Photoshop World Orlando – Pre-Con Day!

Photoshop World Orlando kicked off with a bang on Tuesday, during a jam-packed pre-con day. With nine workshops on the schedule and two first-time attendee orientation sessions, hundreds flocked to the Orange County Convention Center to kick-start their PSW experience. And, after a full-day of learning, PSW attendees were able to unwind at the Official PSW Tweet Up! 

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from pre-con day:

Wedding photographers gain new perspective during David Ziser’s Wedding Photography pre-con workshop.

They’re rockin’ in the pre(con) world! A Photoshop World attendee tries her hand at concert photography during the Real World Concert Photography pre-con workshop with Alan Hess & Scott Diussa.

Real World Concert Photography instructor Scott Diussa drops the camera and picks up the axe to show he’s a man of many talents.

Photoshop World’s day-long pre-con workshops were packed to the brim with eager and attentive students like the ones Deke McClelland’s Photoshop Channels & Masks classes.

Matt Kloskowski shows the finer points of HDR photography during his hands-on HDR Crash Course class.

NAPP Executive Director Larry Becker gives first-time attendees a full rundown on how to make the most of PSW. Step one: When you see Vanelli, RUN!

It’s all about the light! Jim Schmelzer goes in-depth during his Quality of Light pre-con workshop.

It’s a wrap! After a full day of learning, PSW pre-con attendees and those who arrived early had the chance to mix and mingle at the Official PSW Tweet Up!  

This year’s Tweet Up included a special tethered photo shoot with @erikvphoto (aka Erik Valind) with all of the images posted to Flickr in real time!

Tweet Up attendees were treated to an extra special surprise, a taping of D-Town Live with RC Concepcion and Larry Becker.

Make sure to come back to check out more images from Photoshop World! 

And if you’re attending PSW, weve set up an Flickr account where you can upload your own images:

  1. Vanelli is everything they say he is….great guy! He did not get my phone, however….

    Scott, hope you will be posting the photos of the appearance of a certain “fish” at the Tweetup (although you can find them on Flickr!)!! He was with everybody! :D


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