Hi everybody, and happy Monday (I know, that’s an oxymoron). ;-)  I don’t have one big topic this morning, but a lot of little stuff to catch you up on.

Terry White is on In-Studio Guest Today on “The Grid”
Terry’s our in-studio guest, and we have lots to talk about (I’ve been waiting for this show since we started), but we’re going to start with m response to the comments on Friday about my wish for “Photoshop for the iPad.” The show is broadcast live at 12:00 noon EDT at http://www.kelbytv.com/thegrid — you can watch live (even on your iPad), or you can watch the free rebroadcast tomorrow (or through iTunes). Also, we have post an audio-only version of the Grid as well. Hope you can watch live and join in the discussion.

Lots of shooting this week!
I’ve got two in-studio portrait shoots this week with professional athletes, one an NFL linebacker, and one a Major League baseball player. On Friday I’m shooting the Rays vs Angels game for Southcreek Global. Besides the shoots, I’ve started working on my next book, and the 3rd draft of another book I’ve been finishing up just got printed yesterday.

My prayers are with David duChemin
Brad pointed me to a blog post from Jeffrey Chapman that details a three-story fall David took while leading a tour in Pisa. The post said “He’s got multiple fractures in his feet, hip, and hand,” and he’s in the hospital now (doctors said he’s lucky to be alive after a fall like that), but the post said he’s doing OK so far (though he is going to have to have some surgery). The post from Jeffrey is right here. We all wish David a very speedy and complete 100% recovery and my prayers are with him.

The Kelby Training iPad App is….
Still not ready (sigh). We are working really, really hard on this. We’ve had to reconvert all our videos (the first time we did it, apparently the format we chose wasn’t right), but I just want you to know that I know you guys are frustrated (ask anybody in my company—notbody is as frustrated as I), and I’m very grateful for your patience. As soon as it’s ready—don’t worry—I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops!

If You Missed my Retouching Book Webcast…
The rebroadcast is now online at right here. Thanks to everybody who watched live (we had over 4,000 photographers signed up). I’ve had people sending me emails, Facebook messages and examples of things they learned from the webcast, and it’s been a lot of fun seeing the great results they’re getting. Hope you can check it out.

The First Two in-depth Reviews of my Retouching book
There’s one right here, and right here. If you guys know of any others, send ’em my way.

Fine Art Wedding Photography
About every week I get sample copies of new photography and Photoshop books from different book publishers and every once in a while a book stands out to me, and the latest one to catch my eye is Fine Art Wedding Photography” by Jose Villa and Jeff Kent (published by Amphoto). The book has beautiful photography, and lots of interesting techniques. I’m taking it home this weekend, but on first look—this is one of the most promising books I’ve seen since David Ziser’s “Captured by the Light.” Here’s the link to it on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. It’s around $18. If you only learned one single thing, it’d still be worth it.

That’s it for today
Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you on the Grid today, and here on the blog tomorrow. Here’s wishing you a cool and kick butt day!!!

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