My Brand New Book on Mac OS X Leopard is on its Way!


I’m really excited to announce that we’re just about 10 days away from the release of my brand new book, “The Mac OS X Leopard Book (Published by Peachpit Press). I took the same layout, feel, and writing style of my book, The Digital Photography Book, and applied that same concept to teaching people how to do the things they really want to do with their Macs.

Like “The Digital Photography Book,” I explain everything the same way I would to a friend, so there’s no techno-geek-speak—-it’s just you and me, and I tell you, short and sweet how to do all those things you bought your Mac for in the first place.

I really wrote for the book for all the new Mac users out there, who just want somebody to tell them, “Look, here’s what ya do.” So, the book’s not aimed at advanced users (but I’ve already had some more advanced users tell me they’ve learned some pretty cool things from it, so I was fairly psyched about that).

I cover everything from the absolute basics (in a chapter called “20 things every new Mac user needs to know”), to chapters on Customizing your Mac, working with photos, doing video on your Mac, making music on your Mac, setting up email, getting organized and a whole bunch of other stuff Mac users always ask.

The book has little tips scattered throughout it (like The Digital Photography Book has), but I end each chapter with an extra page of nothing but tips, and for the first time I also did a series of short “refresher course” videos for each chapter to really make it stick.

If you want to be the first to get it, you can preorder it today from (link) for only $16.49 (dirt cheap!), or from Barnes &, or wherever cool books are sold.

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