NAPP’s Adobe CS5.5 Update Page

Want to know what’s new in Adobe’s CS5.5 update? Head on over to the NAPP website to check out some videos from Corey Barker showcasing the new apps developed for iPad and Photoshop users!

And don’t forget to scroll down on that page to take advantage of some killer this-week-only deals (like $20 off Scott Kelby’s books, $100 off Photoshop World Vegas registration, and more) from NAPP and Kelby Training. These offers expire tomorrow!

  1. These all look very cool but I want to clarify one thing- In the videos Cory makes it sound like you can go to the app store and get these now. You can’t. They don’t show up when you search. Am I missing something or is it just that they wanted this video to have more shelf life and so Corey spoke as if the apps are currently available? Same with the updates to Photoshop / CS5- not actually available yet, right?

  2. …And here I thought that Scott took all your thunder announcing CS5.5 earlier this week, Brad! Nice to see you had some links to post! 8)


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