Here’s a few sites that have popped up today with post-show coverage of Photoshop World:

First, Jeff Schewe, over at had a field day with what will be forever known as “The treadmill incident” and he’s got lots of shots of me “Scooting” around the conference (you’ll have to read the article to see exactly what that means). Here’s the link.

Ricky Cheung, over at Define Concept Photography has show coverage and photos. Here’s that link.

The Digital Dog (Andrew Rodney), always comes up with some great shots from the show, and he’s posted them in a gallery right here.

Valencia Community College did a very clever and unique version of their wrap up (using sketches) right here (worth checking out).

One of our official show photographers, Josh Bradley posted some fantastic photos from the event on his blog, but make sure you scroll down and check out some of his personal work. This guy rocks! (here’s the link).

My buddy Dave Cross posted some images he took at the show as well (here’s the link).

Also, the Foto Tech blog had a play-by-play of the event, and you can check out their coverage here.

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