Last Friday, here on The Photoshop Insider, I did a post called “10 Blogs You Gotta Read, Part I,” and at the end of that post I invited you (my readers) to post some of your favorite blogs as comments on that post. Well, here they are (with your comments included):

  • The Photography Blog (link)
    I'll leave a shameless plug for my own site. 1/2 million visitors per month can't be wrong! (reader comment)
  • DPReview (link)
    If you are into new gear or are interested in buying some, chances are that these guys have done a thorough review of it. (reader comment)
  • The Radient Vista (link)
    One of the best resources for photography I've come across. These guys rock. I've been to three of their workshops too. (reader comment)
  • PDN Pulse (link)
    Photo District News, the magazine for professional photogs, now has a blog called PDN Pulse which includes lots of breaking news, fun stuff, and daily content aggregation called The Photo Feed. (reader comment)
  • More than we thought (link)
    Best damned photoblog – in all humility. Mine. (reader comment)
  • Sharing my Light (link)
    I post about photoshop, lighting, taking better pictures, etc. (reader comment)
  • Photoshop for Video (link)
    Well, I’m biased (reader comment)
  • Laughing Lion Design Blog (link)
    I'm going to be really bold and plug my own Photoshop and Design Resource blog from Ireland. (reader comment)
  • Digital Photography School (link)
    Love this oneâ¦. (reader comment)
  • Pixelated Image Blog (link)
    You have mentioned him before, David Duchemin's Pixelated Image; Outstanding and quite instructional. (reader comment)

There you have it. Now, I know some of you are probably thinking, “Aw man, I should have posted a link to my blog” or to your friend’s blog, or your company’s blog, etc. Ya know, you really shoulda.

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