Connecting with Cuba: A Conversation with Scott Kelby

Hey gang, Brad Moore here with some great news! If you missed the Connecting with Cuba live webcast with Scott Kelby on Tuesday, it’s now available to watch at your convenience (as you can see, just above this).

It was a great hour+ packed with beautiful photos, of a beautiful country, taken by a beautiful man ;-)

Seriously though, Scott was joined by RC Concepcion, and they had an engaging conversation about Scott’s recent trip to Cuba and what it was like to do street photography there. They also discussed the logistics of traveling to Cuba and interacting with everyone there, among other things.

Give it a watch above and feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section!

  1. Awww! I got your post this morning about “Drobogate” in my RSS and wanted to leave you a comment. But you removed it. Damn! BTW I hope if you repost it you will remind people that you are probably looking for 12tb of storage and not 12gb. Also, I am really glad you did post it if only for a little while, as I had been looking at Drobo and I have now put the breaks on buying their system. I am really sorry to hear that you are locked out of your own images. That sucks!

  2. What happened to the “I hate Drobo” post. I’m interested in the comments on this one as I’ve got a Drobo and have some of the same concerns as you about the proprietary nature of the system.

  3. Brilliant. I missed this due to the time difference I guess (heh, sleeping probably). Glad you put it across on the site. Awesome post. Thanks for sharing so much information on Cuba as a tourist & as a photographer. I am sure many people will now think of going over there and world would see the “Nice” side of Cuba as well.

    I do agree with you regarding the last part. The difference between India Vs Cuba. Being an India and traveling around, I do feel sad that the people do not take care of the city and the country at all. Places such as a Udaipur, Jodhpur which are known for architecture and colors, no one takes care of them at all. Cleanliness and India unfortunately don’t go hand in hand. Indians will behave outside India, but not in the country. Sad, but true.

    My favorite shot still remains to be music instrument shot below the umbrella. For some reason it does stand out. Your favorite shot reminds me of few photographs from Henri Cartier Bresson, where he has lot of people in the picture and everyone is busy doing something different, yet it looks good as a picture.

    As always, good post and thanks for getting that video up.

    One question, I have a 550D Canon, the 50mm 1.8 which I use often gets a lot closer in tight situations, could you recommend a lens for such situations.

  4. Enjoyed this broadcast. RC you are a great interviewer just a natural!  Hope you get to do this again and get the rest of your questions asked.  Kudos!

  5. This has to be about the best travel photography video I’ve seen in a long time. Great travel tips. Great photography tips, some good Lightroom pointers. Really great! I wanted it to be longer.

    Thanks guys.

  6. Hi Scott, a lot of the people speaking English in Cuba are Canadians. We have no restrictions or embargoes against Cuba.

    I was there recently with my familly and we ONLY met other Canadians and Europeans. Not a single Yank in the bunch… too bad though I always enjoy meeting Americans abroad, you guys are usually really friendly and a lot of fun! 

  7. Scott, thanks for this show. I also have a must visit list. Cuba now moved up from eight to three (Down under and NZ are still in front).

    Recently I also had to travel under these travel light restrictions when I was in the African Bush. D300 and 18-200 worked extremely well. 10 or 400 mm would have been nice but not really comfortable when moving on your own feet through the wilderness.

    Good to know that we share (at least) two photographic traveller’s wisdoms: use the double decker to get a first orientation of a city and the Grand Canyon is unphotographable (I haven’t seen any photo so far that transports the impression of standing at the south rim and taking a deep breath). If this also applies to Havanna I think it will be a good idea to concentrate on details.

  8. Hola Kelby… Soy cubano, vivo en Roma Italia y soy apasionado de fotografía (no digo fotógrafo para no pecar de pretencioso) y me siento muy orgulloso y feliz de tu viaje a mi Cuba Linda, sobre todo porque tengo entendido que la pasaste bien.
    Entonces, como apasionado de fotografía, como seguidor de tu trabajo y como cubano te pregunto ¿cómo fue tu experiencia fotográfica en Cuba?
    Te escribo en español porque no sé hacerlo en inglés y porque según las informaciones que tengo tu madre es española y tú sabes hablar la lengua de Cervantes.
    Un abrazo y gracias…

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