Submitting Your Photo To The Worldwide Photo Walk Competition

Hey everyone, Brad Moore here with a quick update on submitting your photo to the Worldwide Photo Walk competition. RC Concepcion put together a video on editing, exporting, and uploading images to the competition that you can watch above. If you’re short on time, here are some instructions on submitting:

Walkers should log into your account at and go to your walk page. There you’ll see a box where you can upload your best photo. The suggested dimensions are 1000px on the longest side at 72dpi, and the maximum file size is 1MB.

Once your image has been uploaded, you will see it on screen and be able to confirm that the correct image uploaded. If you change your mind and want to submit a different image, you will have until the cutoff date (October 14 at 12:00 noon ET) to upload a new image. After that, no changes can be made.

Leaders will not see the upload box during the submission period because they aren't able to submit a photo to the walker competition. Once the submission period has passed, they’ll see a gallery of images that were submitted and will then be able to choose the winning image from their walk.

Leaders will be getting information on the leader competition from RC once the walker competition is finished.

  1. Tried to upload a photo but it keeps on telling me I’m a leader, which I was in the past, but I went to a different city this year. Help me please.

  2. Hi Scott, welcome to Rome to you and your wife! Hope you’re having a great time in my city! If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I suggest you go to Gianicolo Hill (Piazza Garibaldi), even better getting by taxi to the Gianicolo Fountain (“fontanone del Gianicolo”) and then walk to Piazza Garibaldi, to enjoy the (romantic) view over Rome. Sunset is at about 6:38 pm :-).
    After that you can walk down to Trastevere (via Garibaldi) or by taxi and enjoy one of the restaurants near the lovely Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere.

  3. As a walk leader, it seems I can not view my walker’s photos until after the submission deadline. But I am getting questions from my walkers as to whether their upload succeeded or not. As things stand, I cannot verify this for them. This is extremely annoying to both me as leade and the walkers who are relying on me for help.

  4. I can’t upload becuase it wont except my user or my password, try to use my email address to
    reset and it says my email doesnt excist…my leader says i deffinately on list for the walk but i
    never recieved a confirmation email to even go back and check that. What am I suppose to

  5. I would like to see a change on the WorldWideWalk walk page. For two years in a row, now, I have gotten confused about the photo upload deadline, thinking 12:00 P.M. meant midnight instead of noon. It would less confusing to participants if 12:00 noon was used. The website considers 12:00 A.M. and 12:00 P.M. as “having no meaning”.

    I’m sure I am not the only one that missed the deadline for this reason.

    Just saying…


  6. The walkers apparently can not see the submitted photos during this leader-choose-the-best period? Why not? They all want to see everyone else’s picks, and I’d like to get their opinion before I make my final choice.

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