Monday News Update

Good Morning everybody! I’m just finishing off some work today, then I’m off to LA at the “crack of dawn” to kick off my nationwide Lightroom tour, but until then here’s what’s goin’ on:

  • The “Photoshop Guys” are holding their first photography contest, and it’s called “The Photoshop TV Shopping Spree at B&H Photo,” and here’s the scoop: we fly the winner to New York City, put you up in some semi-swanky hotel, and then it’s over to B&H Photo in Manhattan for a $1,000 Shopping Spree on us! For more details, check out last week’s episode of Photoshop TV (hopefully, later today I’ll be posting a full-length version of our contest announcement from B&H, where we show you some of the cool things you can buy with that $1,000! Look back here later today for the link).
  • My buddy Matt "Rockin’ the Houseski" Kloskowski has a Photoshop and Photography workshop coming up with the Great American Photo Workshops (GAPW for Short), and he’s taking a group of 20 students out to the Banff (I am so jealous!) on June 13 – 17, 2007. It’s filling up fast, so if you want to learn Matt’s digital photography workflow, and shoot in some of the most beautiful scenery in North American, sign up soon (’cause once it’s full, it’s full!). Get the full info at GAPW’s Web site (click on the Event’s button and you’ll find Matt’s workshop).
  • Jason Moore, over at the Photoshop and Photography Blogroll, just got my new Lightroom Book and posted a mini-review. You can check it out here.
  • If you’d like some better-looking icons for the new Creative Suite (hey, I’m not saying that the current icons are really, really lame, but…ya know…), you can find some really nice ones by clicking here.
  • There’s an in-depth review, complete with high-res photos, of Canon’s recently announced EOS-1D Mark III DSLR over at Rob He goes into great detail in the review, but what caught my eye was a pull quote from the review posted on the Online Photographer (one of my favorite photography blogs), from Rob which read, “Trying to write something meaningful on every aspect of the EOS-1D Mark III is impossible, because there’s just too much that’s new.”
  • Today’s “What the Duck”comic is really cute. Just go check it out. :-)
  • There’s an interesting post on the technology blog “” called “Adobe says you will not Photoshop images.” The article is about a page on Adobe’s site that gives Adobe’s guidelines for legal use of the trademarked name and product names. It’s not something the public would probably go looking for, but for media and people who report on Adobe and “Adobe Photoshop-related issues” it’s very helpful. The link to it is on
  • If you’re wondering whether or not to upgrade to Photoshop CS3 (I mean, “Adobe Photoshop CS3”) has posted an online review from Ben Long, and you can read it by clicking here.
  • If you’ve posted photos to the Web, and then pulled your hair out because the colors look all washed out when you viewed them online, check out this article from Nelson’s Weblog (not related to the amazing Felix Nelson). It tells of his Web-color troubles, and then the simple fix in Photoshop for getting the color right. Worth a read if you’ve ever struggled with this. Click here for the post.
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