Hey gang: I’m getting ready to head out to Vegas for next week’s Photoshop World Conference & Expo, and I wanted to share a few quick things before you (us, we) get there. Here goes:

(1) It’s true — they’re giving away a new D800!!!!
Nikon Professional Services (NPS) sponsors a pre-conference workshop at Photoshop World on shooting concert photography like a pro, and the class actually gets to a shoot a live band on stage — then the best shot (as chosen by applause) wins the new D800. Here’s the cool thing —- the workshop is limited to just 40 participants, so each person has a great shot at winning! There are just a few spots left — and if you’re going to Photoshop World, you can snag one of the last spots. You will totally  love this workshop! Here’s the link (http://bit.ly/cwrX0x) and good luck!

(2) Bring Your Camera
You will kick yourself if you don’t because there’s all sorts of shooting opportunities, including the incredibly popular Westcott Shooting Bays, where they’ve put together a series of very creative sets, all perfectly lit with their TD-6 Spiderlites, with live models in full costume for you to shoot. It’s a HUGE hit with the attendees so make sure you don’t miss it (it’s on the Expo floor).

(3) Canon is there in a big way this year!
The folks at Canon have a large booth with their own demo stage and they’ll be doing live demos throughout the expo, so add them to your must-visit list.

(4) You can get a FREE Expo-only pass!
If you can’t go to the full conference, you can still come and check out the Expo floor, see all the vendors, checkout all the new gear, take advantage of show specials, and even catch bonus expo-floor classes at a number of different theaters, and a kick-butt line up of classes at the Peachpit Press theater. Here’s the link to register for your free pass.

(5) I hope you’ll consider catching one or more of my classes
I invite you to check out some of my classes on the conference track, and my Wacom-sponosed retouching session. Here’s the link to what I’m teaching in Vegas

(6) Dave Black’s class will blow your mind
Dave is just flat out brilliant and can make any topic brilliant but he’s doing a Sports Action live shoot of a world champion gymnast in class, on the balance beam, and what he pulls off is insane!!! He did it earlier this year at the DC Photoshop World and people are still talking about it.

(7) Here’s some other trainers you don’t want to miss!
These are such inspiring, passionate and just amazing instructors that I would recommend you catch at least one of their classes even if the topic isn’t one that’s right up your alley. Try sitting in on a class from Jay Maisel, Joel GrimesFrank Doorhof, Jeremy Cowart, and Cliff Mautner. You are guaranteed to learn and be inspired.

(8) Don’t forget to catch some of the new trainers, too!
I get the job of choosing who gets to speak at Photoshop World so when we bring on somebody new, you know they have to be really special, and these trainers are: Erik Valind, Lindsay Adler, and Tamara Lackey.

Wait, we’re not done — look at the graphic below, then read under it.

(9) The “Tweet-up” is back
OK, it’s called “The Meetup” now (see the graphic above, designed by Corey), and here’s the deal: Come join me and the rest of the Photoshop Guys at the EyeCandy bar in the middle of the Mandalay Bay casino from 9:00 pm to 11pm(ish) Tuesday, September 4 for The MEET UP, (formally the Tweet Up.).

(10) It’s not too late if you want to come!
Although you can’t register online at this point, if you call our toll-free number, 1-800-738-8513 they will get you set-up with a full conference pass and anything else you need.

OK gang, that’s my tips. Hope I’ll get to see you in person in Vegas next week!!! Whoo Hooo!!!! :)


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