Live Blind Portrait Critiques from Joe McNally on The Grid!

Want to have Joe McNally personally review your portrait work? Today’s the day — he’s our guest LIVE on “The Grid.”

If you’d like to have your PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY considered for today’s blind critiques by Joe McNally (we’ll show your images but don’t mention your name on the air), just leave us a link to your images AT THIS ADDRESS:  (the deadline is 3:00 pm today).

We’ll pick 20 or so photographer’s work for Joe to review on the show (not based on who posted first — Joe will choose images based on showing variety and images he thinks can help our viewers), and the live show is TODAY at 4:00 pm ET. (Here’s a world time-zone calculator: — use New York City as our time zone)

Reminder: Joe will ONLY be reviewing portrait images.

  1. Just a reminder, i’m seeing lots of non-portrait shots.  they are amazing shots but Joe will only be reviewing portraits according to the blog.  Thanks again Brad.  

  2. Hey Brad and gang, LOVE these critique shows!!!!   I went to submit, and it’s the same link as last week?  We don’t have to resubmit then?  Those that got feedback last week won’t be in this week’s running?  Thanks again!!!

  3. Hmm – I have tried to submit my images on the link but my pc says its a virus, I disabled the anti virus and submitted but then says i have submitted too many times lol.  Can I do it here :

    Here are my three flickr images I would like critiqued:
    Ashley Fayth:
    Bethany Cammack:
    Carla Monaco:

    1. Interesting … I watched Episode 56 as a replay and only minutes later my PC was infected with Spyware.  I wonder if there was an issue with this site for a few days.

  4. Hi Scott,
    The drobo article popped up in my reader but disappeared from the site–maybe it was pulled for some reason or another. That’s a raw deal. I’m saving up for an OWC Mercury Elite for my photo backup:,Brad

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