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When I announced my new Lightroom 3 Book for Digital Photographers (shown above), I listed where you could pre-order the book, but at that time didn’t have it available yet, so I wanted to let you guys know that not only is it available now for pre-order, but I expect to have the first copies any day now (it’s just about off press, so it won’t be long now).

Here’s the link to preorder yours today from (Note: if you didn’t get the scoop on the new book, I did a quick video all about what’s different in this new major update to the book. Here’s the link to that video).

  1. Is there any info when the bok can be expected in Europe? Namely, does not have it on list, and ordering it from the USA causes me to pay 35 bucks for delivery only, which is extra cash to its price of 31 dollars, in Europe it it three times cheaper. You know, we also read your books here in Russia.

    1. Our publisher’s parent company (Pearson) handles the contracts for translation. They have several subsidiaries in Europe, so often it is those subsidiaries who do the translation, and each one sets their own schedule. If you have the Lightroom 2 book, or can find out who published the foreign-language version you are looking for, you might try contacting the publisher listed in that book to see if they will be doing the LR3 book and what their plans are for a release date.

      1. Cindy, you must have misunderstood me. All books I need I read in the original (English), they are successfully sold via, just because the delivery is twice or even three times as cheap. I don’t need either a Russian version, or a German one, I thought it’s readable from the comment. Though I CAN order it from the US, I’d prefr to do it from Europe, as people here also use English as means of communication — and now does not place orders which I cannot understand as the network is the same.

    1. Hi Mike:
      I’ll have to check with my publisher. It’s not my call as to which of my books get to be Kindle versions (if it was my choice, it would be all of them). :-)


      1. Well … if you want me to buy any new books … the iPad is the only way I’ll consider it … there have been too many trees killed in my name for the sake of my “education” … and my physical book shelf can’t hold any more … so I made the decision to only buy electronic versions from here on ….

      2. Butch……I am the same way. I will only buy the iPad Version.
        I don’t have anymore room for the great Kelby books.

  2. With the progress of e-readers and the declining prices, keep providing CD’s as bonuses to promote actual book sales. The Kindle and its brethren don’t provide CD info. Bummer!

    I really liked the spiral bound version of PS CS4’s book. My order for LR3 was in a couple of weeks ago. Will probably pass on the PS CS5 book due to your great online tutorials UNLESS there is a heck of a bundle.

    1. The bundled “Goodies” can always be made available as an online download file … with the link and a pass code only available with the purchase of an e-book … cutting the cost of creating and packaging CD/DVD ….

  3. Sounds like a good pickup – I have the 1st one, and would echo the spiral binding – I always take perfect bound books to Kinkos and have the back spline cut, and spiral bound so I can actually USE the book on a table…

  4. Scott,

    This book yearns to be on my iPad. It calls to it from afar. There are many who are waiting to see if the call will be answered. Please keep us posted on the Kindle edition.



  5. Ok, I ordered the book. This is my first that I have had LR and have been playing with it since the Beta version was out, and really like it. I have several books by Scott Kelby and have found them all useful. I really want to know how to sharpen my output. You know I have always found that what was in the CSx books to be a grate help. Infact, I had CS4 but was still using CS2 for printing because I could find out how to get my CS4 prints to match my calabrated monitor. Five minutes after Amazon delivered the CS4 book, I was able to get great prints. Now, can I get some help with sharpening before the book comes. I am ready to upload to my web page, but have not sharpened as of now. I am waiting on the book

  6. Scott,
    I just got an email today from Amazon. The release date has been pushed back,
    “Scott Scott Kelby “The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Book for Digital Photographers (Voices That Matter)” Estimated arrival date: July 23 2010 – July 29 2010

  7. Scott, I love your LR2 book! Back in the day I’ve ordered it from Amazon US and it took me over 5 weeks to get it shipped here to Germany, which is still ok, but now I hope there will be an iPad edition soon, then I can purchase it read it right of the bat.

  8. iBooks or kindle or possibly even a digital edition with the paperback would be great. Check out the Pragmatic Programmers titles for an interesting publishing model (

  9. Need help please?? I am looking at lightroom 3 book. And Scott Kelby’s book look great to me but then when i search in amazon saw another one call Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Classroom in a Book. So what should i go for…??

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