My Football Game Day Shooting The UT Vols

It’s taken me a while, but I finally got my football shots from the Vols/Gator’s game a few weeks back, posted over at

I’ve got lots of behind-the-scenes shots, and the whole story behind the day, including shots inside the locker room; on-field during warm-ups, and of course during the game itself.

If you get a quick minute, I hope you’ll check them out (here’s the link).

I’m shooting the Bucs/Vikings NFL game on Sunday if I can shake this cold that’s hit me this week. Finger’s crossed ’cause it could be a great day of really mediocre football. ;-)

Here’s wishing you a super-awesome weekend!



    1. Scott,
      What a great set of images! You are definitely in your element shooting football, I look forward to seeing more images with their shared stories.

  1. You sure can tell a story Scott. Video, in person, in words on a screen.. I’m rarely not engaged.

    Add the photos and the context of it together? It’s like a mini-book! The shots were just snapp’in awesome. I really enjoyed this blog post today.

    1. Hi Trent. That’s the 7D Mark II at 16,000 ISO. Not 1,600. That’s 16,000 ISO. I would expect some banding, but again, you’re looking at the low res images — not RAW photos (they were all JPEGs) and at low res.

      1. Crazy days we live in now… ISO 16,000. You shot in low res JPG, or shot RAW and saved JPG? If JPG, was it to test camera’s processing, or for wire/media purposes?

      2. It’s a pre-release camera, so there was no software with RAW support (I couldn’t open any Raw images taken with it), so I had to shoot in JPEG (not that for sports I wouldn’t have shot in JPEG anyway). So, no — it wasn’t a RAW converted to JPEG — it was shot in JPEG. It was a JPEG large and I lowered the res way down in post. Hope that helps.

  2. This is a great set of photos. I’m a big TN fan and it’s great to see that people like yourself see the opportunity at Neyland Stadium to take some great photos.

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