Just Posted Our First Online Class from Jeremy Cowart on Kelby Training

You guys have been very patient, which is why I’m so glad to announce that entertainment and portrait photographer Jeremy Cowart’s first class with Kelby Training Online just went live Wednesday afternoon.

He really has a gift for seeing, and for teaching, and I’m so excited to get to share this you guys. If you’re a subscriber to Kelby Training Online, you can watch it right here. I am psyched! :)

  1. Just got a one month trial to Kelby Training for attending David Ziser’s seminar. I watched two of Joe McNally’s classes today and they were terrific. Like a good book that you just can’t put down.

    I’m sure Jeremy’s will be just as good. Can’t wait to watch his class…maybe later today.



  2. Hi Scott,

    It’s currently 7.55am here in the UK and I’m sat here with the best intentions of getting to it but it just ain’t happening. Reason? … Jeremy Cowart on Kelby Training. In a word ‘AWESOME’!!! Sure you said it was good when we spoke about it but geez didn’t expect that. Fantastic stuff!!!

    Right, must dash as I’m now running a little late (darn you Clayton!!!)


  3. Hi Scott. This is my first time writing to you, but I have been a fan of yours for many years and buy all your applicable books. It is almost time to renew my Kelby Training subscription. Many months ago you promised us an Ipad app for Kelby training. I would love to watch these new and exciting courses from my easy chair on the Ipad.

    Keep up the great work!


    p.s. I will renew regardless!

    1. I too am looking forward to the iPad app, but for very different reasons though. I spend a ton of time at the school bus stop and at sports practices, etc, waiting for my children. I would love to be putting my subscription to good use and be learning good stuff. Soon, PLEASE!!!

  4. Hi Scott. While this is my first time writing to you, I have been a big fan of yours for many years and buy all of your applicable books. Some time ago you promised us an Ipad App for Kelby Training. Before I renew my subscription, I’d like to know if I’ll be able to enjoy these wonderful new classes while sitting on my easy chair with my Ipad?

    Keep up the great work!


    p.s. I will renew regardless!

  5. Hi folks, and Scott!

    I logged in to KT.com yesterday night (it’s 11am here in Sweden now) and saw that the much longed-for Jeremy Cowart class was online. Even though I didn’t had time to watch it, I watched the first lesson… and the second… and the third. I just couldn’t stop! I watched the whole class and was so inspired!

    I didn’t learned any new technical stuff, but my big learning from the class was that photography doesn’t have to be that pretentious!

    I was faced with a flow of creativity, an open mind-set, Jeremy’s confident in his small gear set-up and his “a-simple-picture-is-also-a-good-picture”-approach. And this is what I needed.

    I was also challenged to step out of my “all-picture-should-be-correctly-exposed” safety zone. This is not the first time I realize this, unfortunately, but this was the first time I also saw the connection between a “wrong” exposed picture and a photographers artistic aim. I learned that you can see the world around you with blown highlights, not just well-exposed.

    Thank you Jeremy! Thank you Scott.

    / Alex

  6. Watched it yesterday… OUTSTANDING! Places I would have walked on by turned out to be excellent locations. The lesson helped me look “smarter”. Thanks!

  7. This class rocks!! I watched it yesterday and was glued to my computer screen. It’s refreshing to see how he shoots and gives insights into the creative process, not just the technical side.

  8. Just watched this whole thing yesterday afternoon. I have two words for ya’-
    Sidey & Toppy. Its the new Blue.

    Really, great stuff. I love the fact that even a simple set up and a good eye can produce such dramatic results. It really puts me at ease to think that all you really need is an interesting garage door.

  9. Wonderful class, watched it two times through. Look forward to new content on Kelby Training and Jeremy really rocked it. Thanks Scott and the rest of the crew from Kelby Training for putting up such great content.

  10. Just watched the video and learned lot’s of great ways to adapt to the surroundings. One question – off topic: Any chance Jeremy could share where he got that jacket. I loved all the pockets and would love to find one like it.

  11. Just finished watching the class…..wow! Jeremy was very informative and I really liked having Scott there asking questions along the way. Funny thing is that the last time I was in CA, we stopped in Venice Beach and walked in that same area! Wish I had had a model with me!! :D

    Maybe it’s just me, but I was always noticing the action in the background. While Jeremy was shooting the model in the alley, there was a woman in a blue outfit sweeping the alley, always looking at the camera/crew. I’m sure she doesn’t do that on a regular basis!

    Did the Italian guy get his photo?


  12. Watched the class twice, and will watch again. I usually watch the photography classes several times.

    Where does the model change clothes on a walk around? Do you carry some sort of privacy screen or does she simply duck in the bushes?

  13. I made it to the last section in one go before I had to shut it down because of the Yankees-Rangers game. Will get back to it, though. What a great guy and what a wonderful class. Totally inspiring. Thank you Jeremy and thank you Scott.

  14. Wow ! All the Kelby Training classes are great, but Jeremy’s takes them to a whole new level. Such a relaxed, confident photographer and with Scott asking questions … AWESOME !

  15. I watched this class the other night. One of my all time favorites! Best thing about it for me is that it was totally off the cuff by Jeremy. They went into the streets and found places to shoot that were very unlikely and he really made the most of them. Awesome to see his spontaneous creative problem solving in action. I highly recommend watching this one.

  16. Hey guys, I just wanted to say a big fat THANKS. Really means a lot. This was my first time doing this kind of thing and frankly I was very nervous, especially after all the other great talent Scott has teaching here. Combine that with the fact that I’m not a very technical teacher and I was nervous as could be. I even called Scott and said “Are you sure you’ve got the right guy?” haha. So your words are very encouraging. I had a blast with Scott and can’t wait to tackle our next classes. Thanks again!

  17. Watched it Friday and it was totally awesome! I work a lot with high school seniors, and the outdoor stuff I do in the Old City and in downtown Knoxville is very much like what Jeremy was doing here. I like to light my subjects very similar to him, except I use an SB-900 in a Lastolite Ezybox instead of the strobe. I learned a lot, though, and would love to see more! Keep it coming, Scott!

  18. I, too, got a month free trial from David Ziser’s seminar and this is such a dollar added bonus. I always felt like I had the wrong personality to be a photographer, but after seeing Jeremy Cowart being honest about not being a technical photographer and still getting outstanding shots just by having a great eye along with his relaxed demeanor, I feel a lot more confident. I loved this class.

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