Just finished watching an amazing class from UK-based Automotive photographer Tim Wallace

I’ve got a car shoot coming up for my current book project, so while I was on the treadmill this weekend, I wanted to catch Tim Wallace’s two classes on Kelby Training online (I watched it on my iPad using our free App), and I have to say — I was blown away!

On Sunday I watched his class “The Art of Close up Car Photography” and he teaches lighting and shooting techniques that I just don’t know how I would have learned on my own. Really brilliant stuff. NOTE: Tim did a wonderful guest blog post here on my blog — here’s the link. 

If you’re a Kelby Training Online subscriber, even if you’re not into car photography, his class will SO make you want to shoot cars now! :)  Here’s the link.

Also, I put Tim’s video intro to the class (below). If you’ve got a quick sec, check it out (it’s only like one-minute long, but totally worth it).

  1. I must concur Scott. I am waiting with baited breath for the other two. The use of the live cam for the angles in the video is just killer. These two videos by Tim are totally worth the year subscription alone. Knowing there are two more, that’s just the icing on the cake that I get to have and eat (figure of speech). Thank you so much for bringing him to us.

    1. Wow thanks guys, just seen this and totally blown away by the positive feedback from everybody, really really pleased that you guys are getting so much from them, enjoy the next two and most of all enjoy your photography guys !

  2. Scott, whatsup, you posted early tonight! Guess I’ll get an extra hour sleep. :) I will sure miss next week in DC, make sure y’all slow down at I-95 and I-20 in Darlington, SC (for those driving to DC)

  3. Both classes are terrific. Even if you don’t like to shoot cars, you’ll get something out of these classes.  Great job, Tim!

    Scott, have a blast in DC this week!  I’m really looking forward to PSW Vegas this September.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been there.  Do you know any good burger joints there that are open late? :)


  4. Wow, Tim Wallace is awesome. It struck me that he has the finished photo already in his head, that is creative thinking I don’t have. HA, still using film camera sound for his high end digital. Great stuff!

  5. Tim Wallace is great… I have watched both of his classes 3 times each and catch something new each time… thank you guys so much for having him teach these classes… One of my co-workers just bought a top of the line Z06 Corvette and agreed to let me shot the car as practice… maybe I will post the pics to the next Grid Critique. :-)  Thanks again!!!

  6. Yeah, I remember his blog post a while back. Made me want to shoot cars! Same as that caddy you shot in the Crushing the Composition class. Now I just need to find interesting cars to take pictures of! Anyone know any Ferraris or Lamborghinis out there?

  7. Outstanding classes from Tim! I am the least ‘car guy’ there could possibly be (possibly because I do body repairs on them every day?) and I soooo want to get my gear out and do this! I’m hoping to give it a shot this week some time. Not like I have a lack of subjects in the shop…..   :-)

  8. Hi Scott, I just +1’d this post and when I hit the g+1 button, the comment box appeared behind youtube trailer and I couldn’t see what I was typing…just so you know.

  9. Watched the car one already and loved it. Vital information for me as I try to move into this segent. I am sure the close up video is as good and I can’t wait to watch. Any chance on another class dealing with cars outside? And post production?

  10. I found Tim on the Internet a few years back and i’ve liked his style ever since. He has a great eye, and he lights the cars in both a very pleasing and interesting way.
    I work as a automotive photographer as well and i sometimes find inspiration from Tim’s work since i like his style.
    I shot a really cool Concept car this week in a enormous studio with a ton of B-light, and then some.
    I’m gonna do a blogpost of that as soon as it has been published, check out http://www.patriklindgren.se/blog in about a week or two.

  11. Now i´ve published my blogpost about shooting a really cool and unique concept car, a Lexus LF-LC-
    I did this in Brussels a while back and now it has been published.
    Go check it out if your interested in what it´s like photographing with constant light in a huge studio with all the gear in the world. :)

    Do i have to tell you that it was awesome? Nah, i´ll skip that for now. :)

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