Issue 5 of Light It Magazine is now available! Brad Moore here to tell you a little about it :)

This issue features tips from Jim Schmelzer on the importance of subtractive lighting:

Photo Recipes from Scott Kelby:

My personal favorite, the Gear Watch section ;) :

Plus Tom Bol on sports portraiture, Erik Valind on high-speed sync with small flash, Kevin Ames on reflectance, Jason Groupp on what to do with stage lighting during wedding receptions, an interview with Frank Doorhof, sixty seconds with stock photographer Nicole S. Young, and work from featured photographers Sean Arbabi and Jennifer Wu.

If you don’t already have the free Light It Magazine app, download it from the iTunes store and grab the first issue for free. Each issue after that is only $2.99, a hard deal to beat for valuable info from the people listed above!

And, if you’re an Android user who’s been asking for Light It on your platform, it’s time to rejoice! We’ve started development on this and will be keeping you posted as things progress.

(Also, Scott did a little write-up on the issue over on Google+ if you’d like get his take)

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  1. I don’t have an iPad but do have an android phone but would really hate to read this on a small screen.

    Any plans on having a PC viewable version? Like through


  2. My dear Scott, Hi


    Best Wishes

  3. Excited to see a new edition of “Light It”

  4. Any luck with getting the mag on sale in the UK guys?

  5. Android version … I would buy!

  6. Hello,
    I love all the info that is being shared. I am unable to hear the audio of the interview with Frank Dorhoff on my ipad. I have reset and reinstalled the app to no avail.

  7. Soooo, is there a way to read light it without having an Ipad? Can you view it through Itunes?

  8. Just downloaded issue 4 a couple of nights ago…time to start 2012 season I guess!:)

  9. Hi There- Scott, your site is awesome as always. I would love the oppurtuinity to see you in Cincinnati. I live in Columbus and dont get the chance to travel so this would be wonderful to be able to go and see this. It would auctually be the very first time i get to go to an event/workshop like this ever. . Thanks again !!!


  10. Hey Scott,
    Can’t wait for the Android version LOL!
    Would you take a look at these
    Tell me what you think please!

    Max Kimmich

  11. discriminating magazine!!

  12. Too bad this is only for the Apple elitists.

  13. I purchased and read from cover to cover, Scott’s printed book “Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It!” Just fabulous! I even switched lighting systems to Elinchrom – love my new gear too!

    So how about a version of this “Light It” digital mag that I can download directly into my MacPro workstation, so I can read it on my 23 inch Cinema Screen. I’m sure PC users would like that too!

    I DO NOT own an iPad (though I may after Apple releases the iPad3 later this year…)

    Frederic in Montréal

  14. I hear a lot about the mistreatment of the workers at the ipad and iphone factories.

    Any plans of having a PDF version.

  15. I would also like to see other formats. The magazine is interesting.

  16. When will we see a year subscription option for the magazine??

  17. Sucks, I paid for the issue 5 but cannot download. I have had problems getting other issues to download. It is hassle. Too bad because it is a great mag, but the hassles make it an item not too purchase any longer

  18. I think many people have iphone and dont have ipad, it would be brilliant if you make a iphone version as well. 

  19. It’s too slow to download….

  20. waiting for the android version. its been so long :(

  21. Is there a bug? I don’t see it in the App Store and the link on this page is mot working.

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