Hey gang, Brad Moore here to let you know that Scott Kelby’s brand new Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers is available for pre-order!

In Scott’s latest book, he explains all the latest updates and features to Lightroom 4 in his easy-going, conversational style, just like if you were sitting down with him one-on-one.

Reserve your copy from Amazon or Barnes and Noble today!

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  1. Is Scott going to make this available in a spiral-bound edition any time soon?

  2. Sounds like a great book to own in order to get more in-depth on the new LR 4, and I need all the help I can!!!

  3. Scott, will you bring copies of LR4 book to your Light it, Shoot it and retouch it seminar in London?
    I’d like to buy it, signed by you naturally!

  4. Perhaps time to upgrade from the previous book then.

  5. As a lifelong motorcycle rider/racer, I am thrilled to see a bike on the cover. Great choice!!

  6. Looking forward to a Kindle edition that supports the revolutionary new iPad screens. Physical books are difficult to work in a darkroom or during travel. However, for the Kindle app, photos always appear smaller and lower res than in books. I want to tap on a photo and get a full screen shot.

  7. Some pretty cool stuff here. :) I like it. My lighting knowledge could definitely use a tune-up. Thanks!

  8. I liked the last one! Really good work – understandable even for people who don’t live in America!
    I use it for difficultlight situations in Partyfotography. Results can be seen on my webpage http://www.salsainfo.org/


  9. open letter to Adobe regards upgrade. Don’t authors of CS books do the same thing, one need to buy the new editions to get the upgrade

  10. Now where did old Scotty get the time to write this latest book?  Or did he not write it all but just stamped his name on it?

  11. Just a question that popped, nothing hating against Scott, he’s the best on explaining and entertaining with his photo books!

    But how come he can have a book about Lightroom 4 out so recently after the release of it and the explanation of course could be he gets it way before release to public or normal consumers or however you want to put it. But then number 2 is how it can be #1 Best selling book on Lightroom when it’s not even out yet?

    Seems strange and would be nice to understand how that came about.


  12. While waiting for LR3 book in Slovak or Czech with no end I am getting it to past and order LR4 in English… 

  13. I have pre-ordered the book. When is it getting released. I can,t wait any longer.

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