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Hi folks!!  Well I thought I would just bring you some news bits today. Just a few things I have heard pop-up in the last few days.

Sports Photographer Producing “How To” Web Vids

Mike Olivella is a sports photographer in Tallahassee, FL whom you have no doubt heard Scott mention a couple times here on his blog. Recently Mike has been doing something very interesting. He has been bringing a small video camera with him to the sporting events that he shoots in an effort to give viewers an inside look on how to he preps and shoots these events. He just recently shot videos at an FSU spring football game and pro tennis tournament. You can also find more information at Mike’s website by going here.

The Lighter Side of Apple Drama

Well you have no doubt seen or heard about all the drama surrounding Apple these days with Flash technology issues, misplaced iPhones, and now possible antitrust inquiries. What the heck is going on? Remember when Apple was just a computer company that made computers. Things were so simple back then. Oh well, despite this drama you can always count on people to make light of the issues. In case you missed it, you have to watch this rather hilarious bit that Jon Stewart did on The Daily Show regarding Apple’s response to the misplaced iPhone debacle involving Gizmodo. Ellen Degeneres also seems to be under fire for making her own spoof of the iPhone commercials. As funny as the spot is, it didn’t thrill the good folks at Apple and Ellen is quick to apologize.

Dating! Yeah, there’s an app for that!

Okay. It’s not an app. It’s a new dating site recently launched called dedicated to Apple users looking for that special someone to iDate.  I am not kidding, this is a real site for Apple fanboys and fangirls who are looking for someone with similar Apple interests. The catch is that it will only run on Apple platforms like Safari, iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The site isn’t live yet but there is an intro page that describes the purpose of the site. So, hey, give it shot! Who knows, you could meet the Apple of your eye!  (Insert lame drum sound here!)

Don’t Forget to ‘Ask Dave’!

Dave Cross recently launched a new podcast called Ask Dave where the content is made up by you. Meaning you write in your burning Photoshop questions and if selected Dave will answer it right in the video. To submit a question you simply go to Dave’s Twitter page and submit it there. Then check out the videos over at There already a number of episodes on the page already so it might be a good idea to check those out first to see if your question has already been addressed. Hey, and while you are there check out Layers TV!

Oh yeah, Iron Man 2 starts this weekend! Anyone going to see it?

Be sure to check out tomorrow as I will be posting a new tutorial based on the movie.

– Corey

  1. I must say, as much as I love all my Apple stuff (a lot), Jobs and friends are making a mistake by injecting themselves into the news with what seem to be petty stuff. Flash may infuriate them…but a public fight with Adobe is not smart…makes them seem childish…just like coming down on Ellen…let it go and get back to making great products!

    1. sounds like they, Apple, are acting a lot like that other company that found themselves in trouble with government. I agree, the public arguments hurts more than helps and now the DOJ is involved. Simply brilliant. It will be interesting to see Apple get out of this situation, i.e. Flash.

    2. I have to agree Ned. Apple is starting to turn into something they once opposed. I find this whole Flash anti Adobe thing I bit odd, as I don’t think there would even be an Apple if it was for PS back in the day.

      1. Okay, maybe it’s just because I’m old that I know this (it was back in the day) but… Adobe was an teeny, teeny, tiny little company with only one product… Postscript. The story goes that Job’s went to Adobe and urged/convinced them to write Postscript as a laser printer language. Then Apple put them on the map when it chose to use this printer language in the first Apple laser printer…. going up against the HPLaser that ruled the market and establishing the (previously nonexistent) desktop publishing market with Aldus Pagemaker. A market which Adobe missed … tried to correct with InDesign… still missed… but then bought Aldus years later and incorporated it’s major competitor. So one could, successfully I must say, argue that you’ve got it exactly backwards.
        If you want to someone or something that is most responsible for Apple still being here today… you’ve got to look to Microsoft… yep. (Again, back in the day… or at least ’97) MS gave Apple 150M in cash investment in exchange for some chunk of non-voting stock and Apple’s agreement to carry MS OFFice for at least 5 years and (drumroll please…) make IE the default browser on the MAC. In addition MS required Apple to toe the line on disin’ Sun’s Java. For 150m Apple got to keep the lights on (stock went up 40% the day of the announcement) and MS scored big against 2 of their, then, biggest competitors… and where are Netscape and Sun now?

        So when you look at this whole Flash vs Not thing just remember… it ain’t nuthin’ new. It’s just more of the same… mega companies maneuvering for mega dollar markets… only the names have been changed to confuse the innocent.

      2. AlanA, your dates/timeline are a little out of sync. Adobe acquired Aldus in 1990. The only real competitor to Adobe at that point from Aldus was Freehand which wasn’t even part of the acquisition. Adobe didn’t have a page layout app so therefore there was not competition with PageMaker. InDesign (introduced in 1992) was developed from the ground up AFTER the Aldus acquisition. Although 1.0 missed the mark for many, InDesign quickly became the favorite and now leader in the space against Quark (not PageMaker). PageMaker had pretty much already lost the battle.

        Adobe does have Apple to thank for being one of the first/large Postscript vendors with the Laserwriter AND Apple has Adobe to thank for all the years of Photoshop being a Mac only product early on.

        Nevertheless, that’s all history now and honestly has very little to do with today’s battles.

      3. When I said that Adobe helped Apple, I was referring to PS being only available on a Mac, which sold a lot of Macs.

      4. Terry- Mea culpa on the timeline… dang, ain’t these fact things slippery. I knew I should have been out trying to take a decent picture instead of pulling the trigger on a blog post… but us old people sometimes we forget things!

        David- Maybe I just had too much caffeine this morning…(or not enough… could go either way)

  2. Mike, I love those videos! I think I heard you say you took them with a “FLIP”, is that correct? I have had one lying around for a year or so but didn’t think the quality was that good. It looks great and I will try it with my Animoto videos. I really need to learn a good video editing software (I have Pinnacle but I have struggled with it) now that I’m shooting more with the D3s. Maybe Scott will help us with that, when he gets back from his world tour vacation :) . Thanks again, your site has lots of stuff, thats what I like.

    1. Ken, it’s a new Flip HD that shoots in High Def (720p). I’m new to the video thing so I can’t comment on the editing software. I have just been using Flip’s software which was installed in the camera and was downloaded to my computer when I first plugged the Flip in to the USB port.

      Glad you like them and/or find them somewhat informative. I just posted a new one (Photographing a College Baseball Game) on YouTube from Sunday’s FSU game v. LeMoyne College ( It’s a bit of a different twist since I was hired by LeMoyne to shoot the game.

      1. Thanks for response Mike! I am going to be in the pitts for tomorrows Nationwide race at Darlington and I will take my Flip and try some video. I am also new to the video software world but I can learn it if I give it a try. I will add your site to my daily rss feeds. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for the post Corey.

    Great stuff Mike O! I also have a Flip Ultra HD and aspirations of shooting sports one day. When is the “How To Break In To Sports Photography” series starting up? I’m in the Central FL area – if ya ever need an assistant give me a holler. Tallahassee is not THAT far ;-)

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