Lightroom 2 and the Seven Point System

lr2icon.jpgSince I released my “7-point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3” book, I’ve had a lot of questions from Lightroom users about how to open an image processed in Lightroom as Smart Object in Photoshop. Unfortunately, that feature wasn’t available in Lightroom 1.4, so while there was a clunky workaround (which I covered earlier this year on the blog), it wasn’t the real integration we wanted.

Luckily, one of the features Adobe added in the public beta of Lightroom 2.0 made part of my Seven Point System for Photoshop CS3 work that much better with Lightroom because of its direct support of Smart Objects.

Just go under Lightroom 2.0’s Photo menu, under Edit in Adobe Photoshop CS3, and choose Open as Smart Object in Photoshop. Once the image is opened as a Smart Object, to reedit the image just double-click on it and it opens in Camera Raw (which is similar to opening it in the Develop Module of Lightroom). You can make your changes there, click the Done button, and it updates the Smart Object automatically. When you’re done editing the Photoshop file, and you save and close it, the image then returns to Lightroom for output.

Anyway, I know a lot of people have been hoping for this support in Lightroom 2.0 (it was on my Lightroom 2.0 wishlist), and I’m happy to see it made it’s way there. :)

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