Lots of Monday Stuff (and come shoot portraits with me in NYC)


Going to Photo Plus Expo in a couple of weeks? Come Shoot Portraits with Me!
Hi gang — it’s Monday. Here’s what’s up: If you’re going to Photo Plus Expo in New York, I want to tell you about a hands-on “Portraits on location” workshop I’m doing with the folks from Lexar Memory.

It’s limited to a small group of people, and we’re going to head out into the streets of Manhattan with two professional models. I’ll explain the technique, then you’ll split into two groups and try out the same techniques yourself with the models. We’ll be using both natural light and flash, and we’ll pack a lot into those two-hours — you’ll learn a bunch, and you’ll be shooting’ plenty the whole time.

Here’s the link to sign up for the workshop

These workshops [Photo Plus Expo calls them “Photo Walks” but they’re really hands-on workshops], are very limited to the number of participants, so if you want to join me (and Brad), then sign up right now before it’s sold out.


Another side of Street Photography on “Photography Live and Uncut”
I recently was a guest on the UK-based Web show “Photography Live and Uncut” with host Paul Griffiths (great host, and really nice guy), and we got “into it” on the topic of Street Photography. It’s a discussion you don’t hear very often, and if you’ve got a few minutes, just let this run in the background — it’s more entertaining than a Presidential Debate (but then, what isn’t?). ;-)


Honored to be included in “Get Inspired” Magazine
It’s a magazine of creative inspiration and in their current issue (issue #31) they included one of my portraits, and I’m very excited and honored to be included among such great photographers in this issue. Here’s the link to download the magazine.


Photographers in Charlotte and Sacramento — I’m headed your way!
I’m in Charlotte next Monday, the 17th, and then I’m in Sacramento the next week, on the 24th, with my full day seminar. Hope you can come out and spend the day with me. 🙂

That’s it for today! Hope yours is a great one!



  1. Great interview–I listened to the whole thing while working on a shoot in LR. I enjoyed the segment on street photography as it echoed some of my concerns and reactions from people while shooting on the street. I’ve also used your sports photography techniques–primarily Auto ISO–and that’s improved my own sports photography. Thanks.

  2. I found that really interesting and aligns to the thoughts of my wife in regards to Street photography. Now the one thing I would ask, having just taken part in the Worldwide photowalk. Is how do you plan to continue the walks when I would estimate over 90% of pictures taken are street. Looking at winners from previous years there are many that are street (not posed for portraits). The reality is with smart phones being used every where, being able to legislate will become near impossible and as such difficult to remove street photography. I do agree however that photographers have a responsibility to ensure that they do respect those they photography and think twice before posting.

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