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Ed and Jack’s Book on Copyright for Photographers is Here!
I finally got a chance to sit down with “Photographer’s Survival Manual: A legal guide for Artists in the Digital Age,” the new book from Copyright and Intellectual Property Attorney Ed Greenberg, and Photographer’s Rights advocate Jack Reznicki, and I gotta tell ya—these guys hit it out of the park!!!!! You guys probably remember my interviews with Ed that I ran here on the blog last year (here’s the link), and I know a lot of you have packed Ed and Jack’s classes, or watched their highly acclaimed online classes on, and so you know these two are the real deal—incredibly insightful and entertaining, and packed full of info, and their book puts everything in black and white in a way only they can. If you’re serious about protecting your work, you must get this book! Here’s the link to it on Barnes &, and

What a Cool Guest Blog!
Did Ryan Schude’s Guest Blog rock yesterday or what!!!! He put almost as much work into his guest blog, as he did that amazing photo (I was telling my wife about it at dinner tonight), and very grateful that he shared so much with us. Thanks Ryan!

Sean Duggan’s Workshop at Santa Fe Workshops
Sean has got a hands-on workshop coming up at the famous Santa Fe Photographic Workshops called “The Creative Eye: Photography & Digital Darkroom Essentials.” The workshop runs July 25-31, 2010, and there are only a few spots left if you want to get in on it (here’s the link). I’ve taught for the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in the past, and they run an absolutely first-rate educational program, and I highly recommend them!

Meet me Tomorrow in New York!
Don’t forget, I’ll be in New York City tomorrow for the free Photoshop CS5 Summit, which kicks off at 4:30 pm. Matt, RC, Dave Cross, and Corey will be joining me in the class, and Adobe will be there, too, so don’t miss out—here’s where you grab some of the last remaining free tickets. P.S. We’ll be answering the crowd’s questions live via Twitter during the event!

We’re 96 cities away….
….from breaking last year’s record for Photo Walk Cities!!!! Remember: about two weeks or so before the walk date of July 24th, we stop adding cities to have walks, so if you were thinking of leading a walk, now’s the time to get yours set up. All the details are right here.

Friday Morning Shoot in New York
Matt and I are looking for something cool to shoot on Friday morning in New York, so if you know of a cool place or event in the City that Matt and I should be shooting, let me know by posting a comment here.

That’s all folks!
Have a great Thursday and we’ll see you tomorrow for another “This Weekend Only” Deal!

  1. Really been looking forward to this. I noticed that there was no “Copyright Zone” in the current PS User magazine and was hoping their column wasn’t going away. Other than these guys, I haven’t found anywhere else where a photographer can get this in depth knowledge on how to not only protect their work, but also on the business of understanding it’s value and how to negotiate it. Thanks for the link.

  2. May I suggest taking the tram across the East River to Roosevelt Island, located in the Borough of Manhattan. Known as ‘Welfare Island’ until 1973, Roosevelt Island is only two miles long, with a maximum width of 800 feet.
    The crumbling ruin that is left of the Smallpox Hospital is located on the southern end of Roosevelt Island, and is a NYC landmark. The hospital, completed in 1856, was designed by James Renwick Jr., who also designed St. Patrick’s Cathedral & DC’s Smithsonion Institution Building. After years of being used to house patients with smallpox, the hospital was abandoned in 1950s and quickly fell into disrepair.
    Have fun, whatever you do!

  3. Roosevelt Island is a dump. And it’s located in the Borough of Manhattan in the same way that Staten Island is located in NYC. Yes, I guess technically.

    Head over to Rockefeller center for the Wimbledon celebration and shoot tourists playing Grass court tennis in the middle of Manhattan. And it’s only a short hop from 49th down to 34th for your thingy.

  4. Downtown New York City is by far the best spot to shoot. The areas like Greenwich Village with the cobble stone and old buildings is so picturesque. I would say it is about a 20 minute drive with traffic from Manhattan. All the little alleyways and the occasional Vespa parked on the side are exactly what you’re looking for. I’m telling you you’d love the old architecture and the entire mood of the area.
    Happy shooting,

  5. Scott, do you know how they are getting other cities to open photowalks once the first one has filled? I am on the wait list to be a leader for a second Ann Arbor, MI photowalk, the first filled over a week ago, but I have not received anything nor seen a second walk open up. I applied twice as a leader, thinking maybe there was a glitch on the first one and I also contacted the leader from the first walk in Ann Arbor, MI but have not gotten anywhere with that. I tried to post a comment on the photowalk questions and answers area, but it won’t let me because I am neither registered as a walker or a leader. Just wondering because I would love to be able to lead a walk, but if that doesn’t work out I would like to be in a walk in my town.

  6. Go to B&H or Adorama and take pictures of people using the Maisel techniques OR take pictures at a tourist spot of other photographers taking pictures as you would on a Photowalk.

  7. Scott, you’ve probably been to Dumbo already but there is a new park that just opened up nearby called the “Brooklyn Bridge Park” and gives you a new perspective looking at the bridges and Manhattan skyline. The sun also rises from the east so you’ll get good lighting early morning. Another new park that opened recently is called “The Gantry Plaza State Park”. It’s near Queens Borough Bridge, looking at midtown Manhattan. Enjoy! If you need more info, email me.

  8. For an experience like no other…….and some Japanese food head over to Ninja NY and be prepared to be taken to another world. Here’s the link….
    Address: 25 Hudson Street
    New York, NY 10013-3802
    (212) 274-8500

    I know Scott your into the martial arts… you should get a kick out of the place. :)

  9. Times Square
    Today Show/Rockefeller Center
    Greenwich Village
    Top of the Rock (fee)
    any of the ferries
    any of the bigger parks/squares
    Chelsea market
    Central Park (e.g., Strawberry Fields, Central Park West btwn 71st & 74th streets))

  10. I love photographing in Washington square when I’m in New York. I always find friendly people down there and a dozen chess games on the go. Many street portrait opportunities. I’ve also shot a few panoramas in the park that are some of my most favorite photographs of the city.

  11. I agree with the Top of the Rock suggestion. Just took my (college age) kids there and can’t recommend it and Erin’s tour of Rockefeller Center’s art. Erin was an amazing tour guide. My mother grew up in New York and I’ve been to Rockefeller Center more times than I care to mention. We all learned new things, saw things we’ve never seen before, and had lots of fun! See if they will arrange a combo tour/photo shoot with Eris as a guide — you will love it and they will too. It has been shot over and over maybe, but not by Scott and Matt! This would also make an incredible photo walk.

  12. I purchased your Photoshop CS4 book and it says if I want to learn how to make your calendar to just put “calendar” in the search on your blog page. I did and I did not find any instructions on how to make the calendar. Has this been taken off the blog?

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