Just Released: My ebook on Pro Sports Photography Workflow

The video above explains the new ebook (and it’s short and sweet, just like the book), but I just wanted to reiterate: this ebook is designed for photographers who are shooting on assignment and have to get their images sorted, tagged and uploaded on a deadline. But don’t buy it without watching the video above (important!).

Here’s the link to it on Amazon and on Apple’s iBooks Store. 

It’s $9.99 (cheap!)

Hope you find it helpful. :)


  1. Great release, I have just bought it on iBook Store. Im hoping to get some great tips about working in Photo Mechanic. Im already using Photo Mechanic, but my workflow can get much faster :)

  2. I read the book this morning and loved it. I learned a few things that I plan to use this week as I shoot some High School basketball tournaments.

    I know you set this up as a book relating what you do with college and pro sports shoots, but I want to mention for those who like me shoot at the local high school level that MaxPreps.com is a life saver for codes. They do not provide the same ease as code replacements.com, but with some copy and pasting to an excel spreadsheet you can get a good code file to use.

    Also you can have more than one code file loaded in PhotoMechanic at a time. I usually create a separate file for each team and a file of sports terms. (i.e. tap for throws a pass or ft free throw) The terms file helps add more speed to the process.

    One other thing I would like to bring up is if you do a second edition or revision is to please add in more about the shortcut keys for some of the functions. I will just press “i” on the keyboard from the main window in PhotoMechanic to get to the captioning window. Likewise “r” brings up Lightroom’s Cropping Tool. Again these keyboard shortcuts can make a difference for those who live and die by being the first to upload.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this valuable book. I know I got several things to use out of it and I’m sure many others will too.

  3. Nice promo and sounds like a useful resource, but was that a Nikon I saw you with at the beginning? When did you stop shooting Canon?!?
    (sorry, couldn’t resist).

  4. Hi Scott,

    I love your willingness to share your techniques is amazing to me as well as others. And yes, $9.99 is dirt cheap. You have taught a lot to us from tips about equipment, settings, extra tools, to getting credentials and uploading software. My question now is about pricing.

    I got to thinking a few weeks ago when you had John Harrington as your guest blogger. In
    fact, I was knocked off my feet with some of the figures he put forward. In retrospect, however, his blog taught me that in order to make a decent living as a professional, one must charge according to what they are worth for the job at hand.

    Sports photography must be similar too. Unless a person has a job with a wire service like you do here or are on salary somewhere, how would one price him/herself to make a living at sports photography? Heck, the way my mindset is now and without a real sports portfolio, I
    would shoot for free.

    Thanks for your insight on everything. I have learned a ton over the last few years!


  5. A NO BRAINER BOOK!!!! Let´s buy it inmediately…I bet this book will improve my work flow a lot!!! Thanks Scott for your AWESOME job with the photography community, you and your crew really really ROCK guys!!!

  6. Well I bought the book but I felt most of the content had already been in your blog for free, except you used Camera Raw rather than Lightroom in your blog. That being said, I’ve learnt so much about workflow from what you’d already written that I didn’t mind one bit paying £6.49 for the book, in fact the info was worth way more than that because like you say, nobody shares this info until now!!
    Thanks so much again for all your tips, I’m now regularly getting images used in national press publications and I’m sure a lot of this is down to the speed I can get images edited, captioned and sent.

  7. Good stuff Scott. Greatly appreciate you taking the time to put this book together. I was going to write and suggest a session at Photoshop World on this topic, but now the book is available! One item you might be interested in is setting up Photo Mechanic and Lightroom to read/write to the same XMP sidecar file. I learned about this from Dan Carr’s great YouTube tutorial (http://youtu.be/iO07PIIiRHM). I’m able to have my Photo Mechanic final captions (with player info, my comments per image) also captured in my Lightroom catalog before a final export and upload to a wire service. Dan also has detailed tutorial about how he sets up his Photo Mechanic stationary pad (http://youtu.be/fg00PF_F2GY). All the best!

  8. Really enjoyed the book Scott. I am newer to PhotoMechanic than Lightroom and your explanation was helpful. I used the configuration with Lightroom and PhotoMechanic this past weekend at a college basketball game and it worked great. There is a tip that I have learned about cropping that isn’t in the book. On the Cropping in Lightroom page you mention the letter X to flip the crop from wide to tall or vice versa. Did you know that you can unlock the gold Lock icon to release the constraints on the aspect ratio by clicking the letter A. The letter A will toggle it on and off. It saves a little mouse movement and another click.

  9. Scott, I saw this ebook recommend on fredmiranda, and after seeing the positive comments here I was looking forward to reading it. I purchased it on amazon immediately discovered that unlike the other kindle books, I have tried, it was completely unreadable on my phone (Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G)
    because the text is microscopic on the 3.7-inch screen and it doesn’t
    seem possible to zoom. Later I tried to read it on my Lenovo X201T laptop running Windows7 and found that the Kindle application says the book is not compatible
    with that computer. I then tried “Read Now” in my web browser to read
    the book using the cloud reader, but I get the error message “An error
    occurred while opening the selected item. Please try again later.”.

    Fortunately, amazon gave me a refund (they suggested I purchase it again, but I don’t see how that would help), so I have no real complaint, but I’m disappointed that I can’t read the book, and I wanted you to be aware that there may be some issues with the kindle version of the book.

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