Lightroom Magazine Makes The Jump To Print

More big news for photographers who are KelbyOne subscribers
Lightroom has become such an important part of so many photographer's daily workflow that we really wanted to expand the ways we deliver our Lightroom training even further. Adobe’s launch of Lightroom CC this week gave us a perfect opportunity to take what we learned from having produced an app-based version of the magazine last year, and make the jump to print by including it in Photoshop User magazine.

KelbyOne annual members get the print edition of Photoshop User, and international members receive the digital version [note: U.S. members can choose the digital or print version]. Photoshop User is published 10-times a year, and each issue is 100+ pages, so an annual member would get more than 1,000 pages of Photoshop and Lightroom training a year)

It's a magazine within a magazine
Our first issue will include tutorials from the Lightroom Crew at KelbyOne (RC Concepcion, Mia McCormick, Pete Collins and of course Scott Kelby), along with guest writers and feature articles from some of the best- known names in Lightroom education. You guys know – we take this Lightroom stuff really seriously â” we can't imagine our photography life with it, so we’re pretty psyched about expanding our training in print.

In other news:

(1) Today we’re releasing our new episode of “The Lightroom Show” (our weekly show with Lightroom tips and tricks, hosted by me and RC). We’ll post it at this link. 

(2) If you haven’t checked out our Lightroom Learning Center (with 20 short video clips taking you through all the new features, plus free replays of our four live Lightroom Launch Webcasts), here’s the link. 

OK, gotta run — another busy day ahead. :)

Have an awesome weekend, and we’ll see ya back here on Monday!



P.S. There are a few folks who were having Lightroom CC install problems, and I posted a fix over at our daily Lightroom blog (here’s the link) that helped a lot of folks. 

  1. Lightroom magazine-is it in the digital edition as well as print? I looked thru April table of contents of ohotoshop user magazine via Kelby One digital issue and didn’t notice it nor did I see it separately. I loved the old Lightroom magazine (which I subscribed to but stopped being able to download the issues) and am excited to have a new source of instruction and inspiration. Thanks for making KelbyOne the best value! Always delivering us quality, frequent, timely information to keep the fire burning.

  2. As a yearly member I am suppose to be getting a magazine? Haven’t seen one in nine months. I went to the Kelbyone website and search doesn’t come up with a link.

  3. Is this the same magazine that had it’s own iOS app a couple of years ago? I bought all the issues (8 or so?) that came out on that and really enjoyed it, but I haven’t seen a new issue for ages.

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