal amounts of stories about Macs doing similar things. Personally, prior to the Macbook pro i’m using now, I sent the previous Macbook back to apple a record SIX TIMES.

      People have argued Toshiba over Lenovo, Western Digital over Seagate, Apple vs Mac, Raw vs PC …

      If i’ve learned one thing in this gig being in it as long as I have, is Keep an open mind.


      1. I am at present using 5 pc’s. 2 Dell, 2 HP and 1 Acer. The Dell’s are by far the most reliable. I just sent one of mine back to Dell for service and couldn’t be more pleased. Door to Door in 5 days. They were more than helpful.

  5. Hey, one thing I missed out hearing about on the Webinars and a “policy” I wasn’t aware of is that you can’t upgrade your Photoshop to CS5 if you own it as part of a suite. I was so excited today when CS5 arrived and so disappointed when I tried to install and then had to contact Adobe (who have very patient and well-trained support people). Funny, it was not an issue when I upgraded my Photoshop CS2 by buying the CS3 Web Premium but when you try to do the opposite it can’t be done.

    Adobe would make a boatload more money and profit if it REALLY knew how to market and sell it’s product. I can’t afford to buy another upgrade of the suite right now but I thought the changes in PS CS5 warranted spending the money on the PS upgrade. Evidently Adobe would rather get zero money rather than $180-200. I’m sure the technology in this day and age exists to be able to do the upgrade.

    Oh, and that means that if NAPP turns all of its attention and information to CS5, I won’t need to maintain my membership and I’ll be able to save money there. With all the CS5 hype I never once heard about the “point” product vs suite product upgrade issue.

    1. Mark…
      A plug for the NAPP user forums, That thing about the point product and upgrades gets discussed there often (not daily) but most folks there ready comment on that and other upgrade issues.
      The discounts and information available on the forum more than justafies my membership

      1. I shouldn’t need forums to find out what should be considered critical upgrade information that I never heard about once during all the hype. I’m sure it’s larger than life in Adobe’s product description, etc. I just missed it.

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