That’s right!!!! Lightroom 4, the official shipping version, has been released today AND for the first time in Lightroom’s history, Adobe has lowered the price from $299 down to just $149 for the full version, (and only $79 for the upgrade). Also, the European pricing has been brought in-line with US pricing (Just 109 Euros [+VAT] for the full version and 62  [+VAT] for the upgrade).

Matt Kloskowski and I are hosting a free live Q&A today, and we’ll be showing some cool Lightroom 4 stuff, and doing giveaways (including a copy of my soon-to-be-released book, “The Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers” (I’ve already written the entire book, and it’s in production right now).

When: Today at 12:00 noon ET
Why: Because Lightroom 4 is here, baby!

Hope to see you there! :-)

About The Author

Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. I’ll be there! I hope you guys show the easiest way to upgrade existing LR3 with catalogue!

  2. Great, looking forward to it! Already bought the upgrade, installed it and I feel good! ;-)

  3. If your’re a NAPP member remember to use your direct Adobe discount. The new/update prices are the same at B&H, Adorama, and Adobe. You can do it immediately.

  4. Adobe have it on their website and as usual here in the UK we are right royally screwed it seems, currently showing 237.60 GBP which equates to over $375US.

    EDIT: Looks like once you actually go through to the shop its a more palatable 103.88 GBP, someone just didn’t update the main page it seems.

  5. Fabulous news and way to go Adobe on the pricing structure too :)

  6. is that a permanent price or just a sale?

  7. Thanks! The upgrade and LR3 catalog update went great.

  8. 99 quid – its a bargain alright, I’ll be picking that up at Photoshop World !! About time I started learning Lightroom properly so start with the best ;)

  9. Woho with that price drop an upgrade is an easy decision.

  10. Awesome! And love the fact that European pricing was adapted!

  11. Would be great is Australia could be brought in line too…we are being slugged $250USD for LR4

  12. Wasn’t tht just about the shortest beta in history? I hadn’t even gotten around yet to downloading the beta. Love the price for upgrades, though

  13. Wow!  Already?  And at such a good price!  Thanks, Adobe!!!! :-)


  14. Where do i get this European price? ;) I see 76€ at the adobe store :(

  15. Yay! Looking forward to the webcast and Lr4. It’s a beautiful thing that at this pricing the freeloaders wont even have to steal it! ;P

  16.  Great deal. Is time to upgrade my lightrom 2

  17. Just got it.  Insane price wonderful product.  Is this a great country or what.

  18. will u be able to upgrade from lr2 to lr4?

  19. Scott, I was looking to use the 15% Adobe discount on the NAPP site.  It says on the site that I need to use a unique code, but it never specifies what the code is.  Could you shed some light on where I can find the code?  Thanks!

  20. Congratulations Scott on your new book. When will it be avaiable internationally (English and or German version)..? Writing this from Switzerland…. Just ordered LR4, and it will arrive here on Thursday, march 8th… could use your book with it!

    Cheers Raymond

    • Hi Raymond: The English version is released first (which makes sense since I wrote it in English), and then after that, foreign translations are created. I don’t get to choose which languages or when — that comes from the publisher. I usually don’t know about a translation until it arrives on my door, so unfortunately I don’t have any kind of timeline. Sorry ’bout that. 

  21. Great news about the price.
    Unfortunately, will not be able to watch the live Q&A session.  Will it be rebroadcast?

  22. I am glad to hear that your LR4 book is in production… but I must admit I had just received the LR3 book in December so that isn’t in my budget for the near future. I look forward to viewing the Q&A today to see what else I can learn… Have a great day Mr. Kelby!

  23. From Barnes & Noble here in Daytona Beach, they say they will have your new book on the 16th only ???? 

  24. If it hasn’t been mentioned, I bet the NAPP adobe discount takes a few percent off the upgrade/purchase price, too. Yet another way it pays to be a NAPP member!

    (this unsolicited testimonial is brought to you by me, a happy NAPP member)

  25. I always buy every other new version

  26. “Adobe has lowered the price from $299 down to just $149 for the full version, (and only $79 for the upgrade).” This offer is valid until ….? Thanks


  27. Hope Adobe is just as kind with PS 6!

  28. Wow! Great pricing to start with.  Just may have to upgrade!  By the way- you could use a link to the adobe store in this post… or, am I just not seeing it?

  29. Price is no longer an excuse not to buy Lightroom. 

  30. Great news Scott, I’ll be waiting for you to shine some light on the new release before going for it!
    The price is right:-)

  31.  Is the discount from NAPP taken off the $79 price?

  32. Well done Adobe! Upgrade for 50 quid, including NAPP discount and free shipping.

  33. *off subject
    Scott, at your seminar, we talked music, what’s your favorite instrument now, I know you mentioned drums in the past…

  34. Glad I didn’t buy LR3 for £95 to upgrade to LR4 then! Wonder how many people have done this recently? :)

  35. Will this webcast be going into the KelbyTV or NAPP archives when all is said and done?  I can’t watch at work, but would love to watch later.  Thanks. :-)

  36. I want to win the book, or the conference pass, or the membership.

  37. Would love to get a copy of the new LR4 book!

  38. Would love to win a free upgrade to Lightroom 4!!! Great show!


  39. Count Me in For The Contest . Any Prize will do except the Photoshop World Conference.  TY .. Kenny Campos from NY

  40. I watched the Lightroom 4 On Air. It was awesome. I wanted to enter to win a copy of LR 4 but this is the only blog that I know of. Not sure if its the correct one. There was no blog on the Kelbytv that I could find…

  41. Just downloaded LR4. I can’t believe they created the same major flaw they did with LR3. Invoking Photoshop from within Lightroom results in an error message requiring Camera Raw 7.0. Problem is there is no 7.0 update, even in beta, for Photoshop. I have CS5 with th latest 6.6 update. This same error occurred when I upgraded to LR3, at least then Adobe had the fix of installing the required RAW version in beta.

    I was on hold with support for a long while. After finally getting connected to a representative he then put me on hold for 10 more minutes then disconnected my call. Looking at the support forum seems I’m not alone with having this issue.

    So thanks for the NAPP discount, maybe you can use your leverage to get Adobe to correct this flaw or at least let your base know before they decide to upgrade.

  42. Would like to win an upgrade

  43. Excellent Q&A…thanks! Ordered my upgrade this morning…was surprised how quickly they got it out this time…hoping you guys will come to DC again as I couldn’t quite afford this time…

  44. When this appears book Lightroom 4 into German
    Greeting Thomas

  45. I’d like to be included in the contest, too!  :-)

  46. I started watching the training at lunch. It is very easy to understand and I had no problem watching on my iPad.

    I would love to win a prize. If I won a conference pass I could be convinced to go. I’ve already ordered my LR upgrade but a book would be fun or a NAPP membership.

    Looking forward to watching the replay tomorrow night. Thanks for great information.

  47. Would love to win a free upgrade to Lightroom 4

  48. Sorry missed the live LR4 webcast.  Could I still entre for you giveaway LR4 book?


  49. Great show as always!  If I don’t win a copy of LR4 I sure will be buying it…Can not believe how great a price Adobe is offering for the upgrade… 

  50. would like to win upgrade

  51. Scott … nice Q&A today … and I was cheering you and Matt on the fact that for over two years, Aperture 3 has pwned Adobe Lightroom as far as Slideshow features are concerned … that module has absolutely languished in obscurity and is a joke compared to other options … and I’m very disappointed that the Book module does not have the ability to add custom page sizes so it can be used for other vendors besides Blurb … I don’t have a problem with them or their products, they just don’t offer what I need for my clients … word is something is on the way for that solution … but when is anybody’s guess … I’m not nearly as excited as I hoped I would be for this version … 

  52. Sorry, but I’m probably way behind he curve n this one, but when are you publishing your new Lightroom 4 book now that lightroom 4 is released?  I didn’t see anything about that in any recent posts or comments, but I haven’t looked super-duper hard either.. ;-)

  53. When will your books and DVD’s on Lighhroom 4 be available for purchase?    Also Will you webnar that was at 12 PM today be available again?     Thank you.    

  54. How do I get the Napp discount? I went to Napp,. logged in, got the code for Adobe but it wont let me hit the Apply button at check out

    •  I didn’t copy the code from the NAPP site.  I just used the discount link after the “Read More” link on the Discount page.  Another great benefit of being a NAPP member!  Thanks, Scott!


      • It only works in the USA or the north american store. If your Adobe ID is registered in germany a.e. you get an error message, that you are not allowed to use the store aund have to use your local adobe webstor. But there is no discount for NAPP members

  55. Tried using the NAPP discount in th UK adobe store, and it doesn’t seem to work. Can anyone enlighten me how to get it to work in the UK??

  56. Hello Scott!

    Do you know how to remove default develop presets in LR 4.0?

    I have found way to remove presets, but folders is still remain on panel


  57. I have LR3 which was an upgrade. I want to buy the full version of 4 so it can be used on 2 computers. I dont have the original version I upgraded from. How do I sync the catalogs from 3 to 4? Will it happen automatically?

  58. Looking at the ability to load video and subsequently capture a frame within the video and convert to jpeg, my question would be with the new D800, do you really have the best of both worlds for video and stills?  I shoot and video a lot of field sports and typically bring both my D3s and handy cam switching between both to capture stills and video.  It would seem now that maybe I can get away with a D800 and either a 70-200 or even a 400 2.8 and capture just video and then import to LR4 to pull stills out to mix in with the footage.  Is this so obvious and/or does this seem to be a realistic approach?

  59. Hi Scott
    Great news that the EU price is matched but not here in Australia its a whopping 25% extra.  I see no justification for this if one is downloading the app. B

    •  Hi Scott.
      I do have to agree with Tenbytwelve. I too live in Australia and would like to use Lightroom 4 but i can not see any possible justification for charging us a whopping 25% more than other countries. I just feel that they are ripping us of. For that reason i will be buying aperture 3, as will a lot of photographers in Australia. Thanks Adobe!!

      • Thanks for the support. 

        To me its just crazy – one downloads the TRY version from US no probs but to buy tthe licence its barred by Adobe unless the Centre is changed to Australia. 

        One can understand if its for tax reasons when GST is added (but thats only where the hard packaged is ordered) as soon as one selects dwnload the GST is removed BUT the price is still 25% above US price.

  60. Hi Scott, can you tell how much discount will I get on LR4 and PSE10 if I subscribe to NAPP membership? I am thinking to go for NAPP membership if I can get substantial discount on whole package. Thanks a lot in advance. 

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