Hi folks!!  Well I thought I would just bring you some news bits today. Just a few things I have heard pop-up in the last few days.

Sports Photographer Producing “How To” Web Vids

Mike Olivella is a sports photographer in Tallahassee, FL whom you have no doubt heard Scott mention a couple times here on his blog. Recently Mike has been doing something very interesting. He has been bringing a small video camera with him to the sporting events that he shoots in an effort to give viewers an inside look on how to he preps and shoots these events. He just recently shot videos at an FSU spring football game and pro tennis tournament. You can also find more information at Mike’s website by going here.

The Lighter Side of Apple Drama

Well you have no doubt seen or heard about all the drama surrounding Apple these days with Flash technology issues, misplaced iPhones, and now possible antitrust inquiries. What the heck is going on? Remember when Apple was just a computer company that made computers. Things were so simple back then. Oh well, despite this drama you can always count on people to make light of the issues. In case you missed it, you have to watch this rather hilarious bit that Jon Stewart did on The Daily Show regarding Apple’s response to the misplaced iPhone debacle involving Gizmodo. Ellen Degeneres also seems to be under fire for making her own spoof of the iPhone commercials. As funny as the spot is, it didn’t thrill the good folks at Apple and Ellen is quick to apologize.

Dating! Yeah, there’s an app for that!

Okay. It’s not an app. It’s a new dating site recently launched called dedicated to Apple users looking for that special someone to iDate.  I am not kidding, this is a real site for Apple fanboys and fangirls who are looking for someone with similar Apple interests. The catch is that it will only run on Apple platforms like Safari, iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The site isn’t live yet but there is an intro page that describes the purpose of the site. So, hey, give it shot! Who knows, you could meet the Apple of your eye!  (Insert lame drum sound here!)

Don’t Forget to ‘Ask Dave’!

Dave Cross recently launched a new podcast called Ask Dave where the content is made up by you. Meaning you write in your burning Photoshop questions and if selected Dave will answer it right in the video. To submit a question you simply go to Dave’s Twitter page and submit it there. Then check out the videos over at There already a number of episodes on the page already so it might be a good idea to check those out first to see if your question has already been addressed. Hey, and while you are there check out Layers TV!

Oh yeah, Iron Man 2 starts this weekend! Anyone going to see it?

Be sure to check out tomorrow as I will be posting a new tutorial based on the movie.

– Corey

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