Look here later for Photoshop World Pics

Today’s is Pre-Conference day—the day before Photoshop World begins, and the day we hold 11 optional 1/2 day and full day workshops. We’ll have some pics posted here later today, so I hope you’ll check back and see what’s going on (and I truly hope something is indeed, going on). ;-)

    1. Looking forward to seeing what happens at the keynote, tell ’em to get a wriggle on & pull their finger out – we have very excessive demands you know ;o)

      The Earl of Grey
      ps. heard you met the lovely Mrs Natalie Armstrong at the TweetUp !

  1. The Tweetup was awesome! Met a lot of nice people and a few instructors (not to say they weren’t nice as well!). What could be better than a picture with Scott and a picture with Vanelli in the same night?!!

    Today should be one of those epic days. Can’t wait to see the Keynote. :D


  2. Hey!

    Off topic : when does the Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers Using Photoshop book releases? Im dying to get this! :D Also a question about the march offer, will we get the book faster if we subscribe to this? ( looking for every posible way to get my hands on this book the quickest possible ;)

  3. Just watched the live episode of the grid at Photoshop World with Rick & David & you, can’t figure out where to enter the giveaway of your new book. So I’ll enter here. You guys rock, wish I could make it there in person someday.

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