Perfect Posing Techniques for Wedding Photographers with Jerry Ghionis
The reviews are in, and the latest class from Jerry Ghionis is a hit! Here’s some of the feedback Perfect Posing Techniques has been getting…

“I can’t count the hours I’ve spent researching posing, and I’ve never seen anyone better!”

“Makes you feel confident in posing regardless of what type of photography you’re doing!”

“This is the way to teach – understandable, applicable, and entertaining”

“I’ve been a Kelby Training member for a few years, and this has to be one of the best courses I’ve seen so far”

Head on over to to see what everyone is raving about.

Kelby Training Live
Cities and dates for Scott Kelby’s new Photoshop CS6 for Photographers tour have been announced! He’s heading to Sacramento, Nashville, Philadelphia, and New York later in July.

Joe McNally is taking his One Light, Two Light tour around Canada at the beginning of July.

And Matt Kloskowski continues his Lightroom 4 Live tour in San Francisco, Boston, and Houston this month.

You can get all the details and register at! And, leave a comment for your chance to win a ticket to the seminar of your choice!

Photoshop World Vegas
Registration for Photoshop World Las Vegas is open!

Registering early will save you $99 on your registration price, and ensure you can reserve a room at Mandalay Bay Hotel so you can stay where the instructors stay.

Plus NAPP members automatically get $100 off!

Leave a comment for your chance to win a full-conference pass to Photoshop World Vegas (does not include airfare, hotel, meals, or gambling money) ;-)

National Association of Photoshop Professionals
If you aren’t already a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), you might not know what you’re missing. Aside from all the amazing discounts you get for $99/year from everyone from B&H to Budget Car Rentals, there are tutorials from The Photoshop Guys on Creating Custom HDR Backdrops, Retouching Tips, Compositing, Moving Lens Flare, and tons more.

Speaking of discounts, you know how Apple just announced those kick-butt new Retina Display MacBook Pros? Without the NAPP discount, they start at $2,199.00. With the NAPP discount, they start at $2,023.00. That’s $176.00 savings (not even counting the free shipping)!

In the words of Moose Peterson, that’s a no-brainer!

Leave a comment for your chance to win a free 1-Year NAPP Membership.

Last Week’s Winners
Matt Kloskowski’s Lightroom 4 Seminar
–  Mdecesere

Jeremy Cowart’s Lifefinder DVD
–  David Kelly

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  1. I’d love the 1 year NAPP Membership! :)

  2. I would LOVE to win the pass to Photoshop World Vegas – it’s the first year I have ever been free at that time – what a retirement gift it would be! I’d also be very happy to win a ticket to Joe’s workshop in Vancouver!

  3. Never been to Photoshop World so please count me in for the pass. Thanks Brad and Scott!

  4. I would love to go to PSW and learn new staff in cs6. Probably there is no better place to learn PS and other Adobe products.

  5. Thanks for the post Brad! I’m excited for Matt to visit Houston with the LR4 tour!

  6. So who’s getting a new macbook pro? Love the site guys, keep the stuff coming :)

  7. Take me to Vegas, NAPP, please! I miss my favorite PS Gang!

  8. Looking forward to Joe’s class here in Vancouver! Never miss him when he’s in town. Or Scott either. So when is Matt coming? Is he restricted to the continental US for some sort of past indiscretion?

  9. I will not make it to Vegas this year :-( but a one year NAPP membership would be nice!

  10. I agree the Gerry Ghionis videos are really excellent.  I am planning to watch them a second time. I would love the free NAPP membership.


  11. A year’s NAPP membership would be sweet.

  12. To be able to hear Scott Kelby in Nashville would be one of those “Winner, winner, chicken dinner” moments!  Bleaassseeee, pick me =)

  13. My photoshop skills are still pants (do you use that term in the US?) so would LOVE a digital NAPP membership as I’m in ‘ole Blighty. 
    thanks guys

  14. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE that PSW pass. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! :)

  15. Free stuff is good! Free stuff from Scott Kelby’s is priceless!

  16. Keep up the brilliant work Scott and team!

  17. I enjoyed the Cuba presentation. You definitely made me want to go!

  18. Oh, I forgot to mention that I would love a pass to Photoshop World!

  19. Cuba has never been on my list of places to visit but after watching your talk I really want to go!
    Please throw me in to the mix to win the Napp membership. Thanks!

  20. One more year with NAPP would be nice… :)

  21. I am relatively new to your blog.  I always enjoy seeing your photos.  Do you have a blog, a class, tutorials specifically for Elements? 

  22. A free year of NAPP would be great!

  23. Keep up the good work Brad!  Can’t wait to see Scott’s Cuba video!

  24. Love the Jerry Ghionis classes! I have a feeling those will be a regular viewing staple for many months to come.  As for the free stuff, it would be awesome to see Joe McNally in Ottawa when he comes around…for free

  25. I’d like a membership.

  26. Although I already learned a lot form Scott and his guys, a 1 year NAPP Membership would be nice. Greetings from Germany

  27. My NAPP membership is up June 30 and would love to win a renewal.  Thanks Scott for sharing your Cuba trip with us.   Cuba is added to my bucket list now.

  28. I’d love to win the NAPP Membership! I’m a huge fan of ALL the “Photoshop Guys” and watch your podcast all the time! Thanks for everything! I could really use the NAPP and would love to get Photoshop user magazine!

    -Eli McD

  29. The membership is a great prize.

  30. McNally in either Toronto or Ottawa would be pretty saweet!

  31. Watched the Posing Class & would agree it is a great class!

  32. im interested in the free membership

  33. Both of the new Jerry Ghionis classes are great! I’m just starting to get into wedding photography, and his classes make me feel like there is less of a curve and that I’m now able to feel more confident that I can grow this business much faster then if I had to learn it all on my own. A McNally workshop would be great to win! He’s such a good lighter/photographer

  34. Photoshop World Vegas!!! 

  35. boom acka lacka boom!!! Gotta Love Thursdays!

  36. I NEED that full-conference pass to Photoshop World Vegas! 

  37. Would LOVE to go to PSW Vegas.  Always go to the East Coast ones with my students.  I think its time I go SOLO to vegas :D   

  38. I have an NAPP membership but would LOVE the admittance to Photoshop World!  A great reason to go to Vegas and my dream chance to know a lot more about Photoshop!  

  39. Never been to PSW. With a free pass I would certainly find a way to get there!

  40. PSW would be nice.  It’s been a few years since the last one I was able to attend

  41. Count me in to win a NAPP membership please.

  42. I’m not picky; I’m willing to win either of today’s prizes!

  43. I would love to have the Photoshop World pass or the NAPP membership.  Call me a dummy if you must.  What does Retna Display mean?

  44. Consider me honored to win either one of the prizes!  I’ve never been to Photoshop World, though I keep telling myself, “Next year will be THE year”.  The NAPP membership would be sweet as well.

  45. Would love to win the NAPP membership. Thanks!

  46. Follow the NAPP guys everyday, would love to win a NAPP renewal since mine is up in July…

  47. Also, the more Jerry, the better.

  48. Typing a comment as directed! :D  Thanks!

  49. A trip to Cuba would be nice! :-)

  50. Great news about the Cuba posting. I was sorry I missed it live.

  51. Thanks for the great offers!

  52. I had the opportunity to go to PSW in DC for only 1 day (had a big photoshoot that weekend), so would love to win the PSW ticket to Vegas, so I could experience the whole thing!

    And, yes, it would be so cool to go to Cuba to photograph the buildings and cars.

  53. Hmmm…  Where are the Drobo comments being posted Brad? I’ve had a similar experience and would love to learn what you learn…

  54. A ticket to photoshop world! sure I’ll have one :)

  55. Photoshop World!! Always wanted to go, but have not been yet. 

  56. Kelby Training Online, rocks! Highly recommended.


  57. Oh is thursday already?  Would love to enter the draw for the NAPP membership. Thanks!

  58. You always make Thursdays better!!  I would love the NAPP Membership!  Thanks for the chance to win.

  59. Hi Scott – leaving my comment for the chance for a PSW ticket (room is already booked….).
    Really appreciate all you do!

  60. Napp Membership please!

  61. Anything is welcome, but McNally’s One-light, two-light class would be great.

  62. A pass to PSW in Vegas would be great! I just updated to PS6 so I could really use three days of training on it.

  63. napp membership sounds great :)

  64. It would be great to see Matt Kloskowski do Lightroom 4 live!

  65. Would love the pass to Photoshop World or the 1-Year NAPP Membership!  I could really use the training from both.

  66.  The Perfect Posing Techniques sounds like a great video.  I will watch that one soon.  Hope to join you all at Photoshop World soon. 

  67. Okay I’m in. I’m looking at those new MacBooks. I’m an author who needs other skills besides writing, so I’m learning the Adobe software, re-learning photography (learned on a Voigtlander Rangefinder back in the day), and am working through Photoshop books. I’d use that one year membership, and it’s true you may get me for a lot longer than that (got A LOT to learn). Thanks for considering me. 

  68. A comment for to enter for a free year!

  69. I would be excited to win a pass to PSW Las Vegas.

    I saw a post from yesterday in my RSS feed titled “I’m done with drobo” and I was looking for it on the site to read the comments, but it does not appear to be here. What happened to it?

  70. Free is almost as good as sliced bread…

  71. Here’s to winning another year with NAPP!

  72. Would love to win!

  73. Thank you for the chance at a NAPP membership.

  74. I would still love to see Matt Kloskowski live in Boston!

  75. Well, PSW sounds good, but no gambling money? Please!

  76. Would love to go to PSW in Vegas!

  77. Woohoo! I’d love to win a full conference pass to PSW in Vegas – it would be my first ever PSW!

  78. Thanks for the potential free stuff.  Brook

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  80. I have a solution to suggest to Scott on the “Drobo Situation, which he asked for ideas.” The link for the Drobo story is busted. Where can I respond.

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    I’d love the chance to win a free 1-Year NAPP Membership.
    Keep up the good work!

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  85. Just renewed my NAPP membership, but would be happy to have an extra year added on.

  86. Hey Brad! Glad to see things are going well. They are going well for me too! I have been writing a lot of new tutorials that have become pretty popular lately. I have shared some on the NAPP LinkedIn group, so a free NAPP membership would be really cool. I plan on joining anyway, but if I got it for free, that would be even better.

  87. Thank you for the chance to win a NAPP membership. Would love to give it a try.

  88. Photoshop CS6 for Photographers in Europe!

  89. Hi, thanks again for an awesome opportunity to win cool stuff. I would LOVE to win the PSW pass!

  90. Would be great to win PSW Vegas. Love to attend. Great sessions and excellent people.

  91. Would love to win the NAPP membership!

  92. I would love to win a 1 yr NAPP membership! 

  93. I want to be a “Photoshop Guy!”

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