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Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody! Hope you had a great weekend; here’s what’s up:

  • First up, is an update on my Lighting Gear FAQ: I need another day to get it together, and I hope to have it up tomorrow. I hope. Fingers crossed. Etc.
  • Saw a great tip on Chase Jarvis’ blog, on a deal offered by the Copyright & Trademark office, that lets you officially bulk copyright as many images as you can fit on a DVD for just $45. I’ve been gathering up images all weekend. Here’s the link to how to apply for copyright, courtesy of the ASMP.
  • We are just a scant two weeks from when I head out to Photoshop World Conference & Expo in Orlando, and I’m hoping you’re going to join me there. If you haven’t signed up for a pre-conference workshop yet, here’s three that I think would be fascinating:
  1. The Canon Live Studio Workshop, with Eddie Tapp and Jack Resnicki. This is basically a workshop on how to set-up and light a fashion shoot from scratch, with a complete studio set-up and live model for the shoot, so you see everything happen right in front of you. Eddie and Jack are just great, and I sat in for an hour or so of the one they did in Boston, and it was packed with great info. There’s only a few seats left for this one.
  2. Digital Photography Primer: Learning to Use Your Digital SLR (with Laurie Excell. Yes, that Laurie Excell!). She did this same class (with a slightly different name) in Vegas last year, and people were literally stopping me in the halls to tell me how much they got out of her class. She knows gear inside and out, and she makes it easy and fun to get the most out of your investment in camera gear. Highly recommended.
  3. Photographic Exhibition Workshop (with living legend, Stephen Johnson). I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a workshop that teaches you the insider techniques on how to prepare your photos for a gallery exhibition. Stephen has a unique insight into this world, and if you ever dreamed of having your work at a gallery showing, this is a workshop that will be worth its weight in gold. Stephen is amazing—you’ll learn a ton.

For more info, or to register for these workshops, visit

  • Want to see what happens when Photoshop retouching goes bad? You’ll get a kick of out “Photoshop Disasters.” Worth a quick visit to start your St. Patty’s with a smile (here’s the link).
  • Just a reminder: set your Tivo’s (and DVR’s) to tape this week’s episode of Photoshop User TV; it airs each Wednesday at 1:30 am on Fox Business Network on Cable TV and Direct TV.

Have a great Monday, drink some green beer for me, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow! :)

P.S. Scroll down for those long-awaited photos from Jeff Revell’s Photo Walk up in DC.

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