Making New Friends All Over The World!

Buonjiorno everyone and greetings from beautiful Rome, Italy!

We’re still here wrapping up our trip, and it’s just been wonderful, capped off by spending the day with a really awesome group of photographers from all over Italy, Europe and the USA who joined me here in Rome for my local walk on Saturday.

I’ll have lots more to share about my walk (and how we got this shot of us in the sunshine with a 90% chance of rain), and walks all over the world, tomorrow but in the meantime if you took a group shot during your local walk, can you share the link with me and I’ll do a post with them here tomorrow on the blog.

Above: Here’s our group as we start our walk on the backstreets of Roma (shot by my wife Kalebra with her “trusty iPhone”). :)

Thanks and here’s wishing you a cappuccino-filled day!



  1. We had the best walk to date Scott.. Loads of people, loads of new friends, and…. Italian for lunch. Maybe not as good as YOUR Italian lunch (or Pancakes).. But really good. So looking forward to next years walk. Cheers from Windsor Ontario Canada

  2. Scott, I remember the day that you pulled me aside at PSW and told me about the idea of having a Worldwide Photowalk and it’s hard to believe that it was six years ago. Every year since, the event has gotten bigger and better. Your staff has made the process so easy to be a part of and they deserve much praise for raising the bar each and every year.
    I have hosted many photowalks over the years but the ones I do for this event always seem to have a little bit more excitement added to them. Probably because everyone involved knows that they are all part of something much larger. And maybe that somehow makes us feel a little more connected to our counterparts the world over. So thank you for bringing the worldwide community of photographers closer together. It’s not World Peace, but it’s a start.

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