Did you know that you can find all of our podcasts under one roof?

Check out Kelby TV for the latest episodes of Photoshop User TV, DTown TV, Photoshop and Lightroom Killer Tips, Ask Dave, and more!

You can watch each episode of your favorite show right on the site, or open them in iTunes and subscribe there if you like.  Also be sure to leave comments with your feedback and questions :)

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  1. Best way to learn, cause it’s so much fun! 8-)

  2. Hey Scott –

    Do you know when The Grid will be out? Many are looking forward to it!

  3. Too bad it’s not iPad friendly. :(

  4. Hey guys,
    Yes the Westcott booths were excellent with the models and the lighting. It’s just one more thing that makes PhotoshopWorld “The Photo Event of the Season”

  5. Just one note is that I noticed the dates on the current episodes don’t always match to what is listed on Kelby TV (usually KTV is a bit behind).

    Always CAKB to watch these. So much information your head will explode! :D


  6. When will Kelby TV work on my iPad? White house.gov has this figured out.

  7. This is great news. I just found your site today and I watched a couple videos. . . I will definitely be watching all of them!

  8. Scott, as the leader in education, I am surprised your content is biased away from iPad. Everything is encoded in Flash?

  9. Ok, now I have to find more hours in the day to watch all the cool new stuff on kelby tv. You gus are killing me :)

  10. Definitely very handy to have all the podcasts in 1 place!

  11. SsI’d love it if the RSS feeds for podcasts that have accompanying blogs/sites, like Matt’s Lightroom Killer Tips, included the articles from the blog/site, not just the videos.

  12. I love the site but when is it gonna be compatibale with the iPad? Keep up the great work!

  13. Can you also please have a friendly list of the podcasts as available of Zune or iTunes please ? I always find podcasts on my Zune the only way where I will never miss anything that you guys do :)

    Thanks in advance

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