Our New Partnership with our Friends at B&H Photo

We are excited, honored, and just basically thrilled to announce our new partnership with B&H Photo.

We’ve been friends and partners for many years but today you can actually purchase Kelby Media Group products directly from B&H Photo (see the email newsletter from B&H below).

I get all my gear from B&H (just got my D4 from them on Friday. Whoo Hooo!), and I’m totally psyched to be growing our partnership with such an awesome team. Here’s a link to their site (ya know, just in case). :)

  1. Awesome simbiotic partnership, and congrats on the new camera. I am looking at the D800 but the D4 looks incredible. I should just get both like you! ;)

    1. BTW, I love the aesthetic changes to my D4! Taking the meter mode button off the top was awesome! I know all the HDR nuts (including myself) will like the ability to set brackets to 1,2 or 3 stops at a time, no more 7 photos just to get -3, 0 and +3!!

  2. I find it a strange coincidence that the B&H Partnership with Kelby Media happens the same week as the release of the D4. As one of the many who pre-ordered on Day 1 at B&H I am thinking about what type of partnership I could offer to get nudged up in the seemingly endless queue.
    Congratulations Scott. You are now part of the 1%,

    1. Hey Vince: I find it a strange coincidence that you clearly know so much about everything (for example, you figured out this whole B&H Conspiracy), however you had no idea whatsoever that 
      camera stores fulfill the orders of NPS (Nikon Professional Service) members first. It’s one of the benefits of NPS membership, which is how I got mine. However, my friend (and frequent commenter here on the blog), Ken Toney got his two days before mine. I wonder what kind of deal Ken had struck with B&H Photo that he got his two days earlier than I did? Congratulations Vince. You are now playing the part of a troll. You should be very proud.  

  3. B&H has been my go-to place for photo gear for longer than I like to think about. I am just a plain old customer – not a celebrity, best selling author or whatever – but they have always treated me to some of the best customer service on the planet – not unlike every experience I’ve had with the various Kelby organizations and publications. Sounds like a great “marriage” to me. See you all at PSW this weekend!

  4. That’s great – love B&H.  I’ve been ordering from them for 20 years now.  One thing that I’ve always appreciated is how honest they are about everything.  Back when the D700 came out, there was another store (name and location withheld to protect even the not so great, and hopefully they’ve improved) with my preorder – on the recommendation of someone I thought I’d give them a try.  Well, there were several stories about this and that, and I called B&H and they just gave the straight scoop as they knew it.  It was refreshing ad reminded me why I enjoy doing business with them.  

    1. I guess it is all in one’s perspective. From my point of view, you should be more than happy that you can afford a D4. It will probably be another year before I can scrap together enough money to replace a 2005 D70, and lenses from 1999 (28-80mm) and 2001 (70-300mm).

      Your one purchase of a D4 (regardless of when it arrives) could almost pay for the camera and one of the lenses I’m going after: a new D800 and 24-70mm f/2.8 and 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II.

      So, Eric, must be nice to have cash sitting around. Still waiting to save enough money to even make a purchase—let alone wait for it to arrive in the mail.

    1. I just pulled the trigger on a D4. Turns out that Tom Petty is correct…”the waiting is the hardest part”. Congrats on the partnership and the D4!!! I am going to pick up a NAPP membership while I am at it!!!!!!

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