Le Train Bleu, an incredible restaurant in Paris (wait for it…wait for it…) in a Train Station!

It’s in the train station Gare de Lyon, and we were able to do a video interview with Jay Maisel for our online class (and Jay and I got to have a pretty yummy breakfast during the taping), and the following night I took my wife and our friends Barb and Mike for dinner there as well.

It feels a lot more like dining at “The Louvre” or Versailles and a lot less like eating in a train station, eh? :-)

NOTE: I was hoping to have a “Report from the G+ Photographer’s Conference” for today but I’m still gather photos, so hopefully I’ll be running it alongside “Free Stuff Thursday” this week. Have a great Tuesday everybody!

    1. Hi Mitchell: It started as an HDR, but I go back and drag the original, normal exposure over the top and then mask in any areas that look too “HDR” and the goal is that people look at it and wonder, “Is that HDR?” So, it’s part HDR I guess is the best way to describe it, because some parts look great as HDR and some look really funky, so a mixture of the two seems to work best for me. :)

    1. Dunno about Mr Bean, but it is the restaurant where Nikkita (original movie by Luc Besson) has her first mission (she shoots somebody, runs to the toilets, windows have been walled, etc)

  1. Le Train Bleu was what the French called the US Postal Service Cycling team in the early 2000’s, when Lance Armstrong was riding for them.  That is an interesting name, especially since they didn’t like Lance or USPS.
    Looks like a cool place to eat.  We missed that when my wife and I were in Paris last fall.

  2. If, or perhaps when, you visit Paris again you should definately visit La Coupole, a great and rustic restaurant. Google it and take a look at pictures from there.
    From my point of view it’s a great restaurant, but i think it was three or four years ago since i was there. So perhaps it has changed.
    Paris is fantastic.

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