My New Book is here! “The Digital Photography Book, Part 4”

Here’s a short video with a preview and more details on Part 4 of my “The Digital Photography Book” series.

UPDATE: Amazon is now showing it IN STOCK and Barnes & Noble has it to (it says ships in 24-hours, even though it lists the 16th as publication date, so I think its in stock). Both have the print edition on sale for $13.99 (cheap!). :)

I got my first copies at the office this week, and I am psyched!!!! Thanks to my awesome book team here at KMG, and to my wonderful publishing partners at Peachpit Press (Nancy, Ted, Scott, Sara Jane, and their top-notch crew).

  1. Got my shipping notice on Friday. I loved the first three, the kind u can’t put down once u start reading! A lot of great reminders even for an old photog like me. :)

  2. The Kindle version is available now. I just downloaded it to my iPad. Too eager to wait for the physical copy to ship over hr to Ireland!!! Although I’ll probably get the physical copy anyway – I hate the way ebooks massacre layouts.

  3. Just read the kindle version on my iPad yesterday – awesome! Fits perfect with the other 3. Can’t wait for the additional items on the website.

  4. hey Scott , i follow your blog and subcrised user of kelby training, is there anyway that get a signed book ship to Turkey? i would appreciate if you reply.

    Plus you are the reason and your team for me to start photography at age of 37. :)

  5. Great news, these books are amazing, nothing has taught me more about photography than this series of books, and I can’t wait to check out the new one. Thanks Scott

  6. Great news, Scott!  My copy is shipping from Amazon sometime this week.  Can’t wait to start reading it!!  I bet the sales of this book helps to pay off the Visa bill for that new D4 (and D800)! ;-)

    Brad mentioned on last week’s Free Thursday that a new cardboard sleeve was made to hold all 4 volumes (there’s even a picture of it on the KT book site), but for the life of me, I can’t find a link to order it.  Can you or Brad post a link to it?  I can’t have that Volume 4 flopping around on my bookshelf! :-)



  7. Scott, perhaps not a question to you but rather to your publisher and to Amazon. Why is your book $13.74 in the US and $18.86 in Canada? The Cdn $ is currently trading higher than the US dollar. Is someone trying to gouge me?
    I will probably end up buying the book, but the unfairness of the pricing 50% more does get me.

  8. Hey Scott,
    I’m going to get to Tampa on Saturday the 17th.  Can I come by the Kelby offices and buy a copy and say hi?  I think I am going to register for Dave’s Automation class on the 20th, so I thought I would come and bug you guys for a bit. If you aren’t around I guess I will have to wait to see you in Vegas.
    See ya soon,

  9. I will be heading to Barnes & Noble tonight to pick myself up a copy.  While I don’t consider myself an amateur anymore in photography, I always learn something new from these books …and of course I may as well complete the set, since I have the first three. ;)

  10. Barnes and Nobles just sent me an email saying my copy has shipped.  Ship Date is 3-05-2012.
    Yeah!  I have the other 3 volumes in the set and I am looking forward to volume 4!

  11. You new book appears to be very popular Scott, as my order is on hold – it’s sold out at for the moment!

    Look forward to reading it, then sharing and teaching new photographers your tips at the workshops I give in Montreal.

    Another Scott Kelby book for my library :-)

    Frederic in Montréal

  12. Just got mine today Scott!  I don’t know how you do it, but you appear to be a mind reader.  There are so many answers to so many of the questions that I’ve been storing in my head over the last couple years now that I can’t put the book down.  (Well, I put it down for just a minute to come back and write this but I’m going right back to it).  I’ll have it finished in the next couple hours. I can’t begin to tell you how much I already love this book.  I’m already looking forward to part 5 :)

  13. My copy arrived yesterday (March 8).  Ordered at Barnes and Noble.  Plus I ordered it with your new iPhone book, so two great books in one box.  Yeah!  I have my weekend reading all set. 

  14. Great series… love the addition. For 2013 you should take all your helpful tips and tricks from all your books, pick your best and make one of those 365 calendars… great gift idea for photographers at Christmas!! :)

  15. Great book — I learned quite a few new things on sports photography and it tempts to delve into flash a bit more.   I found one item confusing. In the “Seeing the real depth of field” section, it says the depth of field button gives you a better preview for when you use a shallow depth of field (e.g. f/1.8 or f/2.8).  I thought it was the reverse — that you usually see the wide open DOF but the button lets you preview smaller apertures by stopping down the lens for you.   I don’t see any effect at f/2.8.  

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